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ID 32118

Arnaud Ferreri

Co-founder of @onefeat, ESSEC grad, RoR dev, front end dev, Android and iPhone dev.

ID 140266

Cyril Champier

Founder @augment

ID 128563



Entrepreneur. Founder @tok-tok-tok Ex @ebuzzing, @zong

ID 238923

Stéphane Degré

Founder @holidog • Worked at @nist

ID 40440

Marcus Ericsson


Lead Engineer @salesforce; Computer Science @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, Entrepreneur on the @startupbus

ID 77158

Olivier Hory

Founder of collaborative agile project management Worked at @viadeo, @kelkoo, @yahoo. Master at @insa-lyon

ID 378298

Guillaume Luccisano


Founder @socialcam • Worked at @justin-tv

ID 96998

Etienne Albert

Web Engineer at @replay-by-stupeflix; Worked at Exalead.

ID 98162

Valentin Squirelo

Hackerloop co-founder. Product designer, software + hardware. I've previously worked @owni and co-founded @tactilize

ID 6099

Cyril Moutran


Cofounder at feedly. Partner at Makers Camp.

ID 290517

Marc Helbling

Software engineer, Ph.D. (Computer Graphics). C++/Python/Ruby. Data.

ID 497119

Peter Cummings (MIoD)


Founder & Owner @socomo, @Borealis IT Ltd • Co-Owner & CTO @masterbranch

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 65492

Renaud Visage


Co-Founder & CTO of Eventbrite. Mentor at seedcamp, startupbootcamp, lecamping, techpeaks. Advisor to European startups.

ID 311357

Franck Brignoli

(In progress)

ID 299730

Dan Clay Ellis


Co-founder of @rallyteam - matching people to projects that need help. Founder of @saturna - tech consulting. Worked @oracle-1. Studied @university-of-calgary

ID 359001

Ali Karagoz

iOS Engineer at @appsfire. Photography hobbyist in my spare time.

ID 323580

Clément Léger

3D developper

ID 75490

Stanislas Polu

@stanford-university MSCS '09. Made my first $ at age 18 selling software. Hacked a copycat of @dropbox... in '04. Worked at @apple, Oracle. Tech Founder @nitrogram.

ID 84309

Pierre-Antoine Passet

Chief Product Officer & lead web developer @sketchfab, @productism • Studied at @imperial-college-london-1, @escp-eap @Supélec

ID 482687

Pierre-Élie Fauché

Hands @sunrise, your calendar.

ID 503756

Ramón Lamana

ID 364224

Michel Sassano


Investing in 2 to 3 startups a week via Kima Ventures for $150K each - Worked at @wooga and @orange Studied @telecom-bretagne

ID 32561

Matthieu Rouif

Twice mobile entrepreneur. iOS engineer passionate by Product (d-School) and Data (Economics). MS @stanford-university @polytechnique

ID 155066

Stephane Bellity

Founder @hull

ID 59472

Stanislas Marion

Working on Bitcoin ideas • Founded @tldr-io • Studied MS&E at @stanford-university, Math @ecole-centrale-paris • Played a lot of high stakes online poker

ID 51344

Adrien Joly

PhD, Lead software engineer @whyd, 0%-bullshit hackathon organizer @fhacktory, and drummer in a groovy post-rock band. I love music, beer, and rollercoasters.

ID 35178

Ronan Amicel

Founder at @focus-io-1 / @topixtream. Co-founder & CTO at @weekenture. Startup advisor. Full-stack Python developer. Hacker in Residence @thefamily.

ID 148593


software developer (mostly iOS but willing to do more) looking for new challenges

ID 117411

Victor Coulon

User Interface Craftsman.

ID 118755


Founder and CTO at @videonotes part of the Imagine K-12 winter 2013 cohort.

ID 233712

JC Lanoë

Co-Founder @youpix-apps & @photoshot • Want to create businesses that make this world a better place

ID 200749

Charles Miglietti

Datascientist • Cofounder at • Coauthor of Startup Flow • Worked @withings • Studied @Polytechnique

ID 361065

Sylvain Dorey

Applied Maths & CS (Centrale Lille & Lille1) : JS Developer + Machine Learning, worked @axa & @Teleportd

ID 179098

Dimitri Jorge

Epitech 2014, Freelance Developer since 2011. Ruby On Rails & JavaScript skills. Co-Organizer of Ruby On Rails Meetups in Paris (parisrb).

ID 168369

Aaron O'Mullan

@codebox Founder • Experienced software engineer with a taste for Machine Learning, Data mining and Big Data • Worked at @ulule, @semio and Sportdub.

ID 161866

Thomas Kliszowski

Software engineer, @replay-by-stupeflix. Web dev & design: UI, JS, HTML5, CSS3.

ID 520280

Vincent Durand

CTO at Reedsy, Ruby/Rails developer, AngularJS enthusiastic and Automation addict

ID 536116


French top grad school engineering student, Data Analyst / Chief Hacking Officer @ PriceMatch, strong mathematical background

ID 460400


Work at @krack where I am in charge of the software • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique, @imperial-college-london-1

ID 218756

Samuel O. Ronsin

Founder of @cyclop • @thefamily fellow • PhD candidate in applied math and computer vision • Studied at @harvard-university, @ecole-normale-superieure-paris

ID 89232

Yan Abashin

Founder, CEO and CTO at @zirrk

ID 447344

Alexandre Meunier

Full stack engineer at @synbiota • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @ponts-et-chaussees • Art and tech enthusiast, nomad of sorts

ID 254595

Réda Berrehili

Founder @mixotv • Worked at @allmyapps • Studied Computer Science at @insa-lyon Maths lover & Engineering background.

ID 248521

Gaëtan Rochel

UI Designer. Co-fondateur de @SerieAll et @3JoursDehors, Rédacteur @Electroblog, ex @HETIC. Design, Music, Series & New Tech.

ID 123655

Alexandre Hajjar

CTO @legalstart • MSc CS @enst-paris.

ID 332983

Charles Ruelle

CTO @etalab, French Prime Minister's task force for Open Data, data, technology & UX enthusiast, ex-entrepreneur, Master's Degree

ID 391753

Anthony Zboralski


Founder/CEO @belua. Founded @xynexis, HERT • Worked at @ioactive

ID 202731

Nicolas Martin

I'm a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience (US/France) in product management. CPO at

ID 177330

Kevin O’Shaughnessy

Founder @cityhook • Worked at @palm • Studied at @university-college-dublin

ID 16919

Gwendall Esnault


ID 38598

Sidney Burks, Ph.D

Ph.D Quantum Optics at the University of Paris VI, BS. Math Physics @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, Diplome d'Ingenieur Ecole des Mines de Paris, Rails consultant, server infrastructure

ID 293790

Sébastien Saunier

Startup Executive Technical Coach

ID 77031

Felix Menard

@weroll CEO. Well-travelled, product-manager, art-lover, dedicated coder, everyday bike-rider.

ID 215732

Christ Azika-Eros

Entrepreneur-minded, business developer, product manager, engineer. worked at, and Orange.

ID 166399

Gawen Arab

CTO of @lima-1 • Multi-flavor hacker since 1994

ID 170570

Raphaël Korach

Versatile engineer mastering code and business • Founder @cottontracks • Studied at @hec-paris, @telecom-paristech

ID 184904

Nick Cohen

Founder @chat-sports • Worked at @motorola • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 95415

Vincent Coste

I build products from the ground, and talk a lot about #LeanStartup #RubyOnRails #Mobile.

ID 83274

Ali Orod Zandifar

Now @3vr-security and @viblio , Worked at @gauss-surgical-1, @set-media • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 370870

Romain Paulus

Computer Science student at @isep • Machine Learning researcher at @stanford-university • Developer at @allship

ID 194111

Fon Tran

Founder @yoketown, Sence • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-waterloo

ID 476372


4th year student, develop in any language; Like to face to new technical challenges; Freelance; Published android apps.

ID 381618

Vincent Tromeur

Founder @winkli #startuplover #mobile #API

ID 213217

Nadir Kadem

Lead Front developer at Dailymotion

ID 57604

Lionel Tressens

I am the CTO of @loungeup. We are changing the way you are welcomed in business lounges and hotels

ID 193056

Antoine de Chevigné

Worked at @lima-1 • Studied at @concordia-university, @stellenbosch

ID 143191

Florian Bersier

Founder @xpressyoo, @gmelius • PhD student @oxford-university, MEng @ecole-polytechnique

ID 383118

Aurélien Appéré

Co-founder at Wheretoget, Shazam for fashion.

ID 136276

Ori A Pekelman

Founder @internet-patrol • Worked at @af83, @asmallworld • Studied at @universite-paris-sorbonne-iv

ID 225593

Thomas van Steenwinckel

Developer at Fanzy. Worked in several agencies and startups including Fullsix Group (The leading independent agency in Europe)

ID 157921

Steeve Morin

@veezio Co-Founder. Worked at @google, @exalead-dassault-system, @inria. Cassandra Paris organizer, Celery committer, skydiver, wingsuiter, paraglider.

ID 451180

Tom Vercauteren

Medical Image Computing PhD from INRIA. Business skills from Stanford Ignite - Polytechnique.

ID 125906

Mathias Beugnon

I work with great entrepreneurs to make epic things. — Event organizer | Tech Nerd | Love Music x Photography | Draw subways | Good food lover & coffee addict

ID 46743

Nicolas Arbogast

Co-founder at @weezic. Serious business background (Bain & Co Private Equity). Fanatic startuper & web developer.

ID 57635

Elsa Prieto

Co-founder and developer at @pili-pop

ID 83982

Stéphane Soler

Founder @unnamed

ID 240514

Davide Bonapersona

Co-founder of Feeligo • Studied at @oxford-university and @telecom-paristech

ID 143580


Co-founder & CEO of Webshell - I studied at @epita, Computer Science Engineering school in Paris.

ID 217822

Stevan Keraudy

Founder CybelAngel, @mozaick • Worked at @accenture • Studied at @helsinki-university-of-technology, @centrale-nantes

ID 28027

Hadrien Kulik

Dynamic Entrepreneur & Fundraising/M&A Analyst for tech startups. Founder @siaje, @dendreo

ID 466018

Alexis Huet

Founder @idyls • Worked at @lycos-europe, @bnp-paribas • Studied at @esiee-paris

ID 318804

Charles Francoise

EPFL Graduate, Software Engineer;

ID 653888

Alexandre Cesaro

Full-Stack Engineer

ID 225010

Sébastien Guignot

Co-Founder & CTO @cookening. Lean Startup evangelist.

ID 153905

Chris Dugne

Co-Founder @maperial Founder @uralys

ID 522570

Lélio RL

MSc Polytechnique, CS and EE. Created my first company in 2005, have been involved in 4 startups. Science, computers, and entrepreneurship!

ID 208829

Théo Lubert

Graduating student. Worked 2 years on iOS in a French innovative company.

ID 430080

Joël Galeran

Hacker at The Rude Baguette

ID 59809

Thomas Ricouard

I'm a Mac/iOS applications & web dev who loves good and original user interfaces. Was a Googler on Chrome iOS. I Founded Raven (The Smart Browser) and MySeeen.

ID 258648

Lucas Gerard

1st web startup in college; CTO at IKKY, Hong Kong; Graduate in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship at Ecole Polytechnique; CET program at Berkeley.

ID 95425

amine bellakrid

I'm an IOS Developer and UX designer that learned product management so i can handle Product from design to production .

ID 475441

Sungwon Choe

Spiritual Technologist

ID 129071

Masoom Tulsiani

Software Developer, Entrepreneur, MSC Software Engineering

ID 57460

Antoine Guénard

Head of Growth at @appgratis

ID 174225

Jonathan Bourguignon

Founder of API ratings

ID 343562

Ted Haile

Harvard MA (Mgmt), UCLA BS (Math/Econ), 10+ years of Software Development and IT Strategy Consulting. Strong Data Analysis/Business Integellience background

ID 168678

Théophile Villard

Front-End Engineer @dailymotion - Founder @tradixo - Serendipity FTW.

ID 269213

Alexandre Taieb

iOS Guru, Entrepreneur, Tech-addict, Worked on 1,5M Downloaded app with 100K Daily users.

ID 200132

Clément ARNAUD

Working with semantics @syllabs, Co-founder @jametrotard. M&A experience @QuantumWave-Capital. Ex-President of the first Google student club in France.

ID 12532

Vianney Lecroart

38yo French self taught programmer based in Paris. I love experimentation, new technologies and new challenges.

ID 78239

Hugo Douchet

CEO / Founder of

ID 491475

Rémi Barbe

Founder and CTO @mysportconnect-1

ID 148592

Charles du Jeu

Software engineer (Telecom Paris, LTU technology, Free-lancer). Open source enthousiast. @pydio founder and lead developer. Ecole Centrale Paris

ID 157342

Jeremy Marc

Senior web developer at Pokki. Starters of Remixjobs/Juiiicy.

ID 335045

Gregory Tappero


ID 278217

Yoann Jaspar

Work at @playapp (France) • Studied at @california-state-university-san-marcos and Epitech The key to performance is elegance

ID 203329

Joseph Djenandji


Founder 38HOURS • Worked at @groupon • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique-de-montreal

ID 519240

Mathieu Buonomo

Founder @13factory • Studied at @epitech-1

ID 47068

Ralph Baddour


Co-founder of @polltogo. Engineer, former biomedical researcher.

ID 340530

Lyndsey Kirwan

Postgraduate of Interdisciplinary Life Sciences, 2yrs+ research experience (on/off bench)

ID 251840

Rémy Virin

iOS Developer for 3 years, I love great UX and UI, TDD & Continuous Integration.

ID 268144

Geoffroy Lorieux

Developer at ItsPlatonic. Multilingual developer with a passion for beautiful apps. Hate bad code. Tea Drinker.

ID 249701

Phac Le Tuan

Founder uncleCare • Worked at @apple, @schlumberger • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique, @telecom-paristech

ID 258755

Jerome Bouchon

I enjoy bringing new ideas to life, associating people, concepts and market expectations. Graduated with merit, Serial entrepreneur, Prototyper Guru

ID 184553

Jean Friesewinkel

Co-founder @wise • @bain-company alum

ID 526478

Ludo Toison

Currently studying CS and Finance at Paris - Dauphine University (FRANCE). Looking for a challenging internship.

ID 435989

Gilles Laborderie

Founder @palico

ID 374677

Nicolas Klarman

Worked at @ever

ID 225458

Brice Pissard

CEO of Hypecal. 1st global events search engine app. Strong background in backend and frontend. Have founded @peachphone-com a VoIP software. CTO @teleneo

ID 25521

Roch Delsalle

Founder @fashionbase. Scala Developer.

ID 463074

Alexis Parakian

Master Student at Ecole Polytechnique, will be at UC Berkeley in august, looking for an internship in Silicon Valley from april to august

ID 212376

Jeremy Hemmo

T-shaped engineer; MS from École Polytechnique, soon from Telecom Paristech; tinkerer; enthusiast; loves complex problems; willing to re-engineer everything.

ID 306655

Guillaume Balaine

Full-stack developer, Cassandra trainer, XP adept, learn fast, creative. Visionary entrepreneur with daily new executable ideas. Wannabe CEO.

ID 374524

Noah Liot

A problem solver and innovative thinker with interests ranging from logic to singularity. An hyperactive caffeine junky, para-jumper, adventurer madman.

ID 224711


Web engineer @work4labs

ID 692082

Felix Pignard

Ecole polytechnique MS, computer science, innovation, economics. Math geek and sports fan

ID 495081

Tristan Michelet

Full stack developer and product manager; CS degree

ID 157479


Founder of @boxtime_ / CTO Skimm! @skimmfr / Alumni @lecamping / Alumni @ENSIIE

ID 552484

Grégoire Faron

Guidance, Navigation, and Control lead engineer at MBDA ; Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at GeorgiaTech (USA) ;

ID 473833

Benoit Nolens

Co-founder @true-story. Building beautiful mobile and web products.

ID 552357

Nassim Benkirane

Imperial College Msc - Telecom ParisTech. CTO of Qwinti ( Full stack web developer. Creative and passionate

ID 552052

Romain Adler

Master's degree student looking for challenging opportunities with a startup. Studying engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris, a French leading "Grande Ecole".

ID 115438

Pierre Mage

Founder @dropdock • Worked at @bskyb, @sfeir • Studied at @Ecole Des Mines, Nantes

ID 270069

Ruolin Yang

Startup Fan, Freelance writer, high-tech lover

ID 265084

Maël Primet

Co-founder @ Snips, co-founder @ 8pen, mathematics PhD in computer vision, studied @ ENS Ulm

ID 511470

Ciro Santilli

Applied Maths engineer at Ecole Polytechnique M2, interested in elearning, publishing / developer tools, lightweight markup languages, user analytics.

ID 302604

Sergio Bellon

Growth Hacker

ID 357279


CTO of @weezevent

ID 133615

Romain Francez

Founder @mobile-wallet • MSc in CS at @university-of-manchester, MBA in Strategic Intelligence @ Economic Warfare School

ID 255088

Brice Durand

Passionate about product development, worked as a full stack engineer at Skimm. Part of season 2 of Le Camping, first French startup accelerator.

ID 290958

Benjamin Bouvier

Full-stack web engineer. Passionate about UX & Web technologies. M.S. from Supinfo. Looking for new challenges

ID 238440

Julien Salvi

Android Engineer @cinemur Android Engineer Consultant @foodily • Worked at @mogreet • Studied at @utbm

ID 431310

Harshit Raj

Student, Masters in Management, ESCP Europe, Paris Campus Double Degree (Management and Technology)

ID 377686

Pierre Abi-aad

Software Engineer and iOS lead developer @Supergazol. Creator of

ID 499717

Amine Allouah

Master Polytechnique Applied and CS: Machine learning, Optimization, Probabilty. Worked in Infosys.

ID 634346

Leny Diallo


ID 633368

Monty Lennie

Passionate and experienced Ruby on Rails full stack developer in Paris, France. Worked at @www-kiwizz-co and @www-snifme-com Graduated from @mcgill-university .

ID 91931

Yoann Bohbot

10 Years of Experience in E-Business 5 Years in E-Commerce + E-Marketing 15 Years in Photoshop Design 5 Years in HTML/CSS/PHP/MYSQL Development.

ID 642825

Damien Metzger

CTO @ PrestaShop

ID 492528


Launched 3 successful web sites, Created a startup

ID 548852

Charles Sitbon

ENSAE/ESSEC Data Scientist + Business school Graduate, Business analytics , statistics, Machine learning. Looking for a full time position or internship.

ID 678119

Gregory Defarge

Engineer in computer science (ENIB - 2004). Worked for: Thales, CEA-LIST, Dassault Systèmes and Murex. 10 years of professional experience in software.

ID 514979

Nicolas Landier

Business oriented & international minded Software Architect willing to find an atmosphere to realize my best (fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish).

ID 337169

Renaud Tardivon

Soon graduate (ECE Paris), strong knowledges in web developpement. Many Internship experiences and freelance activities. Worked with google partner and innovative companies.

ID 184544

Guillaume Morin

Front end developer at Deezer Worked at Tagattitude, Axialys Interactive. Bachelor of Computer Science Paris Sud Orsay Developed and designed

ID 362678

Francesco Cervigni

CS MSc. Graduate, Full Stack generalist.

ID 352102

Alexandre Tamborrino

CS Master student (KTH, INSA de Lyon), software development of innovative Web applications and large-scale systems (distributed systems, NoSQL, Big Data, async and functional programming)

ID 304343

Joseph Dureau

Engineer, born-again statistician, self-trained programmer. Co-founder of Standard Analytics.

ID 184728

Jean-Charles Campagne

Worked at @hsbc, @masa-group • Studied at @ecole-speciale-des-travaux-publics

ID 550472

Thomas Altenburger

Third year student at EPITA, IT school in Paris, learn fast, a love for startups...

ID 462340

Romain Menetrier

Founder @soshare, worked as CTO of @connecthings, CTO, expert in mobile, backend and contactless technologies (NFC, BLE)

ID 287627

David Lambert

Working at @wimi. Startup enthusiast. Looking for challenges.

ID 416965

Thierry Gandilhon

Enthusiast technologist entrepreneur

ID 331856

Florian Eysseric

Graduate student from IIT (Chicago, IL) and ENAC (France). Software Engineering and Civil Aviation background. Looking for a full time position within USA.

ID 509497

Grégory Renard

Founder @xbrainsoft @smartuse @wygwam • Work at @oscaro-com Group

ID 106180

Nicolas Grilly

Founder of Garden (a consultancy developing web and datamart applications), Python programmer

ID 526542

Jean-Michel Texier

Intrapreneur, passionate by building web products that matters, I have a significant experience in managing teams and a compelling hunger for technology.

ID 257677

Kevin Perez

Worked at @ibm • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 412239

Xavier Lacot

French guy with a bunch of good ideas. I build nifty things at @JoliCode

ID 420540

Chometon Adrien

Co-founder & CTO of Weeleo Studied at @esiea

ID 445297

Weber Arthur

Full stack Javascript Developper; Love NodeJS and Backbone.

ID 550105

Guillaume GILLET

Work on BNP CRM bank. I love new technology and programming like Rails, C/C++, Android and more. Always eager to learn something new.

ID 217337

Chien Cong NGUYEN

Founder @parlayz • Studied at @ecole-centrale-paris, @escp-europe-1

ID 419515

Adrien Thibodaux

Co-founder & COO of Weeleo • Co-founder of ARA Technology • Studied at @esiea • Skills in mobile applications, quantitative management, embedded systems.

ID 402846

Eric Doughty-Papassideris

Epitech Software Engineer, worked and published stacks at levels from native to web, very versatile because truly passionate about technology

ID 151515

Gregoire Boillet

MSc computational finance student at Universite Paris-Dauphine

ID 550531

Claudio Viola

Software Engineer and Programmer Worked at @amadeus • Studied at @politecnico-milano and @tongji-university speaking IT,EN,FR some ZH and ES.

ID 378546

Vincent Poulain

University of Technology of Compiegne, Software Engineer, BigData - Cloud Computing

ID 68166

Hery Ramihajamalala

Analyst programmer - Weborama

ID 615298

Pierre Fenoll

French MS CS, Erlang developer willing to relocate

ID 486462

Abhishek J Patil

Head of Technology Nuvenote • Worked at @thinklabs-in, @vcreate-logic • Studied at @university-of-mumbai, @universit-paris-8

ID 361171

Edgard Ghislain Mbayen Mbayen

Entrepreneur in mind, loves creating projects such as Imagine Cup 2011 1st rank in France, 4th rank world wide in New York Master of computer Science @efrei

ID 634571

Matthieu ML

Supélec French 'Grande École' student - majored in cybersecurity. French MBA. Research in artificial intelligence at TokyoTech. Startup enthusiast.

ID 450468


Telecom Paristech, just graduated in data science, 6 months internship as data scientist at Amadeus

ID 222143

Grégoire Clermont

Co-founder & CTO of @hellomentor • Studied at @epitech-1

ID 406847

Emeric de Bernis

Msc Secured Information Systems at Supelec, France. Worked at FactSet.

ID 432289

Philippe Bazard

Lead Developper, almot full stack. Great fan dynamic languages. Strong general culture in economics and data analysis.

ID 360047

Arnaud Rouyer

Node.js expert // Creator of TechShaker // Developer for HangPic

ID 396017

Karelle Danielou

Worked at @gemalto, @unic-technology-co-ltd • Studied at @supelec

ID 319404

Daniel Régis Sarmento Caon

Co-Founder @songwich, MSc Informatics @federal-university-of-espirito-santo, 1y MSc internship and 1y PhDc @institut-telecom-telecom-paristech

ID 439337

Alexis Bienvenu

Ponts et Chausses, Specialized in computer vision and machine-learning, Looking for new and challenging opportunities

ID 612386

Felix Raimundo

Student in Embedded Systems and Artificial Intelligence at Telecom ParisTech. Fond of new technologies and robotics.

ID 307620

Georgios Efstratiadis

CEO of CopyrightsWorld. Co-Founder for many online startups. Digital Nomad.

ID 241619

Antony Cohen

CTO/Developer/Co-founder @ Whoozer, Pricebuzz and Trends up

ID 557076

Olivier Tassinari

I really love discovering new technologies. I am a curious and persevering person.

ID 559516

Paul Jouguet

PhD in applied physics, software engineer, CEO of a start-up company

ID 549942

Leslie Maarek

Student at Paris Dauphine University. Programming. Mathematics

ID 585043

Benjamin Canac

Epitech 2015 student. Love development and new technologies.

ID 374511

Damien Pacaud

Full time geek, entrepreneur spirited, currently loving #grails.

ID 116718

Pratiksha Dake

Senior Software Engineer at ibibo Web Private Limited

ID 218393

Rudth-Mael Galite

EPITA alumni ; Rails and iOS fan ; Worked at HP as infrastructure consultant ; Designed and implemented ; Working on

ID 221421

Fabrice Cheng

M.D. in CS. Passionate about Ruby on Rails and have a strong aptitude for absorbing new technologies. Two years of work experience working for major accounts.

ID 232096

Adrien Montfort

Multi platform hacker, loves clean code and tests

ID 688892

Loik Le Devehat

Robotics enthusiast specialized in embedded systems and software developpment, Worked at Alcatel Lucent.

ID 509219

Erika Morice

Studied at @epita

ID 366616

Mathieu Kempe

CTO at Selz, Master in computer science

ID 544241

Lucille Tachet

Computer Engineering student at EPITA (Ecole Pour l’Informatique et les Techniques Avancées) in Paris. Looking for an developer internship.

ID 173122

Benoit Molenda

Wanted freelance, Polyglote developer (lov'in Rails and JS), Self-educated designer, Subculture addict.

ID 436934

Raphaël Prat

Founder Tokywoky • Worked at @transatel, @web-alliance • Studied at @supinfo-international-school

ID 507261

Mohamed-Hassen Mami

2 academic Android applications, 1 information visualisation group project (Processing), XML/XSLT/XQUERY, SQL, JQuery, Mapreduce, Hadoop, Java EE, Symfony

ID 525338

Chris Lerus

EPITA France MS, Web developement, Android Application, looking for an 6 month internship

ID 478093

Morgan Z

ID 201821

Nicolas de Pomereu

Founder KawanSoft • Studied at @institut-superieur-de-gestion

ID 337968

Thomas Berrod

EPITECH, .Net expert, work in startup, wine specialist

ID 29218

Djamel Gasbakid

ID 142266

Nicolas Davoust

Founder and CEO of @245friends,,, Happy entreprenor :p

ID 205769

Petru Teodorescu

Founder @eservices, @renobru • Worked at @young-rubicam, @mccann-erickson

ID 652786

Gregory Durelle

French engineer passioned by new technologies, learning and rock'n roll...

ID 243033

Damien Soulard

Worked at @ology-media, @pricebuzz • Studied at @epita Passionate and skilled web developer graduated from the engineering school EPITA, Graduate school of computer science and advanced technologies, in Paris, France.

ID 444119

Max Paolone

Front End Developer, currently working as a freelance. I am continually learning and expanding my skillset through self-study and application.

ID 390711

Hakim Mazouz

ID 370038

Eric Khun

Hacker. I make life easier. #3DPrinting #Startup #Growth. Software engineer @THRE3Dco

ID 353586

Roy Marmelstein

iOS Developer.

ID 430016

Cyril Sellam

Web Developer - strong experience in agencies in France, Ireland & UK - worked on projects for Société Générale, BP, Aviva, Ministry of Education, Hachette

ID 167639


Founder Logs Diffusion International • Studied at @utc

ID 148215

Aurelien Lequertier

Wireless Applications Engineer passionate about disruptive technologies in particular M2M/Internet of Things. Graduated from @telecom-bretagne

ID 475353

Damien Cavaillès

Former @ Founder @kojoa & @krack • Worked at @altran-europe and @ikomobi

ID 465616

Desmaison Alban

Student at one of the best French Engineering school, currently pursuing first part of a gap year at Thales aerospace.

ID 559440

Quentin Devauchelle

Former IT Support Technician turned Developer. Made and publish an Android application, joined Dev Bootcamp in SF, won the SpaceApp 2014 Challenge in SF

ID 201477

Bernard Pratz

Worked at CKAB, Bearstech & IRCAM • Studied at University Pierre et Marie Curie and Paris-Sud, graduated in distributed systems

ID 549583

Yann Mahé

Backend Software Engineer, currently in my final year of studies at TELECOM Bretagne in France, looking for new challenges for April 2014.

ID 425178

Fabien Guilbaud

PhD applied maths, worked as quant trader at SocGen, and quant researcher/developer at startup hedge funds. Also did research fellowship at UC Berkeley.

ID 663116

Amin Khribi

ID 447258

Amaury Martiny

Engineering Student at Ecole Centrale Paris. Cloud Computing Intern at IBM. Worked as Technical Manager and Web Manager at VIA Centrale Réseaux.

ID 228902

Julien Guepin

Completing a Master's Degree in CS at TELECOM Nancy, Java and Python lover, mobile and web developer. Looking for an internship in Software Engineering or Big data.

ID 457153

Stan Chollet

Master Of Science at SUPINFO, Teacher during one year at SUPINFO and now Software Engineer at Worldline. Passionate about travel, software development and sport

ID 382348


Strong ability to learn quickly new technologies and programming languages

ID 373163

Benjamin Lorenzi

Completing an MSc in Computer Science at TELECOM Nancy engineering school, Software Engineering specialization (graduating in September) ;Front end developer at Dassault Systemes (internship);

ID 480586

Clement Storck

Founder of RedLab, Internet of Things addict

ID 411262

Alexandre Bernard

Development addict. Perfection lover.

ID 123179

Ahmed Boussadia

CTO & Co-Founder @master-courses

ID 238760

Dana Kianfar

Worked at @rhinno, @brigham-women-s-hospital • Studied at @american-university-of-paris

ID 458669

Yann Daninos

Full Stack Generalist, Owned my webagency since 2007, Stratup experience, Entrepreneur !

ID 222461

Davide Fugazza

Founder fleisure • Worked at @total-immersion, @fiat

ID 249388

Tachun Lin

Worked at @tigerlily, @captain-dash • Co-founder of Comfort creative lab

ID 234974

Christopher Moreau

ID 396471

Xavier Perez

Lead developer at @kisskissbankbank

ID 427450

Ludovic Le Vaillant

ID 308497

Clément Grellier

Web developer at Maecia - Student at Gobelins - Music enthusiast

ID 524467

Bertrand Jacquin

Network and System Engineer. Strong technical background on open source products. Work for Exosec as a consultant.

ID 236963

Jean-Baptiste Rieu

Passionate Developer. In love with Agility, UX, Continuous Integration and Unit Testing.

ID 573892

James Heng

iOS developer - Tech lover

ID 265878


Adjanohoun Hermann French electrical and softwar engineer. Worked at Sagem, Dassault Aviation and EADS Cassidian.

ID 559021

Thomas Senkman

French web and iOS developer, student at Hetic. Worked at Weezevent.

ID 533243

Djibril KONE

Software Developer with project Management and Customer Support experiences

ID 463797

Philippe Sultan

Founder @apidaze-io • Worked at @inria • Studied at @telecom-sudparis

ID 310331

Joffrey Bocquet

Lead Developer iOS at @tag-see - Specialized in iOS - Design & Development - Obsessed with pixel perfect

ID 533344

Jonathan Schmidt

Startup Lead developer

ID 487333

Guillaume Guérin

Image and signal R&D engineer, DxO Labs, Tech-addict, Data lover.

ID 558846

Bastien Penalba

Worked at @freelancer, @krobe • Studied at @hetic-college

ID 103028

Ben Dixon

Rails Developer, author of 'Reliably Deploying Rails Applications'. Avid Indoor climber. Studied Law, previously a Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers

ID 161189

David Desrousseaux

Web entrepreneur & developer in 3DPrinting, eCommerce consultant, Magento & SEO expert, Part-time teacher

ID 317018

Arthur Himmel

French MSc Student. Front-end and Javascript lover. Working at Work4.

ID 397174


Business developer in intelligent building systems, good understanding of the market

ID 532128

Cédric Lombardot

CTO & Founder of Plugmeon. Open Source Entrepreneur. Symfony expert.

ID 294656

Bellot Zoé

Developer at Cozy Cloud

ID 441031

Florian Ganzin

Student in the last year of the engineer school ECE Paris looking for an internship in the field of computer science, more specifically in software engineering.

ID 356540

David Guzman

R&D Engineer at CISCO. Interested in Mediated Reality. Managed projects in the Middle East, France and Colombia.

ID 457281

Julien Fabre

Student in 4th year of Master of Science in Computer Science looking for a four-month internship as a Web/Software developer, starting in May 2014.

ID 616877

Karim Mortabit

@hetic-college student, worked on a student project for @dailymotion . Interessted in startuping and improving Ruby on Rails skills.

ID 505826

Henri de Kergorlay

About to graduate a Master II degree (Architecture and Information System) in an Engineering School, looking for an internship.

ID 571965

Adam Ismael

HETIC Alumni,

ID 573553

Johan Girod

Junior Ensimag Engineer , full stack JavaScript developeur.

ID 356501

Paul Lefkopoulos

DataScientist, Crunching weblogs and optimizing conversion rates

ID 282007

Martin de la Taille

Full stack generalist.

ID 276875

Bruno Paccini

Front end engineer with a strong interest in UI design, as well as customer behaviour, UX and product design. I love to design and build products people love

ID 442040

Sébastien Poudat

ID 159308

Sebastien Pastor

Founder @meeticket

ID 101660

Mathieu Jean

Consultant chez BP2S pour TeamTrade

ID 295282

Nicolas Leger

Web Engineer

ID 486570

Gérald Dudouit

ID 497853

Antoine Basset

Epitech Student, Several experiences with Startup as Intern, motivated, serious, autonomous, English Fluent. I'm looking for a 6month internship in Saint Petersburg Russia.

ID 444489

Laurent Louf

Final year student at ENSTA ParisTech, M.Sc in robotics & embedded systems. Freelance web developer.

ID 97525

Luca Bilotta

Experienced Consultant on iPhone/Android/desktop/web App, Flash, Actionscript, Games, Interactive installations, Technical consultant for Adobe Italia

ID 497645

Sabri Haddouche

Founder, Lead Design & Software Engineering at @matelife

ID 221278

Martin Lüttgersheiden

Sr. Data Scientist; Data mining and data warehousing specialist; builder of information and reporting systems; holding university degree of civil and environmental engineering; Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop

ID 543589

Cyril Agosta

Software developer. JavaScript, Python, Ruby. Test-driven object-oriented development. Specialized in single-page applications.

ID 236951

Benjamin Ballet

ID 358435

el mernissi saad

ID 419516

Benjamin Moulin

JavaScript mad scientist. JS MVC Framework development ; third party JS software ; UI/UX development/architecture.

ID 200455

Adrian Latorre Crespo

Android and Front-end developer. Telecomunications engeneer. Always learning (AngularJS, MongoDB,Python...) and making projects. Co-Founder @el-androide-libre .

ID 558372

Stephane Le Dorze

VP of Engineering @lekiosk •Worked at @beamly, @ubisoft, @behaviour, @mimesis-republic and more..

ID 148923

Aurelien Beltrame

Worked at @sap, @getvega

ID 341004

Joseph Silvestre

Webdev and candies

ID 459346

Jean-Loup Jamet

Software Engineer - web passionate - work @parrot

ID 693142

Maxime Veber

PHP/Symfony web developer

ID 556564

Julien Seren-Rosso

Hacker, Maker, Fixer. I like to do stuff.

ID 301257

Simon Renoult

French IT student. Code maker. I love building things with serious people. I worked at Frontware International (Bangkok) and recently won a Startup Weekend.

ID 514939

Sebastien Lucas

CEO of, the collaborative platform that help architects be more productive by reusing bricks of project and organize their visual inspirations

ID 600239

Alex Pereira

Founder Exode • Worked at @decathlon, @pixmania, Head of Front-end & Mobile at L'Occitane en Provence, Professor of Mobile Development at IESA Multimedia Paris.

ID 572505

Mickael Cassy

Epitech, Full stack web developer. Preference for backend architecture and data management.

ID 596818

Quentin Leffray

ID 589720

Thibault Seurin

Math addict and data science enthusiast

ID 542277

André Rodrigues

iOS/Android engineer

ID 564364

Baptiste Deleplace

typical DevOps : dedicated to the success of the product in any possible ways. Work really hard, many hours but need its autonomy and freedom.

ID 593754

Jonathan Jayet

Full stack software engineer, passionate about technology, want to contribute making the world a better place

ID 612814

Morten Dahl

Recent PhD graduate in computer science

ID 589251

Nicolas Robert

Team Leader. Designed medical device software for GE Healthcare; led team at 4D in transition to agile development cycle.

ID 570835

Olivier GERARD

Founder evoQL • Mathematician and computer scientist.

ID 510038

Djordje Lukic

Just a developer with a funny haircut.

ID 568883

Paul Vigneau

Student, I'm looking for an internship where I can use awesome technology

ID 581350

François Perret du Cray

CEO of Invex,

ID 571918

Jean-Sébastien Ney

full stack engineer and developper building web and mobile projects. project manager for telecommunication and media companies, managing staff.

ID 169522


INSA Rennes Engineer, webdev @la-netscouade, worked at @ubikod, dev & musician.

ID 13474

Christopher Courtney

Streaming video pioneer since 1994. Live webcast producer for clients such as NIKE, Elite Model Agency, @microsoft, Triple Crown of Surfing, ESPN X-Games.

ID 602452

Thomas Bazire

Student in Software engineering at 42 born2code.

ID 420690

Pierre Margueritte

ID 362407

Nabil Adouani

Java/JEE Software Engineer, Groovy & Grails fan and ExtJS Developer.

ID 582598

Baptiste Fontaine

Studied at @universite-paris-7-diderot

ID 492954

Nadheer Chatharoo

iOS developer, autodidact, hardworker, fluent in French and English ! I love to play with the great possibilities given by iOS Hope to see you soon !

ID 492793

michael nedjam

Back end développer, working for on a crowdfounding saas oriented product.

ID 563647

morvan calmel

ID 539686

Nabil Zouabi

ID 481567


I m Web Developer Front-End and Back-End (#Codeignter #Wordpress theme builde #Responvise #angularJS #nodeJS #ExpressJS #Rails) Chez Neopost France

ID 565157

Thomas Montana

Engineering student (CS). Looking for a two-month internship for July/August 2014.

ID 622010

Naveen Kumar Aranganathan

Bioinformatic research engineer at CNRS ; former intern developer at Dassault systemes , HQ and CEA Grenoble ; former software engineer at Ernst &Young ;

ID 486411

Mamadou SYLLA

Senior Java / JavaEE consultant - UML designer - Web Technologies & SOA Architecture

ID 479431

Patrick Payet

Software development engineer. Worked at Microsoft (last 3 years) & Expertime (Microsoft partner). Looking for a new challenge !

ID 479456

Slim Ewies

IT engineering student, Fit model, Amateur Boxer. Hard worker and dedicated.

ID 538463

Tristan Chapelle

A young UIDesigner with strong front end development skills and willing to learn back end dev!

ID 544255

Maxime Sourdin

French student at EEMI, Paris. Dev

ID 485435

Nicolas Beauvais

French studient, I have a particular affection for the front-end development, reinforced by strong knowledge in Javascript and PHP

ID 496026

Jacek Trojanski

Tibco consultant, Java, Web, open to international projects

ID 527881

Nicolas Maisonneuve

Reseacher / Intra- & entrepreneur - Digital Innovation / Data Science / Collective Intelligence / City

ID 520335

Gaëtan Gueraud

ID 484802

Maxime Verger-Del Bove

Polytechnique CS, full-stack generalist, Python / Javascript / Node ninja, fast-moving and self-learner

ID 534961

Conrad Kleinespel

I love unexpected features. French-German student at school 42 - - and ex Computer Science & Mathematics student at Paris Descartes University.

ID 528728

Alain Soltani

M.Sc. at ENSAE ParisTech, specialization in Data Science, Pattern Recognition, Image & Signal Processing.

ID 421590

Nicolas Cortot

Software engineer always looking to try out new technologies in the real world to build great products. Python / Django and lately Scala on Hadoop.

ID 378630

Vojin Radosavljevic

Software eng, online games and betting systems, SaaS, server side / infrastructure specialist with ui knowledge, java/python/javascript, previous startup experience

ID 415295

Yannis LG

My leitmotiv : make life better

ID 385893

Benjamin Crouzier

Full stack rails developer. Just finished master's degree. Looking for startups

ID 470236

Bertrand Dubaut

ID 470623


Carnot Digital, « Un monde de solutions internet et informatiques », vous propose 4 univers de compétences intégrées.

ID 623452

Stéphanie Morel

ID 390530

Jocelyn Drean

ID 464520

François-Xavier Bonnet

Experienced Java developper

ID 389881

Simon Fréour

Mines ParisTech '13 graduate, web & music, founded and developed Looking for a position in a cool startup (product, data analytics, dev)

ID 384612

Guénolé Guemas

Android developer

ID 384607

Benjamin Chapus

Software Engineer at KXEN. Graph Database / Big Data / machine Learning

ID 384267

Philippe Muller

Linux systems engineer with strong Python skills

ID 397608


My specialties are PHP and back-end web development, however my day-to-day projects involve a wide range of languages and tools.

ID 414861

Guillaume Augais

Data Engineer, Data Scientist focusing on using my skills for good causes.

ID 388765

Adrien Rahier

Front-end dev, UI designer looking for job opportunities.

ID 437163

Sovanna Hing

Full-stack Developer

ID 442771


Web Developer & Consultant. Laravel, CodeIgniter & PyroCMS extatic user. Founder of Dixens.

ID 418565

Michel El Nemnom

Working at Nerim, Node.JS and Python developer. Open to anything interesting

ID 326680

Arnaud Didry

I am an enthusiastic, creative and curious web developer eager to create stunning web applications loved by theirs users and developers.

ID 318397

Vincent Voyer

JavaScript developer focusing on node.js, testing, automation and deployment

ID 320083

Julien Horchman

ID 304378

Michael Maier

Senior Ruby on Rails developer @visocon, @ximinds. Started developing at age 15. Currently raising some exciting internet startups.

ID 294159


ID 350755

Maxime Mezrahi

ID 363554

Philippe de Reynal

Android, iOS and HTML5 developer.

ID 308030

Quentin BEY

Works for scientific development for 3 years as software engineer, I'm really interrested in learning and love to challenge myself.

ID 352194

Francois Wauquier

Artisan du SI

ID 317374

Gilbert NZEKA

ID 362771

Aniket Kakde

ISEP paris MSc IT Student, java sun certified programmer, Succesfully completed an android application.

ID 358226

Quentin Cherifi

Worked in pre-sales services of Bull, strong relationalship skills, good business vision, techie

ID 366333

Aaron Greene


ID 381473

Aloïs Brunel

Founder iNeedl

ID 309537

Renaud de Lacotte

ID 361652


5 years+ on rails/ javascript / iOS knowledge (ruby motion) / strong background in typography & graphic design

ID 350819

Antonin Lenfant

Software engineering new graduate. Worked at Stanford. Valedictorian.

ID 292682

Radwane Hassen

ID 359721


ID 216817

Alexis Kovalenko

Born and raised Parisian, lived around the world, talented web dev and awesome project manager

ID 683635

Jérémy Autran

Software developer, primarily back-end yet versatile, from Paris, France.

ID 202814

Maxime Tyler

French Student @EEMI75 - RubyOnRails dev @chugulu & JS NINJAAAAAAA (phonegap @chugulu)

ID 279403

Lucile Peran

ID 279448

Ludovic Gonthier

Co-Founder of PushPrivate. Application developer from Epitech, I master the development of PHP web application or other mobile/software in c++/java

ID 290269

Vincent Boniakos

Web CTO and RoR developper

ID 285840

Martin Deramecourt

Master of Digital Business at ESGMS Paris in Progress. New technologies lover, very interested in UX. HTML & CSS beginner. Fluent english & quick learner

ID 259053

Aurélien Botermans

ID 233399

Matthieu Balmes

Dedicated hard worker, passionate hacker.

ID 265375

Mathieu Jean

Successful Senior iOS Mobile Developer • Launched 3 world class mobile apps • Expert knowledge of iOS frameworks • Experienced entrepreneur and leader.

ID 250287

Massimo Zambelli

UX and Software Engineer, CTO @That's My Job

ID 245487

Gianfranco Aguirre

Investment Strategist GPI Asset Management Founder Director Chaska Paris Founder DIrector Gosette

ID 277584

Jonathan Meiss

OCTO Technology Consultant - In Love of Ruby on Rails / AngularJS / HTML5 - Member of Appaloosa Store Paris ·

ID 241723

Cyril Wack

Drawing and testing instantiated scripts. Then, watching.

ID 242070

Marco Morais

Founder @coucou-finder

ID 642827

Test one

ID 265879

Adrien Siebert

Web enthusiast with a background in Software Engineering and Web development (~MSc), valedictorian of his undergraduate degree class.

ID 204831

Ludovic Saussinan

Co-Founder and CEO at Grabsody. Entrepreneur

ID 249419

Alexandre Broudin

Front-end Web Developer @tigerlily - HTML,CSS, UX,a11y, i built shacks with squirrels for 5 years (SPIP), now it's time to make beautiful railway landscapes

ID 107638

Min Kim

Senior software engineer in Livestation. Worked at several start-up companies. Strong computer techical skills.

ID 115999

Aymeric Gallissot

iOS Developer

ID 56428

Florent Biville

Developer at Lateral Thoughts and Head of Development at @esporx-tv. Passionate about development, agile project management and software craftsmanship.

ID 127602

Octavian Cioaca

CSSensei - I code user journeys since 2006

ID 49770

Nicholas Stock

Senior Software Engineer at linemonkey

ID 189231

Tierry Danquin

CTO of @snapeous. Génial Geek ;-) and Software Engineer. Strong technical background (Linux,Java and more)

ID 91326

Alkis Vazacopoulos

Client Partner at Interthinx

ID 122892

Chaker Nakhli

Full-stack application developer. Loves getting stuff done.

ID 47486

Dan Podaru

CTO of HereWeDate Software Engineer, Skater, Camper, Krav Maga practitioner. Speak english, french, russian and romanian.

ID 71528

David Hagege

Founder of @myndpage. Fond of programming, linguistics and neurology. 1st freelance programming job at 18 for @novonordisk Laboratories. Graduated from Epitech.

ID 92630

Paul Benigeri

ID 79992

Alexandre Gindre

Founder @bankzai. Web engineer and competitive intelligence background• Worked at @eco2market, @omegames

ID 186308

Yann Pravo

Front-end developer at @adomik

ID 180144

Xav Laumonier

Worked at @nextuser

ID 43720

Stéphane Gomes

co-founder a service helping developers uploading and delivering files

ID 67519

Telmo Menezes

Postdoctoral researcher at CNRS / Paris. Learned to code by myself while in basic school. Computer scientist + hacker.

ID 200874

Adrien Giboire

Worked at @adyoulike

ID 93318

Alexis Agahi

Full-Stack Developer, Entrepreneur and Rock&Roll.

ID 36115


Founder @ dir

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