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ID 7829

Rob Hunter

Product designer and art director. Lead design at @ondeck-capital. Designed products with @gamechanger, Bloomberg, Tiffany, MTV and BigThink.

ID 97026

Sébastien Périer

After Effects Guru at @replay-by-stupeflix

ID 117411

Victor Coulon

User Interface Craftsman.

ID 299730

Dan Clay Ellis


Co-founder of @rallyteam - matching people to projects that need help. Founder of @saturna - tech consulting. Worked @oracle-1. Studied @university-of-calgary

ID 118697

Adrien Olczak

Raising pixels from ux to ui.

ID 146868

Valentin Brandt

Designer at @tellmewhere, Bluekiwi, @dailymotion

ID 6344

Tewfiq Ferahi

Creative Technologist in Paris

ID 79881

Franz Hoffman

Founding CEO @fontself. Graphic design entrepreneur and visual hacker.

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 136233

Philip Sebastian

Founder @swifty, @badaboom-labs • Worked at @apple, @fan-tv • Studied at @stanford-university, @san-francisco-state-university @academy-of-art-university

ID 128563



Entrepreneur. Founder @tok-tok-tok Ex @ebuzzing, @zong

ID 23266

Tom Nora

I HELP STARTUPS GROW PROFITABLY. Many good launches, exits, IPOs. 5x CEO. : : CS/EE @stanford @usc

ID 123627

Matt Valoatto

@curioos Founder & Chief Curator / UX Designer. Graduate of @hec-paris 2011.

ID 154086

Julie Chabin

Founder of Kimd; Product Design @mention (former @dailymotion @deezer)

ID 147983

Julien Deveaux

Co-founder @cottontracks • Alum @startupchile • Worked at @applidium, @work4labs • Studied at @hec-paris & @telecom-paristech

ID 207156


Digital product designer at @whyd

ID 106396

Stéphane Rangaya

Worked at @seesmic, @identified • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @dominican-university-of-california

ID 252384

David Ottlik

see on LinkedIn

ID 6099

Cyril Moutran


Cofounder at feedly. Partner at Makers Camp.

ID 161866

Thomas Kliszowski

Software engineer, @replay-by-stupeflix. Web dev & design: UI, JS, HTML5, CSS3.

ID 77031

Felix Menard

@weroll CEO. Well-travelled, product-manager, art-lover, dedicated coder, everyday bike-rider.

ID 677177

Guillaume Doret

+20 years as entrepreneur: Totemak a digital agency; Opendisc, CRM leader for music market. And now, Synchronized that reinvents the way to interact with TV.

ID 306600

Mark Stephen Meadows

Founder @headcase-humanufacturing, @construct-internet-design-1995-1998 • Worked at @xerox-parc, @sri-international • Studied at @harvard-university, @san-francisco-art-institute

ID 147598

Audrey Richard-Laurent

Creative direction & User experience. Passion for invention, creative process, data representation to create alternative & unexpected solutions for users.

ID 158410

Gabriel Radic

Product Guy. Dad. Entrepreneur. 933k.

ID 102663

Stephan Ango

Head of design and co-founder at @lumi.

ID 216578

Cyril Zajac

Co-founder of Current Prod • Director - Editor - Digital media watcher and expert. Studied at @columbia-college-chicago

ID 312537

Gregory C

ID 95425

amine bellakrid

I'm an IOS Developer and UX designer that learned product management so i can handle Product from design to production .

ID 315880

Alexis Dueymes

Founder of Keemix. Practical and driven product manager with a strong technology background. MSIS. Worked at Google, Ebuzzing, Leetchi

ID 175784

Caroline Morot

Worked at @freelance, @virtuoz • Studied at @university-of-nice

ID 248521

Gaëtan Rochel

UI Designer. Co-fondateur de @SerieAll et @3JoursDehors, Rédacteur @Electroblog, ex @HETIC. Design, Music, Series & New Tech.

ID 349851

Chloe Wiatrowski

Co-founder of the Mindmapp. First (ad)venture. Strong business background (MBA) and international skills (lived on 5 continents, speaks 4 languages).

ID 105069

james eric jones

art director, graphic designer. magazines, custom publications, identity work. polyvalent.

ID 218756

Samuel O. Ronsin

Founder of @cyclop • @thefamily fellow • PhD candidate in applied math and computer vision • Studied at @harvard-university, @ecole-normale-superieure-paris

ID 623173

Damiano Starr

Co Founder, The Exchange Visionary Laboratories • Studied at UC @berkeley, @berkeley City College, Code Academy. Adviser to several brands.

ID 541946

Hervé Denjean

Visual Designer, 14 years of experience, looking for job opportunities in the SF Bay Area.

ID 261691

Thomas Plaindoux

Co-founder @Worldofguilds, FrontEnd Developper for Duxter. Former Growth Hacker Intern at Jogabo. I like innovation and new/High techs. UI/UX lover.

ID 11080

Ludovic Simon

Founder & CEO at @doyoubuzz (web CV). Co-founder at Atlantic 2.0 (cluster), Web2Day (event) and "Cantine numérique Nantes" (coworking place).

ID 382283

Maxime Leroy

Founder @enquire • Studied at @parsons-school-of-design-1, @l-ecole-de-design-de-nantes • French UX/UI designer • documentary videomaker

ID 57460

Antoine Guénard

Head of Growth at @appgratis

ID 450790

Ye Lin

Co-founder / Chief Designer @boutiny Angelhack Winner 2013 Worked at @inria, @alibaba-cloud-computing Studied at @university-college-london

ID 473833

Benoit Nolens

Co-founder @true-story. Building beautiful mobile and web products.

ID 535677

Gilles Bertaux

Worked at @totems-formerly-nitrogram, @balisik-art • Studied at @audencia-nantes, @hetic-college

ID 541633

Francois Raynaud de Fitte

ID 114141

Brice Maurin

Growth Hacker • Founded @DEUX.IO & @tooptoop • Worked at @microsoft, @musiwave • Studied at @esc-toulouse

ID 608408

Thomas Leblanc

ID 460402

Martin Joubert

Art Director at @lima-1

ID 249310

Jack Daniels

Founder xyz

ID 178528

Andrew Rutledge

Worked at @qunb • Studied at @temple-university

ID 51529

Omar Nathaniel Ely

President - CTO @cupp-computing.

ID 521935

Heui Jin Jo

MBA at INSEAD. BFA at Art Center. Senior Designer at SYP for IBM, American Express, Target, Under Armour. Retail concepts, brand and customer experience

ID 203329

Joseph Djenandji


Founder 38HOURS • Worked at @groupon • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique-de-montreal

ID 303821

Roumen Gueorguiev

Founder Rentila

ID 202156

Sidy Toure

Founder Lexeme • Worked at @booz-allen-hamilton, @bristol-myers-squibb-company • Studied at @university-of-virginia

ID 77457

Julien Dupé

Directeur E-Business

ID 458222

Simon Tran

Founder @blacklistic • Founder and art director @

ID 340530

Lyndsey Kirwan

Postgraduate of Interdisciplinary Life Sciences, 2yrs+ research experience (on/off bench)

ID 270069

Ruolin Yang

Startup Fan, Freelance writer, high-tech lover

ID 216662

Mathieu Barré

co-founder & designer @candyshop @midpic

ID 473445

Ali Samii

Marketing executive with broad experience in all aspects of product management, quality assurance and project financial management.

ID 338342

Pierre Bravoz

CEO UX/UI @welist · Marketing & Human Science background

ID 146057

Jérôme Sénaillat

Form/Function. Tokyo/Paris.

ID 120498


Chief Driver & co-founder at taxishare. Walk the talk.

ID 100797

Josef Richter

ux/ui designer, mobile & web, worked in @y-combinator with @orankl-3, @hitfox Berlin, @ernst-young Prague, etc. less is more and devil is in detail.

ID 91931

Yoann Bohbot

10 Years of Experience in E-Business 5 Years in E-Commerce + E-Marketing 15 Years in Photoshop Design 5 Years in HTML/CSS/PHP/MYSQL Development.

ID 431310

Harshit Raj

Student, Masters in Management, ESCP Europe, Paris Campus Double Degree (Management and Technology)

ID 541216

Mark Kingsley

Creative director: ex-Global Creative Lead @landor-associates of Citi Account.17 yrs designing record covers (Grammy nominated)... Design author and teacher

ID 637390

Hamza Kourimate

Innovation driven.Worked at @dailymotion, @over-graph, @canal+ • Studied at @Esiee Paris, @hetic

ID 420430

Jean-Mathieu Saponaro

Double Degree student Engineering & Business School

ID 209330

Oscar von Meck

ID 92589

Eliott Cohen-Skalli

Director of Marketing in a cool startup

ID 447258

Amaury Martiny

Engineering Student at Ecole Centrale Paris. Cloud Computing Intern at IBM. Worked as Technical Manager and Web Manager at VIA Centrale Réseaux.

ID 325744

Ida Swarczewskaja

ID 161502

Amina Taha

Studied at @parsons-school-of-design-1

ID 173122

Benoit Molenda

Wanted freelance, Polyglote developer (lov'in Rails and JS), Self-educated designer, Subculture addict.

ID 151475

Philippe Dubois

Founder @mo5-com • Worked at @rmn-1, @grand-palais • Studied at @college-of-engineering

ID 457153

Stan Chollet

Master Of Science at SUPINFO, Teacher during one year at SUPINFO and now Software Engineer at Worldline. Passionate about travel, software development and sport

ID 402846

Eric Doughty-Papassideris

Epitech Software Engineer, worked and published stacks at levels from native to web, very versatile because truly passionate about technology

ID 29218

Djamel Gasbakid

ID 337169

Renaud Tardivon

Soon graduate (ECE Paris), strong knowledges in web developpement. Many Internship experiences and freelance activities. Worked with google partner and innovative companies.

ID 523211

Alice Shum

Founder @tagin • Worked at @ucla-medical-center, @lionsgate-entertainment • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 128846

Emmanuel Darmon

Founder & CEO @uniyu

ID 473889

Ivan Grifi

Creative visual designer open to collaborate on challenging revolutionary project

ID 535638

Antoine Rapy

Student at HETIC (webschool based in Paris), multidisciplinary Master degree (Design / Webdesign / Communication / Programming / Online Marketing) UX / UI Designer and Motion Designer Product Designer and Webdesigner at Uniiti (Paris)

ID 167639


Founder Logs Diffusion International • Studied at @utc

ID 183576

Alexandre Faure

Web & UI Designer x Founder @aleksfaure-com • Work @textmaster x @epiclist. Worked at @tonton (Montreal) & @colorz-fr (France)

ID 33117

Simona Casolari

Creative marketing strategist who embraces the indie capitalism and believes in the free economy. I make (wonderful) things happen.

ID 249388

Tachun Lin

Worked at @tigerlily, @captain-dash • Co-founder of Comfort creative lab

ID 161189

David Desrousseaux

Web entrepreneur & developer in 3DPrinting, eCommerce consultant, Magento & SEO expert, Part-time teacher

ID 617777

Bertrand Bruandet

Founder @nouveau-numero, @hypershoot • Worked at @tbwa, @colorz-fr • Studied at @hetic-college

ID 570198

Vincent Beneche

Art Director going Ui/Ux

ID 459882

Guillaume Faure

Alumni Ecole de Design, currently working at FABERNOVEL as UX/UI Designer & Project Manager

ID 282007

Martin de la Taille

Full stack generalist.

ID 459273

Paul-Antoine Campos

Founder @take-it • Worked at @marcel-publicis @RadioNova @PaperGardenRecords • Studied at @celsa

ID 294575

Loic Lefebvre

Loic Lefebvre - Acteur - Directeur artistique - Chef de projet Réseau Exponentiel Page Facebook du réseau

ID 598298

antonin nehring

student in Paris - graphic designer (web & motion) | curious quick learner resourceful crafty versatile designer (also humble)

ID 265878


Adjanohoun Hermann French electrical and softwar engineer. Worked at Sagem, Dassault Aviation and EADS Cassidian.

ID 119329

Dejan Miletic

Senior Creative Professional & Chief Visionary @trumply , @cr3ativelab .

ID 510546

Paul Guillotel

Tech Entrepreneur

ID 219979

Jonathan Levy

MSc @hetic, currently Product Designer @moodstocks

ID 310331

Joffrey Bocquet

Lead Developer iOS at @tag-see - Specialized in iOS - Design & Development - Obsessed with pixel perfect

ID 308497

Clément Grellier

Web developer at Maecia - Student at Gobelins - Music enthusiast

ID 542017

Victor Soussan

Experienced designer who transforms ideas into great design solutions

ID 324967

Florian Peninon

UI/UX Designer

ID 600239

Alex Pereira

Founder Exode • Worked at @decathlon, @pixmania, Head of Front-end & Mobile at L'Occitane en Provence, Professor of Mobile Development at IESA Multimedia Paris.

ID 492954

Nadheer Chatharoo

iOS developer, autodidact, hardworker, fluent in French and English ! I love to play with the great possibilities given by iOS Hope to see you soon !

ID 611317

Yohan Antoine-Edouard

Founder ICU, @the-ys-inc

ID 455699

Antoine Gaulupeau

UX UI Designer, Worked at Dailymotion, CBSi and Melty.

ID 453913

Maria Flaqué

Graphic designer - Art director

ID 419516

Benjamin Moulin

JavaScript mad scientist. JS MVC Framework development ; third party JS software ; UI/UX development/architecture.

ID 565157

Thomas Montana

Engineering student (CS). Looking for a two-month internship for July/August 2014.

ID 488389

Joel S

Graphic Designer / UI Designer and Photographer working between New York, Paris, Strasbourg and Tel Aviv

ID 13474

Christopher Courtney

Streaming video pioneer since 1994. Live webcast producer for clients such as NIKE, Elite Model Agency, @microsoft, Triple Crown of Surfing, ESPN X-Games.

ID 497645

Sabri Haddouche

Founder, Lead Design & Software Engineering at @matelife

ID 538463

Tristan Chapelle

A young UIDesigner with strong front end development skills and willing to learn back end dev!

ID 481567


I m Web Developer Front-End and Back-End (#Codeignter #Wordpress theme builde #Responvise #angularJS #nodeJS #ExpressJS #Rails) Chez Neopost France

ID 276875

Bruno Paccini

Front end engineer with a strong interest in UI design, as well as customer behaviour, UX and product design. I love to design and build products people love

ID 101660

Mathieu Jean

Consultant chez BP2S pour TeamTrade

ID 356540

David Guzman

R&D Engineer at CISCO. Interested in Mediated Reality. Managed projects in the Middle East, France and Colombia.

ID 185661



Paris: Co-founder @nouvelopticien @after_set @lemanegeparis / Berlin: Head of Marketing @misterspexfr Co-founder @kiipost

ID 577290

Jean-Christophe Denier

French Interaction Designer. Worked at Dassault Systemes, Orange.

ID 468873

Estelle Chevallier

Webdesign Student at EEMI, Paris. Front-end Dev, Love UX and UI

ID 361652


5 years+ on rails/ javascript / iOS knowledge (ruby motion) / strong background in typography & graphic design

ID 447589

stephane giraud

UI & UX Designer

ID 422516

Sandra Petit

Directrice artistique - Webdesigner - je recherche activement un emploi à Montréal

ID 289800

Florent Marcilhacy

Graduate at ESMI Advertising design - Visual communication, Bordeaux FRANCE. Worked at Enter The Club, Polagram. (DA & UI/UX Designer). WebDesign & App Design.

ID 330697

arnaud decomps

Graphic designer, founder of,

ID 628474

Romain Dierckx

UI designer and product manager. I worked at @casetify Hong Kong and @kadrige Paris.

ID 388765

Adrien Rahier

Front-end dev, UI designer looking for job opportunities.

ID 359462

Michel Doudin

UX Designer & Multimedia Engineer

ID 286282

Pascal Debomy

I'm a creative strategist and pretty awesome (or awful) copywriter looking for an opportunity to rule the world.

ID 690219

kevin tonon

French student. Design UI/UX, art director. Worked at Monsieur Loyal

ID 328925

Gabriel Champeix

Interactive designer — skilled in multi-device interface conception, pixel-perfect iconography and smooth motion design for a broad range of customers.

ID 385893

Benjamin Crouzier

Full stack rails developer. Just finished master's degree. Looking for startups

ID 343043

Philippe HONG

Art Director; Worked at @mrm and @freelance now.

ID 389631

Alexis Doreau

User Interface Designer on Web and Mobile

ID 395003

Julien Leroi

ID 443628

Christine Tong

LAsticotine, Freelance UI Designer / Art Director

ID 418565

Michel El Nemnom

Working at Nerim, Node.JS and Python developer. Open to anything interesting

ID 459170

Anna Stervinou

Co-Founder of Kore Kamino - The Travelling Fashion Company, London Institute graduate, worked at Pentagram NYC, venturethree London, Base Barcelona

ID 390610

Alexandre Leroy Deval

ID 288384

Céline Kniebihler

French graphic and UX designer based in Paris. Worked at IceMobile, Grand Union. Graduated from Gobelins (Paris) in interactive Digital Media Design 2011.

ID 88480

Julie Lasne

ID 75942

Armelle Phaëton

Armelle Phaëton Line Producer TV & WEB visual identity (logo, graphics), video content (short programs, commercials, videos) for special operations and events.

ID 127602

Octavian Cioaca

CSSensei - I code user journeys since 2006

ID 649902


Web designer, creative coder, maker of fun digital things.

ID 224847

Julien Bouvet

UX designer. Studied @gobelins-bachelor-s-degree. I believe in the new aesthetic and the end of postmodernism. I like colors, code as concrete poetry, unhyped music and strange literature.

ID 676152

Jamie Freeman Turner

Technology Evangelist - Creative Product & UX Designer - Music Centric - Exciting Marketing Approaches - Highly Unique

ID 255172


ID 203193

Éric Le Tutour

Worked at @audience-fm-now-mindbits-com

ID 69000

Régis Bernard

Architect, Founder & CEO at Coplanair

ID 641636

Julien Martin

Visual & UI Designer. Shipping apps since 2008.

ID 279903


Designer web & mobile from Paris who dreams working in US.

ID 651213

Romain Bonvallet

Assistant Art Director Publicis Group | Designer Freelance | Ex @5emegauche | Ex @mfg_labs | Student @hetic

ID 127649

Lukáš Foldýna

Independent iPhone & Mac Developer. Occasionally, I design. In the end, I really just enjoy making and building things.

ID 78226

Gilles Morgenthal

Mobile Interaction Designer - UX/UI/GUI are on my menu on a daily basis

ID 91330

Richard Méril

Designer Draftsman specialized in the 2D Animation Graduate of the school Émile Cohl ( Lyon ).Worked at FRED and FARID GROUP ;Caribara Studio Paris Paris 2011

ID 264349

Alexandre Pawlak

Looking for a UX/Service Design job for google glass apps

ID 77498


J'écris, je voyage, je mange, et je suis avide de plus de!

ID 202814

Maxime Tyler

French Student @EEMI75 - RubyOnRails dev @chugulu & JS NINJAAAAAAA (phonegap @chugulu)

ID 95770

Émilien Edmond

Interactive designer worked at Tink, propage (Québec, Canada). I look for a web project around music. More details soon

ID 91326

Alkis Vazacopoulos

Client Partner at Interthinx

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