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ID 644565

Maxence Charriere

Studied at @epitech-1

ID 471387

Pierre Magnan

Worked at Paris fire department. President of JTX, an association of 25 students in charge of filming activities on the campus of Ecole Polytechnique, France.

ID 604968

Lucas Bonomi

Webdesigner Front-End developer | CSS Ninja | co founder @rocket_design | | | Work at

ID 468873

Estelle Chevallier

Webdesign Student at EEMI, Paris. Front-end Dev, Love UX and UI

ID 280562

David Grilli

Web Developer, geek, drummer, nerd · I enjoy pushing code, watching movies and listening to rock & roll · I believe in technology bringing people together.

ID 290958

Benjamin Bouvier

Full-stack web engineer. Passionate about UX & Web technologies. M.S. from Supinfo. Looking for new challenges

ID 536809

Teddy Bessa

Founder Woozup, @orka-inc • Worked at @apple

ID 295282

Nicolas Leger

Web Engineer

ID 458109


Web Developer At bookiblog

ID 141510

Morgan Giraud

Entrepreneurship lover : working hard to do things. Right now, building something exciting : @explee.

ID 607173

Arnaud Raulet

ID 118755


Founder and CTO at @videonotes part of the Imagine K-12 winter 2013 cohort.

ID 250126

Hugo Bailey

CPO/CTO @darjeelin • Worked at @lecamping, @google • Started lots of things

ID 484416

Sylvain Weber

CEO, co-founder at Former HTML5 Advocate at Google Former Web developer at Dailymotion

ID 157009

Arthur Lenoir

Founder @jellynote • Worked at @exalead-dassault-system • Studied at @utc

ID 159855

Guillaume Dupuy

CEO @fleex • MS&E graduate from @stanford-university, Ecole Centrale Paris engineer • Worked at 2 startups before founding @fleex.

ID 563541

Florian Pygmalion

Studied at @hetic-college

ID 450790

Ye Lin

Co-founder / Chief Designer @boutiny Angelhack Winner 2013 Worked at @inria, @alibaba-cloud-computing Studied at @university-college-london

ID 118689


Worked for large groups such as Air France and RRE as a PHP web developer; 8 years of experience specializing in web performance; Founder of Maddim agency;

ID 343043

Philippe HONG

Art Director; Worked at @mrm and @freelance now.

ID 68166

Hery Ramihajamalala

Analyst programmer - Weborama

ID 186308

Yann Pravo

Front-end developer at @adomik

ID 79992

Alexandre Gindre

Founder @bankzai. Web engineer and competitive intelligence background• Worked at @eco2market, @omegames

ID 444119

Max Paolone

Front End Developer, currently working as a freelance. I am continually learning and expanding my skillset through self-study and application.

ID 218393

Rudth-Mael Galite

EPITA alumni ; Rails and iOS fan ; Worked at HP as infrastructure consultant ; Designed and implemented ; Working on

ID 238760

Dana Kianfar

Worked at @rhinno, @brigham-women-s-hospital • Studied at @american-university-of-paris

ID 610921

Lucas Heymès

French expat. with background in web development and system administration. Love new technology. Currently Front End developer at @zazzy, ex @ulule, ex @owni

ID 430016

Cyril Sellam

Web Developer - strong experience in agencies in France, Ireland & UK - worked on projects for Société Générale, BP, Aviva, Ministry of Education, Hachette

ID 356576

Hugo Cordier

CTO and Founder @melusyn

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