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ID 420799

Amir Mortazavi


Angel Investor, real estate develop/design/build firm, art collector/curator/consultant

ID 38108

Marc Brandsma


Investor in @talend, @netvibes, @greenext. Founder @lesmobilizers, @comwax. Partner @chausson-finance. Chicago MBA. @tedesign

ID 32180

Vincent Bastien

Former CEO of @louis-vuitton. Professor at HEC. Co-author of "The Luxury Strategy"

ID 65492

Renaud Visage


Co-Founder & CTO of Eventbrite. Mentor at seedcamp, startupbootcamp, lecamping, techpeaks. Advisor to European startups.

ID 300465

Alexandre Sagakian


Currently Director of TechStars London 2013. Entrepreneur & Angel investor. Founded (sold to Bolloré Group). MBA from Essec Business School.

ID 51304

Mark Yoshitake


VP Product @ Kifi · Previously: Head of Product & UX @GoogleArt · Head of Platforms @youtube · @microsoft · @jp-morgan M&A, Goldman · @UPenn

ID 38644

Andrew Lacy


Founder @ Zaptravel. ex-SVP Disney Mobile at @the-walt-disney-company; Cofounder & COO of @tapulous

ID 25548

Sal Matteis


Yahoo 2004-2011 • Headed DR Platform Mgmt @yahoo EMEA • Seeded DR Network Marketplace in EMEA (100+M $ in revenue).

ID 226360

Ed Zimmerman


VC-law; angel; vc prof; wine geek; francophile; dad; music fan

ID 290236

Kevin Abosch


Visual Artist / Founder of kwikdesk

ID 57639

Tamer Hassanein


President & CEO @timeline, VC @newbury-ventures-1 , Mentor @wearable-world-labs and @techwadi-org. Global nomad with endless appreciation and respect for people and technologies that change the world. Entrepreneur, investor, & loyal human.

ID 200812

Alex Prot

Founder @wimdu • Worked at @mckinsey-company • Studied at @insead-1, @hec-paris

ID 32135

Marie-Christine LEVET

Partner at @jaina-capital. Previously CEO of @t-online France. Founder @lycos-france

ID 143444

Floris Rost van Tonningen


Cofounder & chief product of social network Hyves and investing community IEX. Currently investor in startups, mostly Europe.

ID 82009

Tariq Krim


Founded @netvibes Founder @jolicloud occasional investor in product focused start up

ID 12276

Chipper Boulas


Investor/Business Builder - internet/mobile. Co-Founder Formerly VP Corporate Strategy @ebay

ID 7601

Martin Mignot


Early stage investor at @index-ventures in London. Looking to connect with great entrepreneurs.

ID 1911

Amir Banifatemi


Managing partner at Bayspring Group and @k5vp. Board Member and President at @tech-coast-angels.

ID 169703

Eric Martineau-Fortin


Founder and Managing Partner @white-star-capital • Investor @betaworks, @science, @execution-labs, @bloglovin, @dollar-shave-club

ID 63024

Raj Ramanandi


Angel investor in early stage tech startups around the world, based in London. CEO of @1seed - investing, mentoring, building bridges.

ID 873

Oleg Tscheltzoff


Founder and CEO at Fotolia, Investor at BeyondTheRack, UpNext,, songpop, @mindsnacks...

ID 121386

Audrey Soussan


Associate chez Ventech

ID 84309

Pierre-Antoine Passet

Chief Product Officer & lead web developer @sketchfab, @productism • Studied at @imperial-college-london-1, @escp-eap @Supélec

ID 23209

Dominic Becotte


Partner at XPND Capital

ID 13430

Wouter Gort


ID 78421

Stephan Wirries


VC Analyst @ventech

ID 126840

Nicolas ROSSET


Entrepreneur (Again)

ID 5554

Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz


CEO at @sepulveda-capital. Co-founded 3 other companies in France, 2 VC-backed, all sold. Invested in 100+ companies in North America, Chile, Europe and Asia.

ID 136070

Clément Cazalot


Co founder and CEO of docTrackr

ID 10245

Scott Sage


VC at @dfj-esprit; Angel Investor & Startup Advisor

ID 108522

Paolo Rubatto


Managing Director, Founder at @start-capital

ID 327649

Stefan Koenig


Co- Founder @hull • Worked at @sap • Investor @adsnative, @kato, @shopventory

ID 35252

Yann Lechelle


Co-founder, CTO & COO @appsfire, pioneer in app reco and app promotion services. Startup angel, mentor. Paris based. Basketball player. @insead-mba

ID 60237

Oussama Ammar


Partner TheFamily - Teaching in Sciences Po Paris - Brain (& Meat) Lover - Enthusiastic Hacker

ID 378520

Jörg Binnenbrücker

Venture Capitalist from Cologne/ Germany, Founding Partner #capnamic #dumontventure & big time football supporter (1.FC Köln)

ID 604686

Romain Lavault


ex Entrepreneur, General Partner @ Partech Ventures

ID 66542

Lloyd Price

Co Founder of Zesty. Director roles held at, Yahoo! Europe, & StartUps since 1998. London Business School 2009

ID 803

Florian Seroussi


Founder of FS Ventures, investor in @one, @producteev, @labotec, @pixowl, @open-garden, @celtrek, @pikchur @Vinio...and much more.

ID 62508

Maria Dramalioti-Taylor


Angel Investor, engineer, geek, mentor; Angellab founder, INSEAD EIR, xMillion capital ex-partner. Reformed management consultant from Andersen, Ernst & Young.

ID 57782

Philippe Guelton


Angel Investor, Advisor, C-level Executive with 20 years of Media experience in print and digital platforms. Currently CEO at

ID 187060

Christophe Fraise


Entrepreneur & Angel; Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @johns-hopkins-university

ID 32138

Charles-Henry TRANIE


Partner at Jaïna Capital

ID 123627

Matt Valoatto

@curioos Founder & Chief Curator / UX Designer. Graduate of @hec-paris 2011.

ID 82125

Dušan Stojanović


Awarded Angel of the Year in Europe 2013 by EBAN

ID 26040

Jean-Baptiste Dumont


Invst associate in a VC firm and entrepreneur

ID 32118

Arnaud Ferreri

Co-founder of @onefeat, ESSEC grad, RoR dev, front end dev, Android and iPhone dev.

ID 125593

Nicolas Voisin

Founder @the-assets the Business Assets Marketplace - Former Founder & CEO @tactilize, @owni, VP @CNNum, (...)

ID 55382

Daniel Jones


Technology Venture Capitalist

ID 20211

Reuben Katz


Ceo, Founder & investor @geeklist. Built some things. Successful exits in internet & education

ID 191775

Gilles Samoun


ID 18864

Investor's mission is to inspire more students to chase big ideas and become founders of impactful companies that drive innovation and economic growth.

ID 3533

Gil Dibner


Investor in @innovid, @profitect, @the-gifts-project, @sisense, @yedda.

ID 4617

Luc Hardy

> One of first shareholders in Lending Club, @virtuoz, Totsy, @producteev > Based in New York and Paris (France)

ID 349198

Daniel Maurice-Vallerey


Founder @yoyo-3

ID 25342

David Opolon


Angel | Entrepreneur | Ph.D. Engineering Systems MIT

ID 4419

Mojdeh Eskandari


Managing Partner at @bayspring-ventures

ID 152917

Frédéric Montagnon


Founder & CEO at Secret Media. Ex @overblog, @ebuzzing, @nomao

ID 3133

Sophie Reinauld


7 yrs as journalist, then founded L’Agence, editorial and communications agencies, sold in 2008 with 150 people and 22 million euros in billings.

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 98162

Valentin Squirelo

Hackerloop co-founder. Product designer, software + hardware. I've previously worked @owni and co-founded @tactilize

ID 159957

David Bizer


Worked at @netscape, @trilogy, @google and @hackfwd-2 • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 497119

Peter Cummings (MIoD)


Founder & Owner @socomo, @Borealis IT Ltd • Co-Owner & CTO @masterbranch

ID 24201

Bruno Bensaid


12 years in China, 3 in Singapore. Now commuting to Asia from Paris. Former VC, Angel in China startups. Cross-border M&A #INSEAD # East China Normal University

ID 83767

Guillaume Multrier


Founder at Webedia (Purepeople, Puretrend,...) & @youmag

ID 141676

Colette Ballou

Founder @ballou-pr (Berlin/Paris/London), mentor at 500 Startups.

ID 171028

John Acton

Observer @ @shutl in capacity of EVP GeoPost, wholly owned subsidiary of La Poste

ID 48973

Samantha Jerusalmy


Venture Capitalist @Elaia_Partners, independent fund focused on Digital Economy

ID 65540

Olivier Cahane


Investor in @freshplanet, @racktivity, @stribe, @novapost, @avendeo, @meninvest.

ID 117133

Lara Rouyres


Country Manager - Président France @livingsocial Founder & CEO of Dealissime (Dealissime joined @livingsocial in June 2011) - Former lawyer in IP & internet laws

ID 378298

Guillaume Luccisano


Founder @socialcam • Worked at @justin-tv

ID 85986

Gabriel Hubert

Centrale Paris Maths '07, @stanford-university M.S. MS&E '09 ex-Barcap (Commodities), ex-BCG (TMT), 4-lingual

ID 136500

Alex Negrea

Co-Founder and CTO at docTrackr

ID 96998

Etienne Albert

Web Engineer at @replay-by-stupeflix; Worked at Exalead.

ID 77158

Olivier Hory

Founder of collaborative agile project management Worked at @viadeo, @kelkoo, @yahoo. Master at @insa-lyon

ID 193484

Philip Engelhardt


Worked at @silicon-graphics, @lehman-brothers • Investor @fab-com, @wello • Studied at @university-of-denver

ID 299730

Dan Clay Ellis


Co-founder of @rallyteam - matching people to projects that need help. Founder of @saturna - tech consulting. Worked @oracle-1. Studied @university-of-calgary

ID 101258

Kris Tuttle


Director of Research at SoundView Technology Group, GP of the Active Innovation Partnership.

ID 81440

Nick Macey


Chief Product Officer @rosetta-stone

ID 225942

Nicolas Dessaigne

Co-founder & CEO at @algolia • Worked at @exalead-dassault-system, @arisem

ID 146822

Tobias P. Schirmer


Principal at BDMI Fund. Finance Background (Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank). Exeter University 2003, MBA IE Business School 2007.

ID 128563



Entrepreneur. Founder @tok-tok-tok Ex @ebuzzing, @zong

ID 75490

Stanislas Polu

@stanford-university MSCS '09. Made my first $ at age 18 selling software. Hacked a copycat of @dropbox... in '04. Worked at @apple, Oracle. Tech Founder @nitrogram.

ID 257160

Grégoire Henrion

Co-Founder @mindie

ID 6099

Cyril Moutran


Cofounder at feedly. Partner at Makers Camp.

ID 184096

Olivier Lazar


Président du Directoire, Olympia Capital Gestion; Directeur Général, Amplégest; Directeur a la gestion privee de la banque OBC

ID 184059

Daniel Hechter


Founder and CEO of Daniel Hechter fashion brands

ID 131743

Eric Hautemont


Co-founder & CEO, @days-of-wonder, @ridge-ventures, @ray-dream. Contrarian investor w. strong no non-sense focus.

ID 241611

Jean-Pierre Levieux

5 years in TV production and brand content, 15 years in digital sales marketing product management, localized 3 US brands in european market

ID 525196

Laurent Crouet

Worked at @edipress-group, @carrefour-group • Studied at @istec-business-school-for-marketing-and-commerce

ID 147710

Hubert Dubrule


CEO of @kbc-securities-usa, Inc.

ID 40440

Marcus Ericsson


Lead Engineer @salesforce; Computer Science @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, Entrepreneur on the @startupbus

ID 168523

Olivier Douce


President of Davic Music, Les Editions Coups d'Soleil, and Angyal (invests in early stage startups). Former President of Poker Leaders. Investor in @grantoo

ID 110213


Student at HETIC, multidisciplinary Master degree (programming, Online Marketing, Design) Full-stack marketer & product manager GDG Paris organizer

ID 294277

Annina Svensson

Managed Media & Entertainment, Google France, Started Spotify in France,

ID 15719

Yann Mauchamp


Investor in @itaste, @tripnity, Sportbase, Ci-prives, @dilelui, @tweegg.

ID 94496

Guillaume Dumortier

Digital Strategist &r Marketer✪ Consumer & Mobile Acquisition Specialist ✪ [EN]/[FR] ✪ ESCPeurope MIM ✪ #DJ #PSG #DaftPunk

ID 4020

Michael Cohen

✦ Founder & CEO ✦ Ex. EMEA Biz dev. for ✌ Now Fundraising

ID 184046

Olivier Legrain


Chairman and Managing Director of Materis Corporate Services at Wendel since 2001. Deputy Managing Director of LAFARGE Group since 1994.

ID 62347

Elsa Said-Armanet

Business Development @livingsocial. Worked at @samsung, @mckinsey & Company @sony. Global Strategist and Mobile Software Developer.

ID 621541

Rébecca Menat

2013 Graduate @ ESCP Europe Business School with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Lived in Paris, London, Berlin and Buenos Aires.

ID 497316

Claude Tempe


Founder of CARTEM Conseil and COO in TCS France and for ISU Utilities/Energy/Ressources/Telco/Gov/Media

ID 158990

Camille Tyan

CEO & Co-Founder @payplug • Worked at @google, @bluefin-labs • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @mcgill-university

ID 184090

Pierre Lavail


Owner of Groupe Lavail, President of Centre Agricole Bearnais. Investor in Grantoo.

ID 133259

Boris Jabes

Founder @meldium • YC alum • Worked on Visual Studio at @microsoft • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @university-of-waterloo

ID 165179

Rafi Gidron


ID 120764

Alex Shevelenko


CEO @GlocalPartners (knowhow without borders), @stanford-university MBA. Pre-IPO, @successfactors (6 yrs: product mktg, sales, new ventures, EMEA leader)

ID 162192

Wayne Gibbins


Vice President at Notion Capital, investing across Europe in the best B2B SaaS companies at Seed & Series A stage

ID 496808

Kimberley Adda

Graduated from top USA college, 2 business degrees and 2 years of Marketing experience in tech startups and the luxury industry. Bilingual English/French.

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 184053

Jacques Berrebi


cofounder and former chairman of Teleperformance - zero to $2.7 billion revenue

ID 70700

Ben (Benoit) Bergeret

Founder, CEO, Board member. CEO mentor & advisor. Founded @qipit, @realeyes3d: mobile imaging, sold on 150+m phones. MSc Computer Science (AI). T'bird.

ID 162842

Paul Strachman


COO @gracious-eloise, worked @bain-company, @equinox • Angel Investor/Strategic advisor • General technology, Fitness/Wellness • MBA @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, MSc Economics @london-school-of-economics and MSc Engineering at ENPC

ID 21556

Ben Lang

Creator of Mapped In Israel

ID 106396

Stéphane Rangaya

Worked at @seesmic, @identified • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @dominican-university-of-california

ID 442374

Michel Mariet

Worked at @oracle-corporation, @ingres

ID 538655

Victoria Choffel


Seeking investments in startups

ID 64802

Liam Boogar

CEO & Editor of @rude-baguette, France's Startup Blog • Thought-leader on the European Startup Scene • Fluent in Latin & Ancient Greek • Building a Media Empire

ID 510553

Chris Dial


Former Forrester analyst, currently in charge of app business development for Microsoft in Europe. Helped build a natural language startup in 1999, sold to IBM

ID 336939

Cecile Le Guen

Product Manager at Netvibes, a Social Media analysis and dataviz startup in Paris, France. Strong experience with complex digital project management.

ID 531621

Jan Lis


Investor, working in Real Estate and Artist

ID 54369

Jean-Baptiste Soufron

Secretary-General of the French National Digital Council, essayist and journalist, former CLO of the Wikimedia Foundation, Lawyer, Business Angel, Entrepreneur

ID 311357

Franck Brignoli

(In progress)

ID 190177

Anthony Gabriele

VP new businesses at @dow-jones. Former head mobile music @amazon, luxury marketing @ahalife, ex @walt-disney-imagineering. @harvard-university.

ID 103849

Lokman KURIS


Operation Manager at @uber FR

ID 238923

Stéphane Degré

Founder @holidog • Worked at @nist

ID 391426

Rodrigo Martinez


Early Stage Investor @point-nine-capital

ID 920

Luc Durand

Founder & CEO @blipsport: "Yammer for sport clubs"• Worked at @intel, @nortel-networks , @orange • PhD @university of Paris VI (UPMC), PMP @pmi • sportsman

ID 54609

Gabriel Antonini


Worked at @amazon, @hewlett-packard • Studied at @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business

ID 14351

David Klingbeil


Investor in @qype, @digitick, @dailymotion, @total-immersion, @brands4friends, @racktivity, @novasparks, @brands-for-friends-japan, @idbyme.

ID 322883

Charles-Henri PREVOST


Early employee at Phonevalley (Sold to Publicis) , co-founder of ScrOOn (Sold to Blackberry). Master degree in Business Management (HEC Paris) & Telecom.

ID 454159

Axel Le Pennec

Navigue sur le web et la Méditerranée. Working @appsfire. Captain Executive Officer @AppSkipper. Ex-@FABERNOVEL

ID 124222

Julien Quintard

Chief Executive Officer at @infinit

ID 119109

Daniel Kershaw

Founder, @linkatoo. Creative Thinker, Builder of Things

ID 291006

Florent To Lay

Biz Dev @sketchfab. Daydreamer. Tech enthusiast. Business and liberal arts education.

ID 393948

Karina Dealba

Founder @askping • Studied at @san-francisco-state-university *

ID 87534

Michael Phillips Moskowitz

Former senior designer at IDEO. Previously editorial director of Thrillist SF. Co-founder Gytha Mander: acquired in 2006. Masters from the LSE.

ID 290517

Marc Helbling

Software engineer, Ph.D. (Computer Graphics). C++/Python/Ruby. Data.

ID 401020

Victor Tissot

Biz dev @sketchfab.

ID 524970

Thomas Hajdukowicz

Work at @mailjet as an Inbound Marketer

ID 80825

Thomas Guillaumin

Co-founder & CEO @

ID 252384

David Ottlik

see on LinkedIn

ID 465077

Clement Bonhomme

Founder @capitaine-pizza • Worked at @wrapp • Studied at @essec-business-school-paris

ID 356336

Simon Lee


CEO & Co-founder @PromisePay, Co-founded @Lazu, built revenues of $1m per month in cloud, mobility & banking. Worked in UK, Paris, New York, Australia & NZ.

ID 134164

Joakim Nilsson

Social CRM Strategist & Founder @SCRM Cloud, ex. Head of Social media @betclic-everest-group, micro angel-investor.

ID 172612

Matthieu Chereau

ID 118697

Adrien Olczak

Raising pixels from ux to ui.

ID 227281

Alice Zagury


Founder TheFamily • Worked at @le-camping • Studied at @em-lyon

ID 560650

Tommy Sagroun

CEO of @cognifit, world leading scientific and brain fitness company focused on developing cognitive assessments and brain training to improve quality of life

ID 167509

Paulo Rodrigues Pinto

Full stack web engineer @

ID 196674

Ricardo Porto


Investor @30k • Investor @airhelp • Investor •Studied at @rutgers-university-newark, @iscte-lisboa

ID 101246

Giacomo Moiso


Co-founder & Director @fluentify | IT, mobile and web consumer startups lover | Business Developer @AcceleratorAcademy

ID 490790

Marko Jelavic

BD at Athlete Builder • Worked @tandemlaunch • Studied @hec-paris @mcgill-university • Kinesiologist with an MBA • Travel & Sports enthusiast • Passion for Startups & VC

ID 80866

Fabien Charbit

Founded archivme, previously in charge of IT project for @cap-gemini E&Y and for @logica, +11 years experienced in IT

ID 59952

Baptiste Fradin

Founder & COO @infinit • Studied at @edinburgh-napier-university , Scotland

ID 210032

Julien Hobeika

Co-Founder & CEO @wepopp. Business Developer and Business Intelligence @work4labs. Managed a 30 people team and 300k project @ecole-polytechnique.

ID 46130

Jean-Eudes John Queffélec-Nestadio Capital


15 years at @microsoft in exec position in EMEA and in Seattle. 5 years in a Silicon Valley Startup. 5 years as investor specialized in globalizing startups.

ID 323580

Clément Léger

3D developper

ID 105813

Cédric Giorgi

CEO and Co-founder of @cookening . Previously involved in @seesmic & as well as LeWeb and Techcrunch France. Startup Activist. Foodie

ID 31993

Mehdi Djabri

Tech-Entrepreneur, World traveler, UI/UX designer, ESCP Europe Master in Management. Changing the future of soccer @jogabo

ID 195607

Gareth Davis


Product Manager at Facebook. Previously at Pixar and Electronic Arts. Berkeley MBA. Social mobile's where it's at.

ID 21400

Gabriel Matuschka


VC @partech-ventures, Founder & CEO @triphunter (sold to @brands4friends / eBay), 2y @ibm, Master in Business Administration, Honors Degree Technology Mgmt

ID 50480

Paul-Arthur Patarin

Entrepreneur. CFO @meludia. Ex COO @Hypios. Board member/advisor.

ID 5992

Susan Haimet

Co-Founder & CEO @dreamface-interactive Studied at @university-of-michigan 3rd Startup Management Level, Strong Business Development experience EMEA Sales Manager for Enterprise Software at Prolifics, Board Member Professional Women's Network 1200 me

ID 91822

Jules Terrien

Founder/CEO @mindbits | Ex @angelpad & @yale-university University | MidemLab 2013 award | Backpacking.

ID 107388

Christophe AMALRIC

COO @snapcar. Founder @airtrip.IT Background. Focus on Mobile, Marketing, Travel, and Sun.

ID 7989

Laurent Feral-Pierssens


Founder and CEO of @silentale. Computer Science and Mathematics at @mcgill-university

ID 359001

Ali Karagoz

iOS Engineer at @appsfire. Photography hobbyist in my spare time.

ID 256162

Bastien Sannac

Entrepreneur. CEO/CPO @meludia Governance Consultant. @solucom Musician

ID 311692

Cyril Guiraud

Co-founder and CMO @flyr - Founder @denormalise - @element-sailing, Worked @go-west-tours - Worked @google

ID 155066

Stephane Bellity

Founder @hull

ID 263292

Roman Carel


Advisor @ Founder @ Athena Advisors Founded acquired by & ValueClick

ID 489147

Daniel Marhely


Founded Deezer

ID 5398

Olivier Poupeney

Cofounder and CTO, UI expert, visionary technical creator of DreamFace Cloud App Platform @dreamface-interactive, Cofounder Ecensity Corp (sold to Quadrant Risk Mgmt 2007), experienced user interface design and enterprise software @powersoft, @sybase, @si

ID 33557

Gary Cige

Entrepreneur & Tech enthusiast // ex-Criteo - Matchik - Zilok - Microsoft - EiR @ Le Camping Currently building Usine (

ID 4092

Jean-Jacques Gov

CEO of CEO of @toplook-com Strong International Business and Marketing skills.

ID 568650

Laurent Perrin

Co-Founder & CTO @FrontApp, may occasionally ramble about node.js and AngularJS

ID 6577

Nicolas DEBOCK


Investor @xange , specialized in #Fintech #SaaS #Sharingeconomy. Worked at La Poste doing prospective and managing innovation ecosystem relationship.

ID 117297

Patrick Perlmutter

Head up product & marketing @infinit. Former EIR @lecamping. BA @college-of-william-and-mary. MBA @hec-paris. Experience working @apple.

ID 457021

Vincent Chaintrier

Founding Partner @Meludia Entrepreneur Musician, Composer, Pedagogue

ID 22952

Jean-Baptiste Theard

CPO at qunb data geek, viz expert former strategy consultant Master of Sc. Engineering from Ecole Centrale

ID 80329

Paul Degueuse


Associate at 360° Capital Partners

ID 398636

Angela Clarke

Industry specialist, 10+ years of software development/operations experience. Angela has worked with Paul and Ivo for 7 years. Responsible for telephony software development projects for 3 of Australia's largest banks and utilities.

ID 140266

Cyril Champier

Founder @augment

ID 280582

Maria-Christina Rus

CEO of Coworkingon http://www.coworkingon.on

ID 233712

JC Lanoë

Co-Founder @youpix-apps & @photoshot • Want to create businesses that make this world a better place

ID 519943

Andre P.

Founder @luxe-vallee • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @lvmh • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 205251

Corentin Kerisit


Investor @ Partech Ventures, Digital chief @ Anjunabeats, #while42 Europe. I love maths, programming and rock climbing.

ID 146868

Valentin Brandt

Designer at @tellmewhere, Bluekiwi, @dailymotion

ID 200749

Charles Miglietti

Datascientist • Cofounder at • Coauthor of Startup Flow • Worked @withings • Studied @Polytechnique

ID 264864

Julien Venturini


Co-Founded Excico (x70). Startups facilitator, mentor and investor.

ID 47329

Daniele Beccari

Owner Beccari Consulting - Product Strategy, Innovation, Startups. VP at Isango! (sold to TUI). Head of Global Products at Amadeus. R&D at HP. INSEAD. Dad. I liked Gopher.

ID 102207

Federico Samuelly


Financial analyst @ Amazon. Tech passionate with experience in several analytical roles in startups, big tech companies and private equity funds.

ID 80464

Laurent de Vitton

Co-founder of @morningcroissant

ID 7829

Rob Hunter

Product designer and art director. Lead design at @ondeck-capital. Designed products with @gamechanger, Bloomberg, Tiffany, MTV and BigThink.

ID 198041

Ludovic ULRICH

French I can pronounce/spell Entrepreneur properly. Startups @salesforce ☁ @startupweekend fan & xMSFT - Gastro-aholic, gadget-junkie & ski bum.

ID 66552

Arnon Kohavi


Founder at Yarden Ventures

ID 145663


ID 179098

Dimitri Jorge

Epitech 2014, Freelance Developer since 2011. Ruby On Rails & JavaScript skills. Co-Organizer of Ruby On Rails Meetups in Paris (parisrb).

ID 259544

Tristan Nicolas

Founder @krack where I am in charge of product management• Worked at @ogilvy-pr-interactive-division, @ecairn • Studied at @edhec

ID 136286

Cedric Littardi

Jedi Knight at Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde

ID 361065

Sylvain Dorey

Applied Maths & CS (Centrale Lille & Lille1) : JS Developer + Machine Learning, worked @axa & @Teleportd

ID 456361

Marc Menasé


ID 126490

Gonzalo ALDAZ


Investor @i-vc | Shareholder @emailing-network | @reworld-media

ID 93351

Connor Dickie

Co-Founder @synbiota. Founder @kameraflage, Alumni @mit-media-lab & @singularity-university, Fellow @mozilla-webfwd, Patent Holder

ID 73209

Clément Delangue

Head of Marketing @mention. Co-founder @videonotes & @unishared, former @ebay @moodstocks.

ID 59472

Stanislas Marion

Working on Bitcoin ideas • Founded @tldr-io • Studied MS&E at @stanford-university, Math @ecole-centrale-paris • Played a lot of high stakes online poker

ID 381168

Ricardo Marvao

Co-founder & CEO Evolve Space Solutions (sold to Novabase). Co-founder Beta-i (non-profit supporting Entrepreneurship). Lisbon Challenge Project Manager

ID 75834

Shuang Wang

CEO at Fashion Forward Group Inc. 10+ years of exp. in project mgt. and entrepreneurship specializing strategy and technology of fashion. @yale-university MBA, @wesleyan-university BA.

ID 460401

Charles Passet

Founder @krack. In charge of embedded hardware and software engineering and industrialization. Graduated @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 28011

Laurent Maisonnave

CEO of @seevibes — the leader in Social TV Ratings. I'm a geek who lives his passion. I love Tech, Social Marketing and people.

ID 148593


software developer (mostly iOS but willing to do more) looking for new challenges

ID 70877

Javier E. Gonzalez


Founder, Investor, Advisor. @INSEAD MBA. (Ad)venture seeker.

ID 97329

dominique leca


Co-founder @sparrow

ID 97872

Anthony Moi

ID 43703

Fausto Boni


VC since 1997, AUM 260 Mio, previously McKinsey, Insead MBA, Air Liquide

ID 502159

Philippe Chevalier

ID 595188

Laurent Delaporte


CEO /COO Start-up, Business International - Digital Medias, Advertising, Internet, eCommerce, Software Edition

ID 241249

Cédric Teissier


Entrepreneur & founder of private equity and R&D ventures (Finexkap, Qilaqila, Palico), I am passionate about fintech and vertical networks.

ID 249401

Guillaume Simon

Product Manager and Founder of Tigerlily

ID 359980

Ulrich Egouy

Strategic projects at Kigo

ID 871

Gael Duval


ID 332957

Maxime Salomon

Product Marketer at @algolia

ID 460400


Work at @krack where I am in charge of the software • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique, @imperial-college-london-1

ID 72417

Philippe Honigman

CEO and Co-founder at @socialfolders

ID 118755


Founder and CTO at @videonotes part of the Imagine K-12 winter 2013 cohort.

ID 161866

Thomas Kliszowski

Software engineer, @replay-by-stupeflix. Web dev & design: UI, JS, HTML5, CSS3.

ID 66583

Courtney Pulitzer

Founder • Worked at my own business in dot-com boom; Social chronicler; @young-rubicam, @meriwether-capital-rockefeller-group • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 40673

Guilhem Bertholet founder, ex-HEC Incubator's manager, ApéroEntrepreneurs' founder, ex-microsoftee, Blogger, Startup Advisor, Love soccer, hard-rock & gastronomy!

ID 566980

Hieu Nguyen

ID 102258

Alexandre COLLIN

Customers Solutions Engineer @algolia Worked at @amazon-com-1, @sfr-vodafone

ID 126984

Pascal Mercier


French market leader in private placements for fast companies. Angel investor.

ID 117411

Victor Coulon

User Interface Craftsman.

ID 397885

Jacob Afriat

@aloha • @merchantry Studied at @wharton-school, @insead-1

ID 280695

Margaux Derhy

Founder Le Teaser • Worked at @monitor-group • Studied at @universite-paris-dauphine, @escp-europe-1

ID 85927

Anmol Nayyar


entrepreneur, dreamer, too many ideas all at once, short attention span: twitter-ready

ID 503660

Jay Monahan

Worked at @ebay, @zynga • Studied at @university-of-california-hastings-college-of-the-law, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 536116


French top grad school engineering student, Data Analyst / Chief Hacking Officer @ PriceMatch, strong mathematical background

ID 495553

Mike Conte

Tech & business leader with startup & Microsoft experience. Ran Xbox music and video, shipped Windows, led design for Excel & Office, shipped an iOS app, etc.

ID 97026

Sébastien Périer

After Effects Guru at @replay-by-stupeflix

ID 503756

Ramón Lamana

ID 288426

Arthur de Catheu


Founder at Finexkap. Entrepreneur in fintech and former PE-professional. Foodie in between.

ID 36703

Philipp Von Hammerstein


Founder @intern-ship Worked at @tape-tv @corporate-finance-partners @partech-ventures, @plinga; @smeet B.Sc. @whu-otto-beisheim-school-of-management

ID 12198

Nate DiNiro

Founder VivaPhi, HIBCtv, @code-for-health • Worked at @earth-class-mail, @visual-networks • Studied at @life-university

ID 96696

Emmanuel Nataf

Co-Founder at Reedsy, startup lover and street photographer.

ID 48100

Thomas Serval

ID 8970

Emmanuel Bellity

ENSAE - Columbia - Lazard - Rails developer - Mobile Passionate

ID 195745

Boris Golden

Founder & CEO @pealk (acquired by LinkedIn rival Viadeo). Director of Product @viadeo. Startup advisor & mentor.

ID 122074

Jeff Marois

@fanzy co-founder & CEO. Former Sr. Product Manager at @last-fm. @insead-1 MBA 2007. 11 years of web development experience at startups

ID 167621



Cofounder and Partner @Elephants&Ventures In love with robots & disruptive hardware

ID 79881

Franz Hoffman

Founding CEO @fontself. Graphic design entrepreneur and visual hacker.

ID 11092

Darren J Pollard

Mobile. Social. Gaming. Monetization. Been around long enough to know how to use a DOS shell. 5 startups. One $25M exit. Well traveled Australian. Connected.

ID 192254

Gunnar Graef


co-CEO of Deutsche Ventures • ESCP Professor • co-Founder @airtag @dhl Globalmail @index Europe

ID 24977

Jonathan Moyal

3rd time Founder @lucky-ant, @dowza @one-song • Worked at @jp-morgan • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-pennsylvania, @sciences-po-paris

ID 93484

Didier Tranchier


Business Angel investor in IT

ID 555619

Jonathan Zisermann


Co-Founder of Mediastay

ID 23175

Philippe DEWOST


ex imsense CEO (acquired by Apple in 2010), former Wanadoo co-founder, Realeyes3d

ID 11916

Roxanne Varza

startup lead @microsoft / @msftventures. cofounder @tech_eu @girlsintech_uk @gitparis & @failcon paris. ex techcrunch france editor @TCFR. epilepsy advocate.

ID 10590

Simon Dawlat


Founder @appgratis • Worked at @virtuoz • Studied at @san-francisco-state-university

ID 106535

Mathieu Goudot

Head of Marketing of @bridg, Formerly at @qunb, TechStars Boston 2013 Alumni, Savvy startup marketer. @hec-paris 2012.

ID 420682

Rodolphe Menegaux


VC @XAngeVC - think big, start small, scale fast #venture #technology #surf #steepskiing #rockclimbing #marathonrunner, more:

ID 467073

Grant Gudgel

Worked at @emlyon-business-school • Studied at @university-of-oklahoma, @emlyon-business-school-1

ID 436166

Franck Sitbon


Founded Novalem, Primeo, Lorene Agency

ID 23266

Tom Nora

I HELP STARTUPS GROW PROFITABLY. Many good launches, exits, IPOs. 5x CEO. : : CS/EE @stanford @usc

ID 200831

Alex Souter

Founder of Overcart. Worked at CEB & the WHO. Graduated MSc from @edinburgh & MA from @st Andrews. First Venture Aged 12. Franco-Scottish in India.

ID 82353

Florian Cornu


EiR at VC Fund Majuven CxO through We Are CxO ( Co-Founder of @flocations Invested up to E1.3bn in listed entrepreneurs with AXA IM - Talents

ID 32561

Matthieu Rouif

Twice mobile entrepreneur. iOS engineer passionate by Product (d-School) and Data (Economics). MS @stanford-university @polytechnique

ID 520280

Vincent Durand

CTO at Reedsy, Ruby/Rails developer, AngularJS enthusiastic and Automation addict

ID 57914

Benjamin Larralde

Founder of Worked at @google. Studied business. Self-taught hacker.

ID 397044

Fabio Carati

Business Accelerator. CEO Coach. Startup Coach. Founder MP2.0 Project • Worked at @eit ICTLabs

ID 22058

Marine Desbans


ID 212747


Founder @julien-fournie • Worked at @mars-co, @rubel-menasche

ID 141579

Romain Lacombe

Entrepreneur & MIT grad. Founded @etalab (, French Prime Minister's Open Data task force. Co-founded Focal Labs (@clixtr) sold to @radiumone.

ID 55402

Michaela Wood

Consultant @boston-consulting-group and Coach @the-young-foundation-accelerator (pro-bono). Previously M&A Associate @general-electric

ID 482687

Pierre-Élie Fauché

Hands @sunrise, your calendar.

ID 364224

Michel Sassano


Investing in 2 to 3 startups a week via Kima Ventures for $150K each - Worked at @wooga and @orange Studied @telecom-bretagne

ID 233341

Marie Hardel

Business analyst @L'Atelier BNP Paribas in SF, helping European companies improve their digital strategies. @Hec Paris graduate (2011).

ID 45831

Victor Pagès

Founder and CEO of @altitude-conseil ( Looking for entrepreneurship opportunities as well as start-up to invest small tickets

ID 104214

Christof Baumbach

Cross-cultural, international Operations, Team and Technical Management.

ID 168369

Aaron O'Mullan

@codebox Founder • Experienced software engineer with a taste for Machine Learning, Data mining and Big Data • Worked at @ulule, @semio and Sportdub.

ID 223672

Alexis Houssou


Co-founder @Elephants&Ventures. Avid @kickstarter backer. Tech & Hardware Lover.

ID 35178

Ronan Amicel

Founder at @focus-io-1 / @topixtream. Co-founder & CTO at @weekenture. Startup advisor. Full-stack Python developer. Hacker in Residence @thefamily.

ID 147108

Antoine Duvauchelle

Co-founder CYLO. Worked @ProjectAVentures @GoodEnergies @mckinsey-co . Studied @insead-1 @johns-hopkins-university-sais @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 47359

Mathieu Ramage

Crafts innovative technology products that connect people. Shapes delightful experiences. Builds scalable revenue models.

ID 18390

Pierre Beyssac


Serial entrepreneur, founder of (sold)

ID 120475

Yann Kandelman


Head of Digital Development at Orange

ID 81748

Serge Aziza


Investor and entrepreneur with 4 successful exits. Grew my last company @amosdec to $90m revenue before selling it to @avnet (NYSE:AVT).

ID 248482

Fabrice Le Parc


Founder of, Smartdate, Up&Buzz • 15 years as entrepreneur since 19 • 1 year as an actor, 1 as a writer • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @hec-paris • Member of 6 Boards

ID 51344

Adrien Joly

PhD, Lead software engineer @whyd, 0%-bullshit hackathon organizer @fhacktory, and drummer in a groovy post-rock band. I love music, beer, and rollercoasters.

ID 607969

Nicolas Princen

Founder & CEO @glose - Digital Advisor to President of France & Head of 2 presidential online campaigns. Philosophy @hec-paris-1 @ecole-normale-superieure-paris

ID 154086

Julie Chabin

Founder of Kimd; Product Design @mention (former @dailymotion @deezer)

ID 639921

Dmitri Lukin

@kown-1 , Co-founder @Kin_mobile; enjoy each working day since May'14; love to test and implement new,crazy ideas; addicted to software and sports

ID 124326

Michael S. Levy

French-American, digitalist, Executive director at Publicis, co-founder

ID 430786

Romain de La Rivière

Founder @smeeters • Worked at @kpmg, @lookingo • Studied at @hec-paris

ID 466217

Pierre-Edouard BERION


Early stage investor @ Idinvest Partners Focus on Digital / Internet / New technologies

ID 168245

Hadrien Raffalli

Founder @cottontracks • Worked at @demand-media • Studied at @hec-paris, @telecom-paristech

ID 147983

Julien Deveaux

Co-founder @cottontracks • Alum @startupchile • Worked at @applidium, @work4labs • Studied at @hec-paris & @telecom-paristech

ID 280376

Loris Dzagoyan

◉ Product Manager @busbud ◉ Master Degree @university-of-california-berkeley ◉ Steve Blank Student @haas-school-of-business

ID 214984

Edouard PETIT

Co-founder & CMO Bunkr | Goal: Kill Powerpoint

ID 389743

Ramón Blanco

Founder • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @unilever • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @universidad-pontificias-comilla-icade-icai

ID 21638

Sebastien Vanackere

Founder/CEO @aheadapp: Meet Amazing Young Business Professionals Near You! Entrepreneur & Startup Investor @ SV Ventures. MS Computer Science/MBA. USA & Europe.

ID 431277


Founder @smeeters • Worked at @lookingo • Studied at @essec-business-school-paris

ID 95415

Vincent Coste

I build products from the ground, and talk a lot about #LeanStartup #RubyOnRails #Mobile.

ID 430989

Laure de La Rivière

Founder @smeeters • Worked at @ernst-young, @louis-vuitton-moet-henessey-group • Studied at @escp-eap

ID 126459

Jean de La Rochebrochard

Backing great cohesive teams and raw diamonds with stellar learning curve.

ID 176631

Morgan Rostagnat

Founder at @wesawit • Worked at @creative-artists-agency, @warner-bros • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 154554

Rose Jeantet

Hedolist is a collaborative bucket list that helps you turn your dreams into actions. UX Design & Pr Mgmt. // Compulsive Traveller

ID 219322

Gil Doukhan


VC at @iris-capital, Co-Founder at @bunchcast, U.S.- France Dual Citizenship

ID 242550

Alex. Delivet

Doer in residence @efounders Founder B2B Rocks @tripxp • Curator at @startupdigest

ID 290104

Pierre Maarek


works in equity derivatives, angel on the side

ID 207156


Digital product designer at @whyd

ID 115889


Founder @carnet-de-mode • Worked at @l-oreal • Studied at @escp-eap Paris

ID 13761

Didier Tranchier


Innovation expert Business Angel investor

ID 22038

David Berrebi

Investor in @pathmotion, @pooxi-com, @2emotion, @kewego.

ID 83274

Ali Orod Zandifar

Now @3vr-security and @viblio , Worked at @gauss-surgical-1, @set-media • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 136233

Philip Sebastian

Founder @swifty, @badaboom-labs • Worked at @apple, @fan-tv • Studied at @stanford-university, @san-francisco-state-university @academy-of-art-university

ID 229448

Nicolas Reille


Founder and investor @twangoo, @eskapades, @connectu • Entrepreneur, marketer & investor.

ID 211291

Raphael Labbé


Ex Founder Ulike sold in 2011 to L'express Roularta Partners of the 50 partners fund and advisor to L'express Venture

ID 126629

Julien Verdier

CEO & Co-founder chez @adyoulike

ID 59642

Anne-Sophie Dutat

Co-Founder of Online Media. 14yrs of experience in Marketing & Biz Dev building brand platforms within the luxury, beauty, food and travel market.

ID 465710

Pam Marcus

Co-founder of Lifefactory, Co-founder and CEO of The Cookie Department, Manager, Business Development @kraken

ID 103467

François Tison


partner at 360 Capital Partners

ID 254595

Réda Berrehili

Founder @mixotv • Worked at @allmyapps • Studied Computer Science at @insa-lyon Maths lover & Engineering background.

ID 6344

Tewfiq Ferahi

Creative Technologist in Paris

ID 169827

Vincent Martinet

ID 146936

Hugo Amsellem

I connect people and ideas to change things. Alchemist @thefamily. Previously co-founded @oocto & @folk.

ID 123191

Christophe Raynaud


Entrepreneur, MANAGER at ISAI

ID 76271

Benjamin Hardy

Founder & CEO of @kawet.

ID 90754

David Esteves

Co-Founder & CTO at WiCastr

ID 228259

Stewart Masters

Co-founder & COO @clubkviar. Co-founder & Editor at Barcinno. Mentor @sbootcamp @seedcamp. Strong business background (consultant in global media firm).

ID 23796

Louis van Proosdij

Founder & CEO at Fair Play Interactive | New Tech/Digital Entertainment entrepreneur

ID 219634

Stephan Fitch


Founder Juke • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @new-york-university Founder Thinking Pictures. Patent holder (Digital Content and Wearable Video). Digital Rights Mngt, AI and Human Interface

ID 458144


Founder @homeloc

ID 170570

Raphaël Korach

Versatile engineer mastering code and business • Founder @cottontracks • Studied at @hec-paris, @telecom-paristech

ID 671559

Paul Lê

03 July founder, drive-to-store Adnetwork, I fuel trafic in store • Worked at @rentabiliweb-group • Studied at @university-of-california-extension-los-angeles

ID 165879

Davorin Kuchan

Worked at @texas-instruments, @telogy-networks • Studied at @haas-school-of-business, @menlo-college Founder/CEO @oldworldspirits @tipattic @ideasbydesign

ID 157009

Arthur Lenoir

Founder @jellynote • Worked at @exalead-dassault-system • Studied at @utc

ID 227202

Thibaut Mercey

Founder & CEO of Prestodiag • Formerly co-founder of other MedTech start-ups (GenOptics, Dermoptics), both sold • Studied at @london-business-school and @SupOptique

ID 49003

Emmanuel Noirhomme

Co-Founder & COO of Redbird. Redbird empowers industrial companies to optimize their resources & productivity. Extensive entrepreneurial background.

ID 151840

Andrew Mello

Worked @spongecell, @efounders, @mention, @mailjet, @textmaster, @muxi,@pressking • Studied at @American University of Paris - Founded @resolver

ID 77031

Felix Menard

@weroll CEO. Well-travelled, product-manager, art-lover, dedicated coder, everyday bike-rider.

ID 86231

Severin Marcombes

Co-founder & CEO @lima-1 - Embedded Systems Engineer + Business - Currently working to disrupt the consumer storage industry, Kung-Fu style.

ID 502750

Michael Friedman


Director at Shune River Capital enabling cross border transactions. Founded and sold Parellax. MIT SB in Computer Science.

ID 40054

Charles Lorenceau


Co-Founder @youfoot. Co-Founder @inca-energy. Co-Founder @botan . MBA @insead-employee, BA @babson-college College.

ID 290304

Thibault Georges

Team member @doz • Speaker / Professor / Entrepreneur • #SE{O|A} #WA #SMO • Studied at @Hetic & Worked for @brioudeinternet

ID 116784

Halim Madi

Founder at Nanominded. Growth Hacker at Birdback. Interested in Food + Tech, Art + Data and other strange mixes :)

ID 40454

Jean-David Benichou


Founder & CEO / (sold to PGI) / Investor in /

ID 297342

Etienne Le Scaon

Founder @hublo • Worked @work4 @boston-consulting-group • Studied @telecom-paristech @hec-paris

ID 25139

Nicolas POLLET

Investor in @videostep, @www-comptoirdelhomme-com, @www-urbanfootball-fr, @www-bitwine-com, @www-lescousinsmenuisiers-com. Team member of @videostep.

ID 459157


Founder Coincamp • Worked at @bnp-paribas • Studied finance at @inseec-paris-bordeaux

ID 140258

Thomas Olivier

Happy hacker from Paris. Working on helping people to convey their ideas in a nicer and more efficient way. Co-founder & CEO @explee.

ID 16919

Gwendall Esnault


ID 184904

Nick Cohen

Founder @chat-sports • Worked at @motorola • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 218756

Samuel O. Ronsin

Founder of @cyclop • @thefamily fellow • PhD candidate in applied math and computer vision • Studied at @harvard-university, @ecole-normale-superieure-paris

ID 148403

Rupert Schiessl

Founder @jolicharts, @verteego-emerald-vision • Worked at @roland-berger-strategy-consultants • Studied at @hec-paris

ID 157079

Val Lefebvre

Founder of @swipe @facematch & @blacklist, Mobile designer and sales guy passionate about design, marketing and branding.

ID 432655

Carrie Eldridge

Founder and CEO at @mode-de-faire • Worked at @ibm, @jpmorgan-chase @bcbg-maxazria Strong business background. BS from @southern-methodist-university

ID 202731

Nicolas Martin

I'm a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience (US/France) in product management. CPO at

ID 11080

Ludovic Simon

Founder & CEO at @doyoubuzz (web CV). Co-founder at Atlantic 2.0 (cluster), Web2Day (event) and "Cantine numérique Nantes" (coworking place).

ID 215732

Christ Azika-Eros

Entrepreneur-minded, business developer, product manager, engineer. worked at, and Orange.

ID 18049

Loic Dupont


Founder @travelavenue • Strong EMEA Online Travel expertise (co-founder of Hotels.come EMEA - DIrector at • Graduated from ESSEC

ID 91308

Stanislas Niox-Chateau

Investment Manager / Cofounder at Otium Capital

ID 155510

Ian Mackinnon

Founded and orchestrated @xtreamis & @hashplay • Worked at @ibm, @CorporateT, @gameloft • Specialized in Digital Rights management & Media Services.

ID 498603

Benjamin Blasco


Global strategy & BD for @paypal EMEA (omnichannel, mobile, growth hacking). Previously @bearingpoint, BD for @xyleme & analyst @viventures partner

ID 142438

Kyle Eren Cornelius

COO & Founding Team at @storific; French & International Trade at @clemson-university University; International Management at Universite de Bordeaux IV, IAE.

ID 411245


Serial entrepreneur with a social focus. Background in tech, consulting and luxury goods marketing. Multilingual professional with an international outlook.

ID 55391

Edouard Gasser

Studio Manager @gameloft Madrid. Ex - Writer TechCrunch France @tcfr. Founder & Business Dev @productism. #ESCP

ID 34100

Olivier Mevel

Cofounder & CEO of @readiymate and @telesound. Cofounder of @violet & creator of Nabaztag. Cofounder of third french web agency @babel (1995).

ID 197176

Tony Hymes

Quadri-lingual community builder @whyd, writing extensively about tech, making ideas reality, traveling the world, painting buffalo

ID 143568

Mehdi Medjaoui

Founder - 1st nanotech startup during college with one of my Pr • Studied Materials Engineering at @insa-lyon, and Theorical Physics @cergy-pontoise

ID 249374

Matthieu Maloux

Founder @votre-sommelier • Worked at @dell-computer, @axa • Studied at @esc-rouen

ID 2532

Raja Bhatia


ID 8015

Julien Hugon

Web entrepreneur, founded @herewedate and co-founded appibabies. Business background. Soccer fan, cheese & wine addict

ID 474796

Thierry Petit


Founder @showroomprive

ID 129086

Matt Brown

Co-Founder & Head of Product @work4labs, Economics @university-of-california-berkeley & @oxford-university

ID 332983

Charles Ruelle

CTO @etalab, French Prime Minister's task force for Open Data, data, technology & UX enthusiast, ex-entrepreneur, Master's Degree

ID 428293

Jerome Masurel

Founder 50 Partners

ID 159176

Antoine Grimaud

Founder PayPlug Associate Emerging Capital Partners Associate French Development Bank

ID 368539



Founding partner of Elaia, former entrepreneur in e-education & phD in Algebra

ID 284838

Michelle Rogan

Founder @vimodi • Worked at @insead-employee • Studied at @yale-university, @london-business-school

ID 96298

Emeric Ernoult

Founder at affinitiz & @agorapulse // Serial entrepreneur // @facebook Marketing Fanatic

ID 596471

Julie Pommellet

HEC, Master of Entrepreneurship, looking for an exiting startup experience

ID 31617

Mark Castleman


EIR @ Bell Labs

ID 248521

Gaëtan Rochel

UI Designer. Co-fondateur de @SerieAll et @3JoursDehors, Rédacteur @Electroblog, ex @HETIC. Design, Music, Series & New Tech.

ID 81613

Liva Judic

Am a world wanderer, connector, mentor, advisor. Contributor to VentureBeat [foreign startups in the U.S.], [startups & apps] + SEWatch [search marketing]. Founder of Merrybubbles.

ID 42838

Jérôme Derozard

Founder Cybronics. 8 years experience in mobile internet. Connected device expert.

ID 248417

Adrien Barthel

Chief Commercial Officer - Former Head of eCommerce - Carrefour Indonesia. Ecommerce expert, growth hacker in SEA.

ID 46797

Moodi Mahmoudi

Founder and CEO at @collaborne. First startup out of university. C-level experience in venture-backed businesses. @insead-1 MBA 2011.

ID 391753

Anthony Zboralski


Founder/CEO @belua. Founded @xynexis, HERT • Worked at @ioactive

ID 141510

Morgan Giraud

Entrepreneurship lover : working hard to do things. Right now, building something exciting : @explee.

ID 8425

Francesco Maio

Investor in @plyce, @instant-luxe, @nowfashion, @attractiveworld.

ID 201705

Serge Vatine

Start-Up Lawyer

ID 38485

Guillaume Wolf

Head of Marketing at @adikteev-1. Former co-fonder of @beansight and Marketing Manager @alenty.

ID 22468

Saad Jabrane Your local search engine Forget adresses & kind of biz from directories and alike Find the product/service you want near you wherever you may be.

ID 73120

Christophe Chausson


CEO Chausson Finance (Fund raising & Venture capital). Business-angel in 70+ companies. Early-stage investor focused on investing in fast-growing companies

ID 427417

Kayla Guiot-Bourg

Founder @50-partners-1 • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 342620

Scott Rodie


Financial services professional

ID 249840

Oliv Alcf

week end warrior

ID 292275

Catalina Jaramillo

Founder @viajala • Worked at @renault, @peugeot-citroen • Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-colombia

ID 419706

Jean-Marc Van Laethem


International IT Director for 10 years. Internet of Things entrepreneur for 10 years. Chief Innovation Officer and co-Founter of Coyote System, a European driving assistant provider with a community greater that 2 million users.

ID 564020

Sam Johnston

Worked at @Coogle, @equinix & @citrix • Founded various tech startups • Studied at @unsw • Lived in AU, US, IE, FR & CH

ID 417112

Xavier Mariani

CEO & Co-Founder of Adikteev. Previously worked in M&A & Private Equity @rexel-development, @innoven-partners , @lehman-brothers

ID 204282

Rudy Stahl

Founder Feex (FastHome), Circle Like • Worked at @cr-dit-mutuel-arkea, @unis-s-a

ID 123655

Alexandre Hajjar

CTO @legalstart • MSc CS @enst-paris.

ID 388132

Yves-Laurent KAYAN


ID 213207

Philippe Corrot


ID 261691

Thomas Plaindoux

Co-founder @Worldofguilds, FrontEnd Developper for Duxter. Former Growth Hacker Intern at Jogabo. I like innovation and new/High techs. UI/UX lover.

ID 160535

Arnaud Budkiewicz

Founder and CEO of @bistri • Worked at @bt-group

ID 42610

Jean-Luc Leleu

Founder @enition (Cisco, @nokia,Softbank,etc.), Founder @cellfony Entrepreneur with strong technology product background, patent owner

ID 208584

Abigail Freeman

Strong entrepreneurship & innovation background: @ucl, @Nesta, @UAL's Enterprise Collective. Start-up mentor. Strategic thinker & creative doer @wearepopup

ID 14167

Emmanuel Cassimatis


founder of 3 entities,, and, harvard mba, working previously in small cap pe and venture capital.

ID 323568

Thibaut Court

Digital business development and international multi-channel activities management

ID 31459

Achille Pinson

Founder of @prepmyfuture (Paris). Former product manager at @helpmycash (Barcelona). Studied Business (HEC Montreal, @wharton-school) and Computer Science (@mcgill-university)

ID 36226

Wilhem PUJAR

Founder and CEO at @tag-see, the easiest on-demand social content curation platform on the market. 50% business, 50% tech & 50% design.

ID 458182

Hugo Mulliez

Founder Artsper • Worked at @general-atlantic • Studied at @edhec

ID 159855

Guillaume Dupuy

CEO @fleex • MS&E graduate from @stanford-university, Ecole Centrale Paris engineer • Worked at 2 startups before founding @fleex.

ID 340935

Marine Huber


Young VC at Omnes Capital (formerly Crédit Agricole Private Equity) @marine-huber, investing in startups in France and accross Europe.

ID 458226

Francois-Xavier TRANCART

Founder Artsper • Studied at @edhec

ID 110654

Cate Rubenstein

Sustainable,ethical luxury fine jewelry.Handcrafted. Supports Breast Cancer Research+Environmental charities while creating positive social change for artisans.

ID 229770


Founder and CEO of neXva enabling a direct connection between telcos, app developers and consumers

ID 352223

Lilly Rollins

Founder @Ridogulousabs. MBA at Thunderbird School of Global Management. Design Strategy Consultant. Event & Program Manager and Creator.

ID 102663

Stephan Ango

Head of design and co-founder at @lumi.

ID 10623

Youssef Rahoui

CEO of @madmagz.

ID 154291

Laurent Benhamou


Founder VIVAMULTIMEDIA, @monelib-com

ID 293790

Sébastien Saunier

Startup Executive Technical Coach

ID 600867

Rodrigo Belmonte

US Country Manager at @nativead Success-driven digital, sales, and marketing professional offering large work experience in progressively senior assignments with proficiency in international business. IESE Business School.

ID 166399

Gawen Arab

CTO of @lima-1 • Multi-flavor hacker since 1994

ID 201218

Alexandre HAYEK

Founder @artgrove • Worked at @twenga, @commerce-guy • Studied at @hec-paris

ID 315880

Alexis Dueymes

Founder of Keemix. Practical and driven product manager with a strong technology background. MSIS. Worked at Google, Ebuzzing, Leetchi

ID 447344

Alexandre Meunier

Full stack engineer at @synbiota • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @ponts-et-chaussees • Art and tech enthusiast, nomad of sorts

ID 9683

Julien André

Founder @carriereonline, @jobmeeters • Worked at @groupe-hersant-media, @vivastreet

ID 376851

Ludovic de L

Founder GoSmart, @mni-o • Studied at @telecom-bretagne, @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business

ID 103463

Florian Auriau

Founder @qapa • Worked at @partech-ventures • Studied at @essec-business-school-paris, @epita

ID 177330

Kevin O’Shaughnessy

Founder @cityhook • Worked at @palm • Studied at @university-college-dublin

ID 257087

Elise Nebout

Head of @lecamping

ID 334228

Antony Sosso

Founded DsMedia in 2006; Founder of since May 2013

ID 484416

Sylvain Weber

CEO, co-founder at Former HTML5 Advocate at Google Former Web developer at Dailymotion

ID 457719



started in 2010 in Senegal with an impact fund; joined SEEA in 2012, combining knowledge of venture capital in Africa, microfinance and access to energy markets

ID 83018

Quentin de Chivré

Co-founder and CTO at @shopmium

ID 69881

Rudy Viard

ex Resp. Webmarketing / Communication de la start-up ScreenToaster. Fondateur du réseau social @airsoft-squared. Perspectives Marketing et Web 2.0.

ID 10528

Laurent Horwitz


Founder and CEO of @companeo ( btob marketplace in Europe). Angel investor.

ID 157701

Preetam Rao

Worked at @danone, @unilever • Studied at @wharton-school School, @columbia-business-school School

ID 59717

Stephane Zibi


Emakina.FR Bizz Dev Consultant

ID 447230

Frederic Levaux


Founder @jaien • Founded @Codasystem sold to STS • Worked at @oliver-wyman, @pwc-1 • Studied at @hec-paris

ID 208086

Gwendal Mahe

Founder @qwalytics, @mycitybefore • Worked at @neocase-software, @adeon • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology, @INSA

ID 10598

Timothée De Laitre

Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO @wizville, Mobile First Customer Feedback Solution for Retailers

ID 77055

Nadim Taoubi

Founded and CEO of Ooolala.

ID 567900

Léo-Paul Goffic

Founder @hublo • Worked at @tigerlily, @work4 • Studied at @telecom-paristech, @university-politecnica-de-madrid

ID 643098


Biz dev at @mention

ID 115396

Christian Tost

Business Development and Strategy fellow out of Copenhagen, DK - 5 years M&A and consulting experience, Exited a online booking startup and failed in two others

ID 70932

Jules Trecco

CEO & Founder @MadeleineMarket, VC @JukizoCapital, Ex-VC @jaina-capital, Ex-Analyst in M&A @ Leonardo & Co. , Ex-Brand Manager @redbull - Studies @escp-europe

ID 443516

Victor Grange

Cofounder @soap-3, Studied @ESCP_MSIE & @Paris_Dauphine, Member of @C9_Dauphine #entrepreneur #digital #video

ID 262774

Jean Villedieu

Founder @linkurious • Studied at @university-of-edinburgh, @institut-d-etudes-politiques-lyon

ID 308920

Raluca Petre

Oxford grad in History & Politics and KCL Postgrad in Film. Journalist and startup enthusiast, currently working at We Are Colony.

ID 250126

Hugo Bailey

CPO/CTO @darjeelin • Worked at @lecamping, @google • Started lots of things

ID 8239

Nicolas Autret

Investor in @mydeco, @twenga.

ID 175784

Caroline Morot

Worked at @freelance, @virtuoz • Studied at @university-of-nice

ID 407075

David Michel

Co-Founder, Managing Director of Marathon Media, part of ZODIAK MEDIA GROUP ($600M revenues). A leading global player in the content industry

ID 443515

Nicolas Taku Garnault

{Entrepreneur,Doer} by design

ID 99581


Founder @everyone @recipay-com-1

ID 172042

Sandrine Ayral

Ambassador for TheFamily - Worked at Le Camping and Alven Capital - Studied at ESSEC Business School

ID 304896

Leila R. Golchehreh

Lawyerpreneur | Polyglot | @startupchile Grad | New York & California @attorney | @paris Big Law | Sorbonne LL.M | @berkeley BA | Citizen of the World

ID 91475

Matthieu Lattes

Partner @ader-finance,Founder @isograd • Worked @jpmorgan-chase, @bnp-paribas @bertelsmann • Studied at @hec-paris. Lecturer @essec.Food, Running & Photo addict

ID 126286

Gael Guillet

Marketing guy @linkie. Repeat entrepreneur (@scribz, @walldress). Full-stack business developer and trilingual storyteller.

ID 298506

Arnaud AUGER

Founder All Together • Worked at @unilever, @ddb-worldwide-communications-group • Studied at @hec-paris, @universite-paris-sorbonne-iv

ID 601816

Dr Paul Howe PhD


Partner Oxbridge Capital LPP • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @d-e-shaw-3 • Studied at @oxford-university, @harvard-university

ID 453502

Abdel Dridi

Founder, Chief Architect @blossom-2 • Studied at @ecole-des-mines-saint-etienne - France

ID 155962

Michael Demidov


Investor @kown-1, Principal @ftl, mentor @founder-institute St.Petersburg, ex-Russian Tech Journalist @CNews

ID 163834

Guillaume Cabane

Webmarketing | Entrepreneur & Mentor. Doing Internet projects since 97' and still not billionaire but working on it. FullStackMarketer @Codiki and #Pastafarian

ID 439624

Quentin Renard

Founder @qwalytics • Worked at @neocase-software, @kbl-private-bankers • Studied at @insa-lyon, @stavanger-college

ID 442900

Martin Peters

CMO and Co-Founder ExecuteSales. 1st internet start-up out of business school. Strong marketing, product and strategy background.

ID 321360

Benjamin Djidi

Co-Founder & Cook at Revstr, Former President of the IESEG International Club | Cooking, Tech & Travelling Addict. Web-based (current: Santiago).

ID 311378

Rudolph van Valkenburg

Founder & CEO @artquid, The Art World Marketplace

ID 67314

George Eid

Founding partner at @area-17, an interactive agency in New York City and Paris, France. Our products include @krrb-local-classifieds, @slash-paris and @subfolio.

ID 385841

Alexis Dupont

Founder @winkli - #apps #products #social #networking

ID 213217

Nadir Kadem

Lead Front developer at Dailymotion

ID 356572

chloé oternaud

Founder @melusyn • Worked at @attoma

ID 38598

Sidney Burks, Ph.D

Ph.D Quantum Optics at the University of Paris VI, BS. Math Physics @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, Diplome d'Ingenieur Ecole des Mines de Paris, Rails consultant, server infrastructure

ID 102191


founder at opportunities unlimited @opportunities__ (prelaunch : V @alpha-2) Creative intelligence Consultant (Founder

ID 217960

Grégory LEFORT

Co-founder of Azendoo • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @san-jose-state-university, @essec-business-school-paris

ID 192944

Maxime Guedj

CEO & Co-Founder of T'écoutes Quoi ? • Passion, Creativity, Focus and Harmony are my 4 cardinal directions • Improving people's lives through music.

ID 694598

Sacha Roger

Sacha is chief marketing officer and and head of human resources. He perceives every aspect of the long lasting value that Stample will bring to organizations.

ID 89232

Yan Abashin

Founder, CEO and CTO at @zirrk

ID 250741

Mickael Pinto

Experienced International Business Developer and Digital Marketer; Executive MBA; Entrepreneur; Worked in Environment and Digital industries.

ID 356576

Hugo Cordier

CTO and Founder @melusyn

ID 70678

Gregory Menvielle

Pyramedium inc

ID 66674

Nenad Cetkovic

COO @ Lengow . Geek, MD since1999 in online activities. PhD Computer science and years of print media. Strong marketing/sales/tech background. Startup advisor

ID 57612

Valentin Lautier

I onboard stalled companies to transform them through digital innovation • Ex Founder @skimm • Work at @thefamily

ID 9755

Yann Bienvenu

CEO of @reunik-1. Automated creation of photos stories from social network. Strong business and management background in e-commerce and CRM.

ID 31656

Jeremie Moritz

E-Marketing / E-commerce specialist Blogger since 2004 Rugby player

ID 451180

Tom Vercauteren

Medical Image Computing PhD from INRIA. Business skills from Stanford Ignite - Polytechnique.

ID 275355

Thomas France

ID 136276

Ori A Pekelman

Founder @internet-patrol • Worked at @af83, @asmallworld • Studied at @universite-paris-sorbonne-iv

ID 128394

Brad Patterson

Community Manager at Kwaga. Mandarin-speaking polyglot. Teacher. Walked 3000km in 2006 over the appalachian trail. I'm into startups for the adventure!

ID 234946

Dominique Busso

Founder & CEO of Happy Blue Fish, Digital Publisher of Kids and Casual Games. Prev CTO of Mindscape, casual games on Nintendo DS&Wii. Founder of OpenMind Intl.

ID 122098

Christopher Martin


Co-Founder of @foster

ID 85189

Grégory Herbé

CEO of, 1st referral recruiting platform through social networks. Get pay to share information about recruiting companies.

ID 333576

Morgan Angove

Founder CEO of U&I. Mobile App for Couples.

ID 229804

Sam Hajjar

ID 142191

Alain Hanash

Internet entrepreneur focusing on mobile & semantic web. Founder @multicity. Masters in CS from Cornell U. Avid kiteboarder

ID 255051

Robert Kelley

ID 100810

Valentin Fage

Intern @locality-1

ID 157921

Steeve Morin

@veezio Co-Founder. Worked at @google, @exalead-dassault-system, @inria. Cassandra Paris organizer, Celery committer, skydiver, wingsuiter, paraglider.

ID 23991

Guillaume Besse



ID 213337

Benjamin Costantini

I curate music & tech conferences for Midem and teach at Berklee Valencia, trying to bridge the gap between innovation and the marketplace.

ID 191822


Founder iFactory "The Interactive Factory" • Worked at @ibm-global-business-services • Studied at @esc-rennes

ID 43477

Tobias Nevin

Assisted leading companies in strategy (5 years OC&C UK and France), founded ND Interactive in 2009. Masters Engineering Oxford, multi-lingual.

ID 24624

Nathalie Ohana

Founder of 9 yrs of marketing background (Publicis, Naked) in NY, London, Montreal, Paris as brand senior strategist and crisis management expert

ID 57604

Lionel Tressens

I am the CTO of @loungeup. We are changing the way you are welcomed in business lounges and hotels

ID 284834

Thomas Bancel

Co-Founder at Fidbacks

ID 143191

Florian Bersier

Founder @xpressyoo, @gmelius • PhD student @oxford-university, MEng @ecole-polytechnique

ID 103172

Bertrand Besse

CEO @pressking

ID 166473

Kapil Sharma

Founder @uecs • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @standard-chartered-bank • Studied at @esc-rennes

ID 364204

Ghislain Berthelet

Founder @earliz : Lean Social Project Management Platform, Masters @emlyon-business-school & @ecole-centrale-paris

ID 212157

David Jouarisse

Your Partner for Growth - at Akka Venture. Passionated about VC Technology Entrepreneurship M&A - with an international outlook. Looking for the next big thing

ID 254445

Vincent PRETET


Entrepreneur, TechCompanies Wizard, Founder of @innovathlon-consulting and @33entrepreneurs.

ID 266558

Jean-David Harrouet

Founder and CEO at HOPSYS SAS. Strong business background (INSEAD, consulting). Best at Business Development roles for innovative services.

ID 194111

Fon Tran

Founder @yoketown, Sence • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-waterloo

ID 436857

Marjolaine Grondin

Cofounder of Studied at HEC, Sciences Po and Berkeley

ID 220407

Eric Tartanson

Corporate Development for @orange. BizDev @ Orange Startup Ecosystem

ID 450311

Thibault Duchemin

Co-founder Transcense. Graduate Engineering Student @berkeley, Analyst at Sequoia-backed @agilone, BS Maths & Physics @ecole-des-ponts ParisTech

ID 4475

Laurent Balayre

ID 370870

Romain Paulus

Computer Science student at @isep • Machine Learning researcher at @stanford-university • Developer at @allship

ID 246137

Matthieu Malan

Founder and CEO @m-m-strategy

ID 381618

Vincent Tromeur

Founder @winkli #startuplover #mobile #API

ID 485854

Damien Debin

Founder @smartapps-1 • Worked at @telecom-italia, @zslide • CS at @ecole-centrale-paris

ID 250746

Edouard Morhange

Entrepreneur (cofounder of #monsieurcinema, #7minutes, #nouveaujour), mentor and investor. Consultant digital strategy. Jamie Oliver Foundation Ambassador.

ID 83982

Stéphane Soler

Founder @unnamed

ID 421444

Nicholas Kelcz

ID 475974

Camille Delebecque

Founder and CEO of @synbio-consulting - Harvard/Paris PhD in Synthetic Biology. Synbio Expert for the European Commission.

ID 18923

Marcus Tonndorf

Swedish Entrepreneur and currently founder of Primal Shield. 5 Countries, 5 companies, 5 Languages and 5 areas of expertise.

ID 258483

Peter Chapman

Founder & CEO @ediply | MA Grad @ebs-oestrich-winkel, @hku @rmit-university | Lived & Worked in Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Jakarta | Ed-Tech

ID 181090

Xavier Owona

Founder at Classterize & Fashion-pills. Worked at Google & Accenture. Studied at ESCP Europe & University of La Sorbonne

ID 53341

John Lewis


Advisor to Bankeen (ex-Perspecteev).

ID 157017

Margaux Pelen

Founder Home'n'go. @hec-paris graduate (2011) and Google@HEC ninja.

ID 126688


Taher ALAMI aka STAR, Founder & CEO of @abweb & @casapplanca. I've been living from and for internet for the last 15 years. Web Consultant & Geek.

ID 348075

Nicolas Loubet

Founder of Bluenod, a data viz app to organize digital communities in real-time.

ID 32414

Nicolas Metzke

Former Executive

ID 143580


Co-founder & CEO of Webshell - I studied at @epita, Computer Science Engineering school in Paris.

ID 561213

Christina M. Hawley

Managing Director for the launch and operations of new countries in e-commerce business in Africa

ID 264505

Daniel Jarjoura

Founder and Managing Director @startup42_. Entrepreneurship @epita. Passionate about Education

ID 217822

Stevan Keraudy

Founder CybelAngel, @mozaick • Worked at @accenture • Studied at @helsinki-university-of-technology, @centrale-nantes

ID 169081

Marouane Marchoud

Founder @cocrowd, @screenfone • Studied at @university-of-burgundy

ID 435056

Audrey Seynhaeve

MBA student at INSEAD (Dec 2013); Worked at Park Street Capital, Cambridge Associates, BP Ventures; Avid sailor, having sailed from France to New Zealand from 1996-1998, participated in numerous regattas and offshore sailing competitions (Newport-Bermuda)

ID 74318

Simon Istolainen


Investor in @vinobest-sa, @dealissime, @wizee.

ID 157249

Florent de Gantes


Product manager at @google • Experience in advertising, mobile, business strategy, management consulting • MBA from MIT Sloan and MSc from Supelec Paris.

ID 94123

Pierre Etienne Favre

web engineer | founder of @qrators @inch-1

ID 452098

Baptiste Truchot

Co-Founder @shout-here-now • Financial Mathematics @bnp-paribas, Private Equity @emerging-capital-partners • Studied at @hec-paris, @ecole-polytechnique

ID 89598

Eugene Ernoult

Co-Founder and Business Developer at @pili-pop

ID 541946

Hervé Denjean

Visual Designer, 14 years of experience, looking for job opportunities in the SF Bay Area.

ID 387612

Sofia Hmich

Investor at Index Ventures

ID 566444

Cyril Grislain


Angel / Board Member in 5 start-ups - Former McKinsey Partner (PE ; Retail - B2C ; Strategy; International growth ; Governance) - Lat Am - Advisor / Coach

ID 620790

Herbert Knibiehly

Consumer Internet, ecommerce, marketing, product management and strategy, user growth, international business development, social media and mobile.

ID 81574

Pedja Puselja

SmartAss of @wtfjeans. Launched projects: @shoe-addicts , @blogopen, @tweetokracija

ID 81235

Olivier Rousseau

Co founder @ @frenchconnection-fr @insead-1 MBA & Engineering 10 years of experience, creating or transforming B2B and B2C companies

ID 165865

Laurent Tonnelier

Postgraduate degree in advanced databases; Master of Science in Computing Science; Worked at Oracle Corp. in the Mobile and Wireless Division.

ID 306600

Mark Stephen Meadows

Founder @headcase-humanufacturing, @construct-internet-design-1995-1998 • Worked at @xerox-parc, @sri-international • Studied at @harvard-university, @san-francisco-art-institute

ID 458848

Luis Borges Quina

WebRTC & Telecom APIs Enthusiast, Co-Founder @apidaze, Co-Organizer of the WebRTC Paris, Amsterdam & Berlin Meetups

ID 118773

Piotr Majdan

Seasoned ecommerce professional with international experience in retail and travel space. Great track of record in eBusiness turnarounds and innovation.

ID 46743

Nicolas Arbogast

Co-founder at @weezic. Serious business background (Bain & Co Private Equity). Fanatic startuper & web developer.

ID 93286

Lewnis Boudaoui


Founder, @paris-consulting, Co-founder @first-properties-of-new-york

ID 456742

Tawfik Ghazi

CTO @createyourapps-inc • MBA e-business

ID 471162

Horatiu Gratian Stefan

Worked at @ebay, @samsung • Studied at @Kellogg, @london-school-of-economics, @Swarthmore

ID 123771

Matthieu Soule

Strategic Analyst @l-atelier-bnp-paribas • Worked at @bnp-paribas,Studied at @audencia-nantes Board member @YouthDiplomacy - #geopolitics #digital #Diplomacy

ID 43710

Harry Doull

Co-founder at, Financial Analyst at @google

ID 512170

Qn. Everlena Brown

Media Mogul behind #QEBLLC @QEBVLogTV #PublishingQEB #QEBStudios & #QEBFoundation. NEWS TIPS #4045329232

ID 633756

Marilyn Waite

Founder Quadruple Sustainable Travel App ⎜Technology, Policy & Business | #Sustainability Author ⎜Multilingual

ID 75381

Julien Rubat

ID 211145

Willy Braun

GM France Digitale - lobby of french startups & investors. Author "Internet Marketing 2013" (best seller in France).

ID 35469

Arthur Delaporte


ID 291829

Luis Picurelli

CEO & Co-founder at Electrical Engineer with a strong business backgroung. Worked at Nokia, Orange. MSc in International Business 2009.

ID 476372


4th year student, develop in any language; Like to face to new technical challenges; Freelance; Published android apps.

ID 225593

Thomas van Steenwinckel

Developer at Fanzy. Worked in several agencies and startups including Fullsix Group (The leading independent agency in Europe)

ID 458600


Co-Founder JOBBERS SAS • Studied at @emlyon-business-school-1 School

ID 22282

Yves Yon


Investor & Partner @ Cardplatforms Mentor/Advisor @ Incubate Miami Disruptive Technology Entrepreneur - EBTOs (Emerging Business & Technology Opportunities)

ID 81083

Alexis Murray-Jones

Co-founder & CEO @tripster. Resort manager @TUI Travel. Internet investment banker @credit-suisse.

ID 87870

Alain de Vera

Advisors for (TMT) Tech-Media-Telco Executives & Shareholders toward Strategic Thinking, Mergers-Acquisitions, Funding & Investment. Open, act, share globally!

ID 240514

Davide Bonapersona

Co-founder of Feeligo • Studied at @oxford-university and @telecom-paristech

ID 383118

Aurélien Appéré

Co-founder at Wheretoget, Shazam for fashion.

ID 147598

Audrey Richard-Laurent

Creative direction & User experience. Passion for invention, creative process, data representation to create alternative & unexpected solutions for users.

ID 185221

Julien Braun

Founder @placelib • Worked at @fabernovel, @adidas, @decathlon • Studied at @essec-business-school-paris, @stanford-university, @Sciences Po

ID 43763

Thibault Lougnon

ID 57635

Elsa Prieto

Co-founder and developer at @pili-pop

ID 152966

Mark Downey

MSc Computer Science. Developer, Product Manager. eXo Platform, Codenvy, Techpeaks. Paris, SF, Trento.

ID 307191

Paul Sheridan

"Hunter" business developer: seasoned professional, team player and persuasive negotiator, with technical emphasis (@siemens @euro-rscg)

ID 394702

Olivier Issaly


Entrepreneur, co-founder of Owlient (which runs, online game company sold to Ubisoft in 2011.

ID 458059

Julien Maquaire

Founder @idyls • Worked at @ebay, @fullsix

ID 214002

Roland Massenet


ID 163302

Romain Libeau


ID 152363

Luc Perard

Sales Director at @accenture Mobility

ID 288114

xavier blanchot


viaEuropa Manager

ID 114838

Iain Evans

COO of Living Lab at @ubc. Experience as CTO and VC in tech sectors. PhD Cantab.

ID 215879

Maxime Cormier

Founder @folk & @oocto, business by design

ID 349668

Matthieu JOST

Co-founder @misterbnb (1st LGBT Airbnb). Objective : accelerate our development to become the leading global LGBT Airbnb by raising funds

ID 404750

Lucie Pousson

CCO @simplib • Worked at @hsbc • Studied at @universite-paris-10 • Events&Speaker Co-manager @girls-in-tech

ID 158410

Gabriel Radic

Product Guy. Dad. Entrepreneur. 933k.

ID 125906

Mathias Beugnon

I work with great entrepreneurs to make epic things. — Event organizer | Tech Nerd | Love Music x Photography | Draw subways | Good food lover & coffee addict

ID 432530

Boris Mounet

Founder Meet My Designer (Kickstarter for fashion)• Incubating at LeCamping

ID 463123

Maxime Verner

Proud father of @frwrds @jeunesdefrance @steerthefuture

ID 375056


BizDev, Strat, CorpDev, Innovation, Technology, Smart Ernergy, Sustainability | MIT Sloan Fellow | BizDev @Ijenko | @CTOFrance | @CleanwebFR facilitator

ID 312537

Gregory C

ID 193056

Antoine de Chevigné

Worked at @lima-1 • Studied at @concordia-university, @stellenbosch

ID 103460

Adrien de Malherbe

Head of Delivery AOL \ goviral

ID 274017

Abdellaziz Morsly

ID 33864

Jean-Patrice Anciaux


General Manager @ParisBusinessAngels, the biggest angels network in France Startup advisor Past Webmarketer Entrepreneur Cost killer

ID 299175

Renato Andre de Andrade Reis

Telecommunications Expert. Project Management Expert. Specialist on VAS; implementation, sales and MKT. Expert on LATAM, African and European Telecom Markets

ID 453915

Steve Anavi

Founder of Smokio • Worked at @groupon • Studied at @insead-1, @epfl

ID 105069

james eric jones

art director, graphic designer. magazines, custom publications, identity work. polyvalent.

ID 146048

Nicolas Abib

startup lover

ID 22585

Pierre-Yves Platini


Innovation Worshiper, Social Media Enthusiast, Punk Rocker, Monkey Lover

ID 623173

Damiano Starr

Co Founder, The Exchange Visionary Laboratories • Studied at UC @berkeley, @berkeley City College, Code Academy. Adviser to several brands.

ID 136918

Jonathan Gosper

Disrupting the social commerce world • Co-Founder @the-popcrowd • Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 475441

Sungwon Choe

Spiritual Technologist

ID 348345

Ivan Gabriele

Founder & CEO of I Met. Web-Entrepreneur since 2004. Developer since the age of 13.

ID 382283

Maxime Leroy

Founder @enquire • Studied at @parsons-school-of-design-1, @l-ecole-de-design-de-nantes • French UX/UI designer • documentary videomaker

ID 430080

Joël Galeran

Hacker at The Rude Baguette

ID 59809

Thomas Ricouard

I'm a Mac/iOS applications & web dev who loves good and original user interfaces. Was a Googler on Chrome iOS. I Founded Raven (The Smart Browser) and MySeeen.

ID 429866

Julien Reszka

ID 10731

Maxime Berthelot

Turning customer requirements into successful software products, looking for a new challenge in a Tech Startup in US.

ID 224930



Invested in AlgoValue, Yadwire and Immune Pharmaceuticals. Studied at UPENN

ID 107493

Sacha Guyon

ID 466018

Alexis Huet

Founder @idyls • Worked at @lycos-europe, @bnp-paribas • Studied at @esiee-paris

ID 258648

Lucas Gerard

1st web startup in college; CTO at IKKY, Hong Kong; Graduate in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship at Ecole Polytechnique; CET program at Berkeley.

ID 97447

Mohamed Amar

Founding CEO of, 1st online shopping club in Morocco & Norht Africa. Strong international business development background (LG, IBM, Oracle). INSEAD MBA 2007

ID 610921

Lucas Heymès

French expat. with background in web development and system administration. Love new technology. Currently Front End developer at @zazzy, ex @ulule, ex @owni

ID 477363

Louis Jardel

ID 38723

Laurent Lombardo

Worked at @thetmsway-com • Studied at @universite-paris-dauphine

ID 74786

Davide Berretta

Founder, @fleisure. Worked @wall-street-journal & @agence-france-presse. Studied @columbia-university & @swarthmore-college. USA ~ Italy ~ France

ID 507749

Matthieu Mora

Entrepreneur centric, Fund raising for Tech/Innovative companies

ID 216578

Cyril Zajac

Co-founder of Current Prod • Director - Editor - Digital media watcher and expert. Studied at @columbia-college-chicago

ID 457488

Patrick Escande

Founder @followatch • Worked at @vivendi-universal, @canal-plus • Studied at @insead-1

ID 200396

Julien Steinberg

Studied at @duke-university

ID 636314

Ghazi Mejaat


Mobile maketing isn’t an option, it’s an imperative Think SoLoMo* to get a Successfull Business: Time to Get Social, Think Local, and Spend Mobile

ID 328270

Alexandre Colella

Founder @revstr

ID 404747

Alexandre Chapoutot

Founder & CFO of Simplib. Studied at Institut Supérieur de Gestion. MBA at European University Institute 2011.

ID 117162

François Soulard

Founder & CEO at @placeloop

ID 34121

Sana Chebaro

Co-founder: Arabic ebook venture, collaborative photos, and structured search. Adventure traveller, fitness freak, food junkie and kitesurfer.

ID 330285

Paige Donner

Founder Local Food And Wine. Biz Dev (Huffington Post, Jupiter Productions). Journalist - NY Times, Vibe Media, International Herald Tribune.

ID 9236

Nils Huebner


MD - StatPro Central Europe - Cloud Portfolio Analytics Platform

ID 450790

Ye Lin

Co-founder / Chief Designer @boutiny Angelhack Winner 2013 Worked at @inria, @alibaba-cloud-computing Studied at @university-college-london

ID 296915

Pascal Bordat

ID 261039

Florent JULIEN

Serial Entrepreneur - Growth Hacker - COO & Partner at Riders Match : The best extreme sport videos platform !

ID 19937

Patrick Kwiatkowski

CEO of Microcinema Intl. Strong international business background. MBA @university-of-chicago.

ID 147277

Antoine Deroche

CEO and Founder of @datafield, the mobile form and mobile survey solution. Over 6 yrs experience in finance and business development in SEA.

ID 624852

David Zhang

M. Eng. @ecole-polytechnique / @ucberkeley. Co-founder of Prynt.

ID 455206

Richard Malterre

CEO at @card-biz-organigr-am /

ID 57460

Antoine Guénard

Head of Growth at @appgratis

ID 363077

Ulrich Rozier

Co-founder @ Humanoid & Sidereo

ID 354240

Paul-Adrien MENEZ

Founder and CEO of Zéro-Gâchis

ID 677177

Guillaume Doret

+20 years as entrepreneur: Totemak a digital agency; Opendisc, CRM leader for music market. And now, Synchronized that reinvents the way to interact with TV.

ID 349851

Chloe Wiatrowski

Co-founder of the Mindmapp. First (ad)venture. Strong business background (MBA) and international skills (lived on 5 continents, speaks 4 languages).

ID 165863

Pascal Manchon

Founder @diveboard • Worked at @f-secure, @capgemini • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique, @enst-paris

ID 469834

Cabinet Start-up

Student association from the @ecole-polytechnique (France) encouraging entrepreneurship.

ID 389258


Worked at @bunkr, @TEDxParisuniversities

ID 337267

Alexandre Durrive


VC Associate at @xange

ID 350428

Ari Bezman

Ask me.

ID 553351

Alexandre Bouaziz

Masters from MIT, Entrepreneur & Engineer from Paris. Founder @mapdrift. Looking to improve experiences using tech.

ID 200132

Clément ARNAUD

Working with semantics @syllabs, Co-founder @jametrotard. M&A experience @QuantumWave-Capital. Ex-President of the first Google student club in France.

ID 67298

Jerrol Spier

Recruiting Sports & Gaming Leaders.

ID 153905

Chris Dugne

Co-Founder @maperial Founder @uralys

ID 343562

Ted Haile

Harvard MA (Mgmt), UCLA BS (Math/Econ), 10+ years of Software Development and IT Strategy Consulting. Strong Data Analysis/Business Integellience background

ID 304491

Matthieu Gudefin

Entrepreneur in mobile and advertising fields. Publishers background and network.

ID 637357

Jérémy Boissinot

Cofounder @keymetrics, @picorist • Worked at @natixis • Studied @escp-europe @university-of-michigan, @sciences-po-paris

ID 15727

Anne de Kerckhove

ID 415367

Jeremy André

Studied at @euromed-marseille, @universidad-de-buenos-aires Innovative, Helpfull

ID 168678

Théophile Villard

Front-End Engineer @dailymotion - Founder @tradixo - Serendipity FTW.

ID 430779

Romain PAYET

Worked at @goetzpartners-corporate-finance • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @essec-business-school-paris

ID 83378

Clément Ravouna

Co-founder and COO at Socloz

ID 138976

Cedric Soares

CEO @olidigitalfr agence Catalyseur #Culture & #Entertainment / President Alumni @LeMaster226 / Membre @DigitalADN / Resp. #Digital @WhoKilledProd

ID 208829

Théo Lubert

Graduating student. Worked 2 years on iOS in a French innovative company.

ID 225010

Sébastien Guignot

Co-Founder & CTO @cookening. Lean Startup evangelist.

ID 132973

Paul Sitbon

Founder of @wikifun-and-wikiapps, a former McKinsey consultant with 20 yrs experience for Fortune 100 Cies in Organization Strategy and IS in Europe and the US

ID 86311

Mickael MESERE

Expert en Webmarketing et Web 2.0

ID 475867

Paul Havlik

Technology manager that participated in 2 successful IPO start-ups in Silicon Valley. Founded my own green tech startup. Worked in telecom and oil & gas.

ID 19609

Henri Ganancia

Founder @kpmg, @hgpro-sas • Studied at @escp-eap

ID 40455

Michael Perez

CEO of Friendspray. Master Computer Science Paris 6.

ID 114141

Brice Maurin

Growth Hacker • Founded @DEUX.IO & @tooptoop • Worked at @microsoft, @musiwave • Studied at @esc-toulouse

ID 269213

Alexandre Taieb

iOS Guru, Entrepreneur, Tech-addict, Worked on 1,5M Downloaded app with 100K Daily users.

ID 591499

Alby Navarro

Worked at @united-nations, @berghahn-books • Studied at @yale-university, @hec-paris

ID 521935

Heui Jin Jo

MBA at INSEAD. BFA at Art Center. Senior Designer at SYP for IBM, American Express, Target, Under Armour. Retail concepts, brand and customer experience

ID 385167


Financial Engineer, Business Development & Strategy @concertboom

ID 95425

amine bellakrid

I'm an IOS Developer and UX designer that learned product management so i can handle Product from design to production .

ID 28027

Hadrien Kulik

Dynamic Entrepreneur & Fundraising/M&A Analyst for tech startups. Founder @siaje, @dendreo

ID 600277

Chloé Giard

Venture Capital analyst @ Idinvest Partners TMT investments in Europe

ID 247548

Réda-Alexandre CHAPPAZ


CEO Cénacle Group. Mentor Startu-up, Business Angel, ancien Publicitaire.

ID 129071

Masoom Tulsiani

Software Developer, Entrepreneur, MSC Software Engineering

ID 434247

Arjun VP

Construction Engineer with experience building some of the most complex infrastructure projects in the world.

ID 661015

Flavia Fontana Giusti

HEC Paris & École Polytechnique alumn. / service innovation + business design + entrepreneurship

ID 136174

Julien Dargaisse

Co-founder @buzzleme, @Nowlyapp

ID 482249

Olivier Janin

Since 1998, I have been designing and producing interactive digital contents. Actually Producing [O.zen], a Video Game with a PhysioSensor for Ubisoft

ID 535528

Simon Leloutre

Entrepreneur @urban-rivals (Vivendi group), @french Kitch (sold to the Seb group) • Experienced strategy consultant @greenwich-consulting (now EY strategy)

ID 14179

Munishk Gupta


ID 350224

Benjamin George Griffin

Project Manager set on making a Non-Hierarchical Radio Network. Built first FM station at 23. Proven on AUD1.1M projects, exp in AUD500M Company.

ID 174225

Jonathan Bourguignon

Founder of API ratings

ID 416976

Yves Lehmann


Business angel, consultant and entrepreneur; focus on education, also fintech, health and cleantech.

ID 231270

Frank Durousset

Highly experienced european business development director with proven track record of growing business internationally in digital media and market Research.

ID 190737

Vincent Huguet

CEO of Hopwork Co-Founder of @dromadaire, @ooprint • Worked at @france-telecom, @nestle • Studied at @edhec

ID 438594

Sandrine Joseph

Digital Marketing / Disruptive Innovation

ID 145236

Henry Glucroft

Founder @airdrop, @little-skips • Worked at @oriel-wines, @john-foley-inc • Studied at @tufts-university

ID 653888

Alexandre Cesaro

Full-Stack Engineer

ID 318804

Charles Francoise

EPFL Graduate, Software Engineer;

ID 345875

Martin Petz

Founder KeepInTouch

ID 51529

Omar Nathaniel Ely

President - CTO @cupp-computing.

ID 522570

Lélio RL

MSc Polytechnique, CS and EE. Created my first company in 2005, have been involved in 4 startups. Science, computers, and entrepreneurship!

ID 324938

William Keck

Founder of RoomActually. Strong sales and business development. Entrepreneur since high school.

ID 268144

Geoffroy Lorieux

Developer at ItsPlatonic. Multilingual developer with a passion for beautiful apps. Hate bad code. Tea Drinker.

ID 149902


International Site Manager @ @microsoft - Co-Founder of @l-appero

ID 249310

Jack Daniels

Founder xyz

ID 26653



Experienced entrepreneur. Consultant for start-ups. Founder of Intelware and MP3 Minutes.

ID 454457

Cyril Bouygues


Working in the Bouygues Group and Independent Business Angel. Harvard Kennedy School MPA 2011 / ISG Finance Master

ID 435989

Gilles Laborderie

Founder @palico

ID 656630

Jess King

Co-founder of SweetCycle • Coming Soon to Paris // Passionate about inspiring others (artist, songwriter & athlete) // native NYC & new 'Parisienne'.

ID 563550

Artur Reszka

Cambridge Bachelor; Sciences Po Business Master. Lead and founded student societies. Strong business background including internship at Deutsche Bank.

ID 346663

Guillaume Kuntz

Founder of Agelios, innovative professionnal mobile applications and augmented reality solutions.

ID 457111

Thomas Lesenechal

Analyst @50Partners, Event Organizer @StartupWeekd, Startup Wekend Paris Winner w/ @happytag

ID 486361

Victor Debost

Founder @nuvenote • Already founded 2 companies • Strong business background (ebusiness strategy consulting) • Studied at @telecom-paristech, @hec-paris

ID 696373

Celia Bell

Tech enthusiast and ex scientist. Commercialise early stage, cutting-edge technology from @STFC_B2B.

ID 284174

Jean-Claude Rosichini


Business Angel & Advisor to technology driven startups. Founder, Advisor, Non Exec Chairman & Board member of several IT/Technology companies & Operators. 25+ years in actively pioneering and supporting the expansion of Digital technology and Services

ID 372265

Karim Fadlallah, CFA

INSEAD MBA; Independent Study Project on Venture Capital and Silicon Valley; Worked at HSBC, Amadeus. CFA charterholder.

ID 346403

Konstantin Mehl

Dual Masters Columbia University

ID 340530

Lyndsey Kirwan

Postgraduate of Interdisciplinary Life Sciences, 2yrs+ research experience (on/off bench)

ID 659508

Olivier Rameil

Worked at Gameloft, Atari & Amazon Appstore

ID 436987

Quentin Lebeau

Founder and CEO of Tokywoky • Worked at @universal-music-group, @tocosk-1 • Studied at @university-college-london, @sciences-po-paris

ID 661103

Rodolphe Darves-Bornoz

ID 493139

Hubert Saint Olive

Founder @drazao • Worked at @axa-private-equity, @itau-bba • Studied at @universidade-de-sao-paulo, @esce

ID 631966

Thomas Landrain

Founder and President of La Paillasse, 1st french open and community lab for emerging technologies; PhD student in Synthetic Biology at Genopole, France.

ID 522637

Christine Cheng

Fashion marketer and brand builder; ex Voguette, Wharton undergrad // ESSEC MBA Luxe in progress

ID 148592

Charles du Jeu

Software engineer (Telecom Paris, LTU technology, Free-lancer). Open source enthousiast. @pydio founder and lead developer. Ecole Centrale Paris

ID 204786

Younes Qassimi

Founder of @synergie-media, a small team that creates simple, focused websites. We also organise the @marocwebawards and share @the_nexties

ID 608408

Thomas Leblanc

ID 233330

Fiona Disegni

CEO of @rentez-vous. 1st Peer-to-Peer and Designers Fashion Rental Marketplace - Collaborative Fashion. MSc in Marketing. Worked with @asos-com @burberry-ltd

ID 458886

David Carroll

CEO & Founder @Glossy_io, Associate Professor at #Parsons @TheNewSchool, Former Director MFA Design and Technology @MFADT (’10-13), 17 years digital industry.

ID 199284

David Boucard Planel

Specialist of IT product devt and business strategy. Managed an international startup competition. Master's degrees in engineering and innovation management.

ID 243848

Alexis Bonillo

Co-founder & COO @AlertUs - Retired Pole Vaulter, Graduate from @EMLYON - @centraleparis.

ID 491475

Rémi Barbe

Founder and CTO @mysportconnect-1

ID 435203

Clément Lecerf

Entrepreneur at and / Connector @numaparis

ID 412543


Worked at @microsoft, @exakis • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @california-state-university-long-beach , @epitech-1 • 1.5+M Downloads

ID 359048

Thomas Nicot

/Designer/ Founder Chief Designer at Reset and Play Creative Co-Founder at altima Designer Director at La Redoute Principal Designer at AOL

ID 108083

Jean-Charles Decorte

Co-founder & COO at @pixbooking

ID 505469

Margaux Muller

Berkeley, HR specialist, startup experience, technology addict. Worked in the recruitment industry

ID 334137

Dora Ziambra

MBA Candidate @ Insead, owned financial services start-up, started European offices for US firm, multilingual, lived in various countries; looking for join technology start-up

ID 157342

Jeremy Marc

Senior web developer at Pokki. Starters of Remixjobs/Juiiicy.

ID 242876


Quick to learn new domains, I have a strong experience in media. My combined tech & business skills enable me to get the full picture of complex projects.

ID 5369

Antoine Leclercq

CEO & founder of Crezeo. We create professional social networks. Strong international and management experience.

ID 377658

Nilanjan Basu

Founder @smartnotify

ID 287030

José Senent

Founder and CEO of • Best European Founder Institute graduate 2011. Worked at @aramisauto. +20 years in Automotive. Economics. Hyperpolyglot.

ID 44897

Gonzague Grandval

Founder @paymium Payment Specialist

ID 227852

Othilie Nicod

Strong B2B & B2C marketing expertise (8 years as Marketing director) - Works @spootnik - Worked @autobar - @insead-1 MBA 2011- @audencia-nantes

ID 177799

Geraldine Bigio

Worked at @microsoft, @mediastay @gameloft • Master at @em-lyon ; High project management skills & marketing strategy.

ID 104789

Fabien Georjon

Founder @dameunaventon-com-mx, the first public carpooling platform in Mexico.

ID 519240

Mathieu Buonomo

Founder @13factory • Studied at @epitech-1

ID 429078

Thibaut Kazemi

Worked at @hogan-lovells, @jones-day • Studied at @new-york-university-school-of-law, @universite-pantheon-assas-paris-2

ID 541633

Francois Raynaud de Fitte

ID 136327

Jean-Baptiste Duprieu


Managing Director, Burns Entertainment France

ID 465482

Yannick Le Marre

Founder @idyls • Worked at @dresscode

ID 203329

Joseph Djenandji


Founder 38HOURS • Worked at @groupon • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique-de-montreal

ID 112438

Paul-Marie Dubois

Advisor Minilogs • Worked at @oliver-wyman, @commerzbank • Studied at @london-school-of-economics, @ponts-et-chaussees

ID 566969

Mario Frattini

I wanna do business not llooking for a job !!

ID 353144

Martin Daniel

Ex @google Data Products @fifty-five Founder @txto

ID 283404

Romain Chavoutier

Marketing and Business Development Associate @simplecrew Student @escp-europe-1 and @Supélec

ID 247035

Maxime Vandegeerde

Social Science and Business education (Paris/Shanghai). Interpersonal and intercultural communication expert, UX enthusiast and world traveler.

ID 248710

Lucile Mathe

Founder Adrenaline Hunter • Worked at @bnp-paribas @motwin @cortalconsors • Studied at @essca-angers, @northwood-university

ID 97046

Yoann Maingon

Founder mydatalinx • Worked at @accenture, @safran

ID 438114

Christophe Muyard


ESSEC graduate. 12+ year experience in investment banking, mainly for financial institutions and private equity clients. Father of 2. Paris-based.

ID 307043

Agathe Fourquet

Innovation + Travel + Usine IO w/ @garycige & Benjamin Carlu + Food

ID 347138

Jawad Stouli

Founder and CTO of Tactads • Passionate about machine learning & big data • Worked @ CitizenPlace & @ PromoSimple • Graduate Economics @ HEC Paris

ID 381664

Lisette Bonilla

Strategic and forward-thinking marketing executive with 10+ years of success in evolving digital and social media marketing environments.

ID 233400

Raphael Chabaud

Entrepreneur and business strategist

ID 169859

Samir Addamine

Founder/CEO of Followapps @follow_apps . Previously Co-founder Clicmobile

ID 119610

Matej Kurent

no thrills Entreprenour

ID 246829

Sam Perlmutar

Recent HEC Paris MBA grad

ID 461065



101projets is the initiative of 3 famous French web entrepreneurs : Marc Simoncini (Meetic), Xavier Niel (Free) and Jacques-Antoine Granjon (

ID 12532

Vianney Lecroart

38yo French self taught programmer based in Paris. I love experimentation, new technologies and new challenges.

ID 531722

Louise Plaquevent

Graduate of #1 business school in Europe willing to support the expansion of a fast-growing startup

ID 217797



Founder & CEO CybelAngel • Strong technology and financial background • Studied at @escp-eap

ID 397033

Alice Besomi


Investment manager @ A Plus Finance Startup enthusiast Mobile/Web/Media

ID 193569

vincent carbonie

Founder @seetonight-com • Worked at @gekko-com, @touchlocal

ID 468708

Shweta Kumari

Co-founder of MealsNearYou, INSEAD MBA 2012 graduate, Worked at Qualcomm, Irdeto. Looking for new job opportunity

ID 507710

Sakshi Anand

INSEAD MBA, Ex Goldman Sachs Associate and Computer Science Engineer looking for a 3-4 months challenging internship. Will be going back to full time job by Dec

ID 611517

Christian Mandl


Co-founder of SkyEurope Airlines, Maporama Solutions, Neulogy Ventures. Young Global Leader 2013.

ID 535677

Gilles Bertaux

Worked at @totems-formerly-nitrogram, @balisik-art • Studied at @audencia-nantes, @hetic-college

ID 332379

Nelly Meunier

Marketing and Communication Manager at ShakeMyMove

ID 108105

Florian Hervéou

Founder @tuttivox-1 • Worked at @bnp-paribas • Studied at @university-of-cincinnati, @audencia-nantes

ID 78239

Hugo Douchet

CEO / Founder of

ID 47068

Ralph Baddour


Co-founder of @polltogo. Engineer, former biomedical researcher.

ID 103926

Thibault Salou

CEO @garneray-capital

ID 421544

Valentine Ghozlan

Worked at Google for 3y with 2 Awards, Tel-Aviv University MBA Program, Entrepreneur

ID 249701

Phac Le Tuan

Founder uncleCare • Worked at @apple, @schlumberger • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique, @telecom-paristech

ID 251840

Rémy Virin

iOS Developer for 3 years, I love great UX and UI, TDD & Continuous Integration.

ID 637538

Krystyna Winckler

Founder of CultureSecrets. Worked at Caisse des Dépôts.

ID 95257

Ylann Wajsbrot

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” M. Berle

ID 608335

Arthur Darcet

Backend engineer @glose, Fraud detection @eventbrite, Graduated from @ecole-polytechnique, @ecole-normale-superieure-de-cachan

ID 165519

Myriah Jasmin FitzGibbon

Head of International Marketing & Business Development at Spin My Planet

ID 469975

Julie Kerjouan

HEC, former strategy consultant, one startup fail as a CEO and ready to try again!

ID 374677

Nicolas Klarman

Worked at @ever

ID 130199

Thibaut Dabonneville

Thibaut Dabonneville is CEO @social-unit

ID 57075

Philippe Cohen

Founder & CEO at @dayguest and @Bond47

ID 282334

Bilel Bouraoui

Emerging market expert, self starter, motivator, maker

ID 692655

Valentina De Luca

Versatile international professional with 4-year diverse project management experience in marketing, trade marketing & sales. Worked in 6 different countries.

ID 427435

Charles MATHON

Looking for a position did Biz Dev / Community @spotistic Berlin // Ex @FredFaridGroup // Happy to help. Runner and Golfer.

ID 155176

Kurt Muehmel

Interdisciplinary geek. Bilingual (FR/EN). Launched Simian Reports. Working @ Deloitte on Sustainability. I love complexity. I hate old business models.

ID 485217

Boris Goncalves

Founder BGC Finance • Board member of ESIEE PLUS • Worked at @bpi-france, @bionest-partners • Studied at @skema, @ esiee-paris, @london-LSE, @universite-paris-6

ID 408678


Le Média Social Vocal - Disponible sur iPhone et sur !

ID 74196

Gonzague De La Tournelle


Investor in @ami, @sunest, @m-perf, @appcity, Altitude, @cynomedia.

ID 170554

Fabrice Lorenceau

CEO & Founder @youfoot • 12 years expertise in Media & Entertainement • Studied Media & Business at the University of Southern California

ID 646560

Dr. Jacques Durand

PHD in General Medicine.International Health Consultant

ID 460402

Martin Joubert

Art Director at @lima-1

ID 577427

Teresa Woo


VC with Asiatech1999-2010 in Silicon Valley, HK and Sing. Experienced in turnarounds with nack for difficult boards. Founder Sky Pilates. MIT geek "Gadgetgirl"

ID 225458

Brice Pissard

CEO of Hypecal. 1st global events search engine app. Strong background in backend and frontend. Have founded @peachphone-com a VoIP software. CTO @teleneo

ID 453202

Arnaud Depouilly

CEO & Co-Founder of Internship4U • Great internships. Internationally. • Worked at @p-g, @philip-morris-international

ID 627777

Maria Stenvinkel

International experience from Marketing & Business Development, working multi-country with cross-functional teams. Swedish, looking for opportunity in NYC.

ID 278217

Yoann Jaspar

Work at @playapp (France) • Studied at @california-state-university-san-marcos and Epitech The key to performance is elegance

ID 526478

Ludo Toison

Currently studying CS and Finance at Paris - Dauphine University (FRANCE). Looking for a challenging internship.

ID 258755

Jerome Bouchon

I enjoy bringing new ideas to life, associating people, concepts and market expectations. Graduated with merit, Serial entrepreneur, Prototyper Guru

ID 584299

Stephanie Desnogues

Passionate innovator shaping the future. Founded a successful startup. Co-started 8 businesses. MBA & Computer Science. USA.France.Mexico.India.Italy

ID 165318

Eduardo Mignot

Worked at @nextstars, @bnp-paribas, @royal-bank-of-scotland • Studied at @esade, @sda-bocconi-school-of-management

ID 263979

Thomas Plessis

Founder @screenso

ID 556948

Mark Thomas

MBA at HEC Paris (global ranking #8 - The Economist 2013). Private equity, corporate finance and strategy background. Chartered Accountant.

ID 184553

Jean Friesewinkel

Co-founder @wise • @bain-company alum

ID 103776

Davide Ballestra

Entrepreneur, Seed Investor and Business Developer. Loving tech startups. I help startups doing business in Brazilian market and I love it!

ID 459240

Francois Ducorney

Worked at @cgi, @centrica • Studied at @london-business-school, @mba-1

ID 77457

Julien Dupé

Directeur E-Business

ID 65991

Morel Julien

Director ESSEC Ventures

ID 274626

Frederic Dupir

CEO @fromscratch, CTO @scribz (both co-founder). Engineer from European Institute of Technology (EPITECH), 40+ iOS apps launched since 2008

ID 124058

Romain Goby

Cofounder of @uponjob. I create connections between talent and companies without resumé. Graduated from Centrale Marseille (France).

ID 147331

Laurent Pantanacce

Worked at @bluekiwi-software, @atos-origin • Studied at @escp-eap

ID 317855

Guillaume Castellana

Founder and CTO of Nimbly. Conceived disruptive tech for small companies. Platform architect for @ge pre-graduation. EPITECH Paris 2011.

ID 174592

Jamie Anderson

Business dev - open to opportunities with great teams and great products

ID 336425

Lamar Williams, MBA

Worked at @precogs, @antelink • Studied at @university-of-california-davis, @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business MBA 2012

ID 265084

Maël Primet

Co-founder @ Snips, co-founder @ 8pen, mathematics PhD in computer vision, studied @ ENS Ulm

ID 205784

Alexandre Fourtoy

Founder of Hoople, social network for parents, schools and clubs. Previously run UEFA digital activities for 10 years.

ID 202156

Sidy Toure

Founder Lexeme • Worked at @booz-allen-hamilton, @bristol-myers-squibb-company • Studied at @university-of-virginia

ID 182995

Raphael Kahan


ID 564954

Tania Boros

Master 2 candidate : strategic planning in developing countries @ Paris Dauphine. Economic development and entrepreneurhsip background

ID 335045

Gregory Tappero


ID 601754

Alexandre GRUX

MBA, ENS M.S. Tech addicted, Expert in French R&D Partnerships and Public Relations, Operations management. Business&Tech background (previously cofounder)

ID 102177

Frederico Moreira

Background in business plan validation, due diligence analyses and support for ground-breaking ventures @launch, early development or expansion.

ID 540573

Josephine Mangenot

Freshly graduated, communication and marketing, Master of Science Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Canal+, Orange, strong analytical and problem solving skills

ID 126445

Luc Falempin

Co-founder at @IcebergMP & @modizy Marketplace and e-commerce expert. In a relationship with the internet

ID 133615

Romain Francez

Founder @mobile-wallet • MSc in CS at @university-of-manchester, MBA in Strategic Intelligence @ Economic Warfare School

ID 200451

William Lapierre

Studied at @hec-paris. Independent and resourceful I was managed a drone intrapreneurship project for a French industrial company. Looking for job in Singapore

ID 403661


Almighty Tech-Wizard.

ID 439755

Alexis de Clermont-Tonnerre

Founder @skywall • Worked at @credit-suisse, @rocket-internet • Studied at @solvay-brussels-school-of-economics-and-management

ID 389764

Arthur Lnr

Co-founder of Mungavi, VP sales of GuestShort, Experience both in Marketing and Finance (L'Oreal and Natixis). Graduated from University of Bath Business School.

ID 330621

Luc Jodet

ID 331059

Medhi Rahou

Challenge-driven young graduate

ID 543615

Liza Goldstein

Studied @marketing-2 and @project-management-1 Worked at @nestle @microsoft, @philips-benelux • @trilingual Highly dynamic and ready to take up new challenges !

ID 442064

Elias Chedid

HEC Paris, Master in Digital Business Management 2013, passionate about startups and technology

ID 458464

Marc-Antoine Janny

Founder @canary-street-1 • Studied at @singapore-management-university, @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business

ID 96604

Cedric Cohen-Lemberg

Founder & CTO of MyJobCompany 1st referral recruiting platform through social networks. Get pay to share information about recruiting companies.

ID 439141

Zvi Goldfarb

Head of the Talent Acquisition Digital Lab at L'Oréal & Head of the Bioinformatics for Youth Program;

ID 210817

Frederic Thiel

ID 327618

Giorgio Riccò

COO & Co-Founder @LaBelleAssiette

ID 133455

Alexandra Maiorano

Worked at @luiss-enlabs

ID 526404

Adrien Falcon

CEO & Founder of Plugmeon. M-health serial entrepreneur.

ID 36286

Laura Eboa Songue

Co-Founder @ Editions ALP (@fashizblack Magazine + Master degree @ ICN Buiness School (France). Experiences @ LANVIN, Jennifer Behr, KENZO.

ID 463377

Sina Tabesh

Co-founder and COO at Krowdpad Inc. • Worked at @passban-inc, @roland-berger-strategy-consultants

ID 535589

Barthélémy Kiss

ID 212376

Jeremy Hemmo

T-shaped engineer; MS from École Polytechnique, soon from Telecom Paristech; tinkerer; enthusiast; loves complex problems; willing to re-engineer everything.

ID 301551

Alexandre Strzelewicz

Technology Entrepreneur, Full Stack developer and Inventor; co-founder @keymetrics

ID 473833

Benoit Nolens

Co-founder @true-story. Building beautiful mobile and web products.

ID 550259

Mathilde Barthélemy

Business background (Senior Associate at Deloitte, ESSEC Business School - Social Entrepreneurship program); fast learner with strong analytical skills.

ID 453906

Zakaria Aarab

Founder Feedlur / The Netherlands / Developer / Entrepreneur / Student /

ID 478136

Saurabh Kumar

Master Student at ESCP Europe; IIT Kanpur Alumnus; Strong Mathematics Background; Have co-founded and worked for three start-ups in past 2 years

ID 350523

Angelina Ebeling

Multilingual Strategy and HR enthusiast, Bachelor in Economics and Entrepreneurship, looking for 3-5 months internships in Melbourne starting in February 2014

ID 270069

Ruolin Yang

Startup Fan, Freelance writer, high-tech lover

ID 291395

Alex Roubinet

Founder @burgerquest, @kount-ly, @nfc-sant

ID 473445

Ali Samii

Marketing executive with broad experience in all aspects of product management, quality assurance and project financial management.

ID 533381

Vikas Rajkumar

Purdue Engineer, HEC Paris MBA, Multiple Tech and Startup Roles, Product Manager, engineer and hacker with an eye for marketing and business strategy

ID 459096

Romain Cottard

Worked at @ader-finance, @global-equities-corporate-finance-1 • Studied at @emlyon-business-school-1

ID 224711


Web engineer @work4labs

ID 357992

Diana Atanasova

ESSEC MBA Market Finance, Software & Startup Project Management, Client Relations, Tech lover, Extreme Sports passionate.

ID 507831

Morgane Fevrier

Co Founder Mars Games • Founder Weeshiz

ID 25521

Roch Delsalle

Founder @fashionbase. Scala Developer.

ID 278449

Michael Reisner Mihailovici

Co-founder of SaaS Emarketing Software Suite Optimeez #startup #onlinemarketing #SEO #growthhacking

ID 218137

Raphael Bendenoun

French-Israeli guy passionate by Start up and innovation. Master Graduate from Sciences-Po Paris . Founded

ID 474911

Romain Liberge

Head of innnovation and digital transformation @LaNetscouade #Health #Education #Entertainment #Insurance

ID 549535

Tiphaine Guerout

#Digital Communication, #Startups, #Entrepreneur, #Jazz, Licence @UniOfYork # Master à @sciencespo / Lance une start up : Youni! #Etudiant #Lycéens #APB

ID 211556

Alexandre Dana

Changing how people learn and teach with @hellomentor . Co-founder of @3DSxParis

ID 178528

Andrew Rutledge

Worked at @qunb • Studied at @temple-university

ID 522669

Marie Tailpied

Graduate from Essec Business School, majoring Entrepreneurship; strong digital and IT background, marketing and project management experiences

ID 81366

Rémi Raher


Entrepreneur, investisseur, lifestyle designer

ID 303821

Roumen Gueorguiev

Founder Rentila

ID 164379

Stefan Fountain

Chief Product Monkey at Viadeo. Started 2 companies, first one still going solid ( , sold the second one ( to my current employer Viadeo.

ID 561411

Yannick Gouez

Founder @unltd-fm • @startupbus Europe '13 • Worked at @ez-systems • Studied at @efrei

ID 552357

Nassim Benkirane

Imperial College Msc - Telecom ParisTech. CTO of Qwinti ( Full stack web developer. Creative and passionate

ID 657352

Thomas Guyon

Advisor @coingram | Bitcoin investor & Angel | Accenture

ID 586735

Julien Savy

ID 435270

Sébastien Thiberge

Founder @shoptimise

ID 128683

Philippe Chassany

Experienced Mobile - Internet Executive

ID 458222

Simon Tran

Founder @blacklistic • Founder and art director @

ID 486595

Joaquin Fernandez

PhD Applied Mathematics looking for a Startup Job. (I currently live in France)

ID 302604

Sergio Bellon

Growth Hacker

ID 552484

Grégoire Faron

Guidance, Navigation, and Control lead engineer at MBDA ; Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at GeorgiaTech (USA) ;

ID 605069

Nitin Iyer

Student at HEC Paris.

ID 375840

范登波 - Thomas Vandenbogaerde, CPIM

Operations//Sustainability//China Lean expert (for Industries), Operations Manager // Worked at @accenture, @ernst-young , @lafarge, @michelin.

ID 463059

Brayan Manuwuike

Founder @fashion-criminal

ID 320855

Sami Slim

Worked at @vodafone, @kddi • Studied at @michigan-state-university, @telecom-sudparis

ID 7539

Juan Diosdado

Independent thinker / Collaborative drinker. Vision @ Weapons of Mass Seduction, content creators accelerator for cinema, series and transmedia.

ID 641708

Marine Freychet

Marketing & Business Development. Studied at @new-york-university, @georgia-state-university

ID 458126


CMO of FBL Consulting Group, NewTechnology evangelist, Participate in launch of 2 french major crowdfunding platform. Strong Marketing experience.

ID 338342

Pierre Bravoz

CEO UX/UI @welist · Marketing & Human Science background

ID 368748

Stephane Tholander

CEO of Bluenod.

ID 546223

Maxime Eyraud

Master student at ESSEC Business School. Specialized in media & entertainment economics. Digital contents fan. Passionate singer and music lover.

ID 243829

Antoine Martin

Co-founder & CEO @AlertUs ; Basketball addict, Wannabe surfer & ex-Grad Student @essec

ID 429677


Bringing the world together one meal at a time.

ID 641604

Samir Idris

Consultant @ McKinsey - Full-stack generalist - Very strong analytical skills - Co-founded a start-up 4 years ago

ID 334154

Lucas (Jingchen) Li

Business student at HEC Paris; Working at Cornis (French high-tech startup national winner) as the only non-engineering guy; Business developer and analyst

ID 36453

Stuart Haugen ([email protected])

A @proven "Game Changer"

ID 537303

Matthieu Bertin

Founder @allship • Worked at @Qerros • Studied at @insa-rennes, @esc-rennes, @linkoping-university University

ID 157479


Founder of @boxtime_ / CTO Skimm! @skimmfr / Alumni @lecamping / Alumni @ENSIIE

ID 552052

Romain Adler

Master's degree student looking for challenging opportunities with a startup. Studying engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris, a French leading "Grande Ecole".

ID 15321

David Laval

Co-founder of @cityzencar-1, an awesome peer-to-peer car-sharing platform.

ID 419802

Lyrod Levy

Co-founder & CMO of Weeleo • Worked at @agora-finance • Skills in business development and communication • Strongly engaged in sharing economy motion.

ID 670280

François Pineau

First worked as an analyst in competitve intelligence, then as consultant in innovation. Now co-founder of 4 different projects.

ID 193742

Fabrice des Mazery

Founder @eyelight, @graf-images-concepts • Worked at @ibm, @toyota • Studied at @esc-reims

ID 556400

Xavier Guinot

Agile Product Owner specialized in Communities. Former Community Manager, I'm the perfect match for any company willing to develop an engaged community.

ID 444252

Youssef Benkirane

Studied at @swiss-federal-institute-of-technology-lausanne, @ecole-centrale-paris

ID 44643

Jonell Galloway, The Rambling Epicure

Editor of, a daily international real food chronicle joining the voices & visions of professional food writers & artists around the world.

ID 509773

Carrie So

Co-Founder, TreeCircle Media

ID 588188


iOS developer since more than 5 years. Self taught IOS developer

ID 130325

Craig Green

Ecommerce Strategist -- obsessed with what makes transactions tick on the web.

ID 431319

Nicolas de Feraudy

Worked @natixis, Studied @essec Business School Paris , @INSA Lyon

ID 449257

Kevin Aserraf

Project Analyst, Strategy and M&A at Le Groupe La Poste (French Post). Interested in disruptive innovation and entrepreneurship.

ID 373213

Léa Veran

Business Developer at NexKap, Boaties. Student at ESSEC Business School - Entrepreneurship Track. Worked at Rocket Internet, Pragma Capital.

ID 490996

Pierre Tabuteau

Founder • Studied at @euromed-marseille

ID 644443

Chérine Sabour

Worked at The Walt Disney Company and Disneyland Paris, and graduated with Distinction

ID 107577

Alexandre Steiner


Business Angel and considering options... time to challenge me

ID 557372

Kathleen Newlove

ID 80853

Jeremy Charoy

Co-founder of and Strong business background (audit and Transaction Services at KPMG). Country Manager France at TheYachtWeek.

ID 36231

Joan Burkovic

Co-Founder @Perspecteev, The Best Mobile Money Manager. Strong business background. Graduated Msc ESSEC and HEC Lausanne Business Schools

ID 104623

François Carbone


Founder @anaxago-1,

ID 462353

Josh Radtke

HEC Paris MIM, Strategic Planner, International Experience

ID 335172

Franck Goursaud

Co-founder - Financial Manager @vimies

ID 409191

Florian Graillot

Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @affine • Studied at @hec-paris, @telecom-paristech

ID 511470

Ciro Santilli

Applied Maths engineer at Ecole Polytechnique M2, interested in elearning, publishing / developer tools, lightweight markup languages, user analytics.

ID 218324

Christophe GAGIN

Co-founder of Azendoo & Product Officer

ID 244167


ID 53562

David Sabbatini

Founder of @onetwib. Team member of Bankeen (ex-Perspecteev).

ID 168112

Saoud Moco

HEC MBA with Electronic Engineering. Worked at @Oraxys Private Equity @Samsung-Electronics, @ARM-ltd & extra study @ Chartered Institute of Marketing

ID 533495

Samuel Katz

Student at ESCP EUROPE (Master in Management ranked #2 worldwide by the Financial Times in 2013). Geek and strong business background

ID 216662

Mathieu Barré

co-founder & designer @candyshop @midpic

ID 495081

Tristan Michelet

Full stack developer and product manager; CS degree

ID 460870

François Recorbet

Innovation Driven Entrepreneur - CEO at NUTRILOG - International experience in 7 countries and 6 languages - Thrive in collaborative and start-up environments.

ID 103006

Marina Detienne

ID 627035

Kevin Reguera


Founder of Nunettes group, holding of 33 companies in the wolrd selling our range of sunglasses. Building US Distribution for Parisian based Apparel Brands

ID 591905

Michelle Xueyang Fang

Business Student at HEC, Digital Marketer, Worked at Google

ID 374524

Noah Liot

A problem solver and innovative thinker with interests ranging from logic to singularity. An hyperactive caffeine junky, para-jumper, adventurer madman.

ID 115438

Pierre Mage

Founder @dropdock • Worked at @bskyb, @sfeir • Studied at @Ecole Des Mines, Nantes

ID 252978

Michael Gins

Background in Internation Business and Logistics,currently an MBA in Hospitality Management student (ESSEC) Career path : Hotel development

ID 40659

Frédéric Assémat

Co-founder of Dress-Me - put your wardrobe online and let the community help you get dressed

ID 534501

Olivier Maître

Former strategy consultant, experienced in Product Development & Supply Chain, back from a round-the-world trekking trip, looking for an exciting opportunity!

ID 306655

Guillaume Balaine

Full-stack developer, Cassandra trainer, XP adept, learn fast, creative. Visionary entrepreneur with daily new executable ideas. Wannabe CEO.

ID 506880

Jan-Mikael Lepistö

Business Development, Entrepreneur, Computer Science & Usability background

ID 68658

Toffene kama

Dad. African. Co-Founder & CEO - @willstream Labs.

ID 525736

Antoine Frenoy

ID 146141

Nathaniel Haddad


Co-Founder: NUMADS aide les éditeurs de contenus à créer et développer avec succès leurs applications mobiles.

ID 526496

Yan Yan DU

ID 487920

Franck de VISME

Co Founder of HANAKAI: 1st game+physical skylanders/Infinity like for grownups. Strong business and engineering background.

ID 291230

Thomas Jung

I specialize in Product Management for pure players in the online industry. I have a strong track record in turning innovative ideas into successful, market defining products in several industries (online media, online travel, marketing agencies) and in v

ID 224167

Arnaud-Guilhem LE RIBAULT

"I readily absorb ideas from every source, frequently starting where the last person left off" - Thomas Edison

ID 264315

Brennen Buckner

Soon to be MBA graduate; Morehouse College '12; Starting Redd Rover, a shared experience start-up in Atlanta; Manage my own music production company.

ID 126066

Mikael Outmezguine


French Entrepreneur & sometimes blogger.

ID 463074

Alexis Parakian

Master Student at Ecole Polytechnique, will be at UC Berkeley in august, looking for an internship in Silicon Valley from april to august

ID 103520


CEO/Founder at TravelRoad - The first tablet and mobile application specialized in customized trips conception.

ID 258780

Julien Mercier

Third year at the Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. Entrepreneurship Master.

ID 692082

Felix Pignard

Ecole polytechnique MS, computer science, innovation, economics. Math geek and sports fan

ID 357279


CTO of @weezevent

ID 586604

Pierre Gielen

Founder & CTO of Captain Contrat ( Worked at SPEAR ( Studied at @epitech and @University-of-Kent

ID 333905

Laurent Mairet

Founder @synkonair • Worked at @chep, @ctm-solutions • Studied at @ohio-state-university, @audencia-nantes

ID 492691


ID 566745

Arnaud Drizard


Hacker in Residence @efounders. Previous experience at Rocket Internet and graduated from Ecole Polytechnique

ID 499717

Amine Allouah

Master Polytechnique Applied and CS: Machine learning, Optimization, Probabilty. Worked in Infosys.

ID 290958

Benjamin Bouvier

Full-stack web engineer. Passionate about UX & Web technologies. M.S. from Supinfo. Looking for new challenges

ID 523211

Alice Shum

Founder @tagin • Worked at @ucla-medical-center, @lionsgate-entertainment • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 459514

The Anh

ID 492528


Launched 3 successful web sites, Created a startup

ID 553784

Antoine Le Borgne

Highly motivated business school graduate, with a solid background in Business Development & Marketing, looking for a very challenging and exciting position !

ID 93982

Shy Shriqui

President - coFounder at @ifeelsmart (Spin-off from @orange). Changing TV - Revolutionizing natural interaction with CE Devices. Executive MBA ESCP Europe

ID 22679

Gaston Bilder

Business Angel - EMEA lawyer - Member of the BOD - focus on MA, Corporate Governance, Risk BOP Social Enterprises - [My views]

ID 465550

Alain Danan

IT Software, Marketing Expert, Seasoned Executive - Management - Partnerships - Digital & Offline marketing - Social Media - Pragmatic, Hungry & foolish

ID 146057

Jérôme Sénaillat

Form/Function. Tokyo/Paris.

ID 477945

Michael Melia

Oxford Anthropology PhD student. Digital media strategy and communications. Paris / Oxford / Edinburgh / Beijing / Cyprus

ID 431310

Harshit Raj

Student, Masters in Management, ESCP Europe, Paris Campus Double Degree (Management and Technology)

ID 628899

Grégoire Chadenet

Film Your Team give you access to your game highlight. No need for a cameraman, or hours of editing: everything is automatic!

ID 377686

Pierre Abi-aad

Software Engineer and iOS lead developer @Supergazol. Creator of

ID 337169

Renaud Tardivon

Soon graduate (ECE Paris), strong knowledges in web developpement. Many Internship experiences and freelance activities. Worked with google partner and innovative companies.

ID 471387

Pierre Magnan

Worked at Paris fire department. President of JTX, an association of 25 students in charge of filming activities on the campus of Ecole Polytechnique, France.

ID 420430

Jean-Mathieu Saponaro

Double Degree student Engineering & Business School

ID 471585

Olivier Perri

Currently working at Rogervoice , I am also following an entrepreurship program during my weekend at The Family (French Start up accelerator)

ID 650473

Anthony Guedj

ID 91931

Yoann Bohbot

10 Years of Experience in E-Business 5 Years in E-Commerce + E-Marketing 15 Years in Photoshop Design 5 Years in HTML/CSS/PHP/MYSQL Development.

ID 547158

Fabio Mantesso

Studied Brand Strategy @Paris-Sorbonne and business administration @espm (Sao Paulo)

ID 424329

Christophe Lecerf

Managing Partner of iTbyCL Executives, Digital and IT executive search, France & EMEA, extended contact networks, close links to Silicon Valley. HiPo choice !

ID 546835

Sylvain Dadé

Worked at @ibm, @razorfish • Studied at @essec-business-school-paris

ID 634346

Leny Diallo


ID 463749

Elie Sebbag

Worked at @bnp-paribas, @poweo

ID 314781

Florent Bourc'his

Marketing specialist, french student in apprentice in a french startup, Strong marketing skills, world traveler and passionate about startups, UC Irvine/INSEEC.

ID 679897

Christina Mysko

LSE law student, experience in IBD (M&A) at Morgan Stanley and legal experience at top US and UK firms but looking to shift into business dev and sales.

ID 569961

Frank-David Colin

Co-Founder and CEO @room • Worked at @faisonsaffaire-com, @aboutmystar • Studied at @universite-paris-dauphine

ID 271960

Sophia Kecir Camper

#digital #internet of things #art #DIY #crowd movement #mixing digital with physical

ID 638028

Shishir Thade

Entrepreneur and business enthusiast with strong background in strategy. MBA from IIM Indore with an Advanced Masters in Strategy from ESSEC.

ID 578892

Armand Claudel

Consumer electronics product manager

ID 304343

Joseph Dureau

Engineer, born-again statistician, self-trained programmer. Co-founder of Standard Analytics.

ID 123169


@phonoblaster-1 is a web radio platform that helps you broadcast your favorite music to your friends and followers.

ID 415142

Louis Godron


25 years of PE investing (incl some tech-loaded buyouts), and some venture deals.

ID 576376

Peter Roberts

Worked at @studio-xo, @ocado • Studied at @imperial-college-london-1

ID 278227

Alexis Waechter

Founder Optimeez • Worked at, @mars-co (strategy consultant), LB-P Investment Management (cofounder), M&A @rothschild (intern) • @essec-business-school-paris

ID 490560


ID 548852

Charles Sitbon

ENSAE/ESSEC Data Scientist + Business school Graduate, Business analytics , statistics, Machine learning. Looking for a full time position or internship.

ID 542373

Rishok Ronaldo

ID 612866

Sarah Goerres

Founder of SalonFest, background in Public Policy and international organizations (OECD, UNIDO, ITC)

ID 212908

Julien Artigues


Analyst @atelier-bnp. Msc. Legal & Tax @edhec-business-school, Chef de projet @souple, Consultant @come-stay.

ID 602462

Jean-Christophe Liaubet


Co-founder of Head of European Small & Mid Caps Research at Exane BNP Paribas Business Angels and start-ups advisor

ID 481548

Nicholas Vieuxloup

Bring me chaos. I'll make it order.

ID 642825

Damien Metzger

CTO @ PrestaShop

ID 668604

Alexandre Kaykac

Startup founder / CFO of fast growing companies / Mergers and Acquisitions in the Tech-Media field

ID 184544

Guillaume Morin

Front end developer at Deezer Worked at Tagattitude, Axialys Interactive. Bachelor of Computer Science Paris Sud Orsay Developed and designed

ID 152380

Thierry Malinur

Sales Management Expert. Cofounder @ Breezcar. Sales Mentor. Strong background in B2B Sales.

ID 541216

Mark Kingsley

Creative director: ex-Global Creative Lead @landor-associates of Citi Account.17 yrs designing record covers (Grammy nominated)... Design author and teacher

ID 413323

Anthony Yazbeck

Founder @mabeaute-com COO @bonjourbonjour

ID 489954

Caroline Morlat

Essex mba, launched two wEbsites and à Facebook application. wrote 4 poetry books

ID 186187

Captain Dash

Shake up the marketing world with #BigData #dataviz #marketing #data #bi #analytics #opendata #visualization #metrics #dashboards #synchronization @sofiadash

ID 628935

Thierry DJEUMO

Founder of SOS KIT • Quantitative modelling auditor at BPCE Group• Strong IT and Mathematics background @telecom-paristech, @universite-paris-6-upmc

ID 495109


Worked at @kpmg, @omnes-capital-1

ID 490920

Nicolas De Resbecq

CMO @mysportconnect (, 1st fully automized video solutions for sport players. Worked in Investment Banking & Orange Labs. HEC Paris alumn

ID 184188


CEO of Insightonomy, consumer trends specialist, marketer. Worked at @trendwatching-com, @capcom • Master at @fudan-university

ID 184728

Jean-Charles Campagne

Worked at @hsbc, @masa-group • Studied at @ecole-speciale-des-travaux-publics

ID 601063

Benjamin Zerbib

ID 387139

Julia Szatar

Comms all rounder: Marketing, Biz Dev, PR. International Expansion. Studied @USYD. Worked with SideCar, Uber, Virgin Australia & Australian Government.

ID 91280

Sébastien MONTEIL

Founder @kobojo • Worked at @cegid, @exakis • Studied at @epita

ID 255234

Jean-Noel Curt

True business developer for value added product. I developed and positionned several companies on the French and European markets with growth around 15% a year.

ID 646918

Thomas Alden

McGill Student. Interested in helping startups develop their sales and growth strategy. Also very interested in entertainment business and films in general.

ID 288047

Dagobert Levy

Business development for Good Technology, leader in enterprise mobile software. Co-founder of live video repository Worked at IBM several years.

ID 511839

Pierr Ten

Sciences-Po/ESCP, design-led strategist, strong business dev background, worked at Apple.

ID 150016

Adam Goodman

Worked at @avg-technologies @deloitte-consulting, @telus • Studied at @university-of-guelph, @schulich-school-of-business

ID 460986


Founder • Worked at @dailymotion, @orange • Studied at @idrac-paris

ID 633368

Monty Lennie

Passionate and experienced Ruby on Rails full stack developer in Paris, France. Worked at @www-kiwizz-co and @www-snifme-com Graduated from @mcgill-university .

ID 302408


Graduate student from one of France's leading Engineering school (reference for Information and communication Technology). Interested in Analytics

ID 458171

Laurent Thillaye du Boullay

Founder Twiztour • Worked at Viadeo • Studied at @essec-business-school-paris

ID 638706

Victoria Dorgnon-Lambert

French engineer from Arts et Métiers Paristech, graduated from HEC Entrepreneurship. Passionate about entrepreneurship, startup, luxury and polo!

ID 206663

Amit Bhatt

Have brought ideas from concept to reality & managed multi-cultural teams. Love to improve the customer experience. Enjoy B2B sales and complex projects.

ID 151791

Morgane L'Hostis

Student at @hecparis. Business Analyst at @latelier in SF. Passionate about #Innovation, Tech and Sailing.

ID 683101

Alexandre Ponthier

Founder of Alex et Alex, consultant to Ernst & Young, Financial Planning to SFR, MBA Major in Finance 2008

ID 514979

Nicolas Landier

Business oriented & international minded Software Architect willing to find an atmosphere to realize my best (fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish).

ID 127138

Trond Urdahl

Co-Founder & CEO @the-founder-1 luxury fashion clothing brand purely online. • MBA 2003 @esade

ID 577995

Pierre Entremont

Builder in Residence at @efounders / Founded and sold / Ex McKinsey, Rocket Internet & TechCrunch France / Studied at HEC Paris

ID 536419


CEO of Orama. Watches the stats more than the images on YouTube. His passion is to mix technology, talent and creativity to help is client reach their marketing goals via online film. Previously an investment banker for 10 years.

ID 486494

Adrien Levinger

Strong background in finance (BNP & Tikehau IM). Sales and Entrepreunarial skills developed @ Wombat. Part-time photographer. Telecom Paristech MS 2011.

ID 601078

Guillaume Fiette

Co-Founder and CEO @fenris-lair-studio, game developper, studied @epita

ID 255088

Brice Durand

Passionate about product development, worked as a full stack engineer at Skimm. Part of season 2 of Le Camping, first French startup accelerator.

ID 358865

Aurélie Garrigues

Business Strategist made for start-ups. Looking for a new adventure in California !

ID 352102

Alexandre Tamborrino

CS Master student (KTH, INSA de Lyon), software development of innovative Web applications and large-scale systems (distributed systems, NoSQL, Big Data, async and functional programming)

ID 378546

Vincent Poulain

University of Technology of Compiegne, Software Engineer, BigData - Cloud Computing

ID 490527

Kristen Schultz

ID 238440

Julien Salvi

Android Engineer @cinemur Android Engineer Consultant @foodily • Worked at @mogreet • Studied at @utbm

ID 136404

Sébastien Louyot


Co-founder of @siinapse, Serial entrepreneur, Business Angel, Telecom/IT Senior Consultant.

ID 419475

Raphael Dardek

Co-founder & CEO of Weeleo • Worked at @thales • Studied at @ipag • Skills in digital marketing and web conceptualization • Keen traveller and a backpacker

ID 567684

Amine Hamdaoui

Completing a curriculum in Fundamental Mathematics, Computer Science and Advanced Statistics at ENSAE ParisTech, a top French Engineering school.

ID 201710

Lucas Hoffmann

Internet entrepreneur, next James Bond and Founder @Brandahead

ID 541553

Jonathan Userovici

Top academic background. Worked at @Merrill Lynch, @Smart Equity, Studied at @HEC Paris, @Lycée Janson-de-sailly.

ID 509947

Victoria M. Gill

Studied at @new-york-university

ID 345395

Rémy Wannebroucq

ID 604416

Patrick Whatman

BA/LLB, Qualified lawyer in NZ with full-time content writing/editing experience.

ID 542441

Janagan Suntharalingam

Worked at @axa-private-equity, @societe-generale-cib • Studied at @sciences-po-paris

ID 362678

Francesco Cervigni

CS MSc. Graduate, Full Stack generalist.

ID 68166

Hery Ramihajamalala

Analyst programmer - Weborama

ID 627081

Youri Dauber

Entrepreneur • Founder of @soccha (acquired) & @drawbotics

ID 678119

Gregory Defarge

Engineer in computer science (ENIB - 2004). Worked for: Thales, CEA-LIST, Dassault Systèmes and Murex. 10 years of professional experience in software.

ID 257677

Kevin Perez

Worked at @ibm • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 663963

luisa hernandez

ID 204809

Laurent Meyer

Worked at @fifty-five • Studied at @hec-paris

ID 489364

Pablo Westermann


ID 340914

Thibaut Gimenez

Last-year student at ESCP Europe BS with a Major in Entrepreneurship, fluent in French, English and Spanish and with relevant experiences in the startup field

ID 100376



ID 376002

Pierre-Yves Dagiral

ID 292017

Majdi Toumi

ID 282969

Elizabeth Williams

Content Strategy & Marketing Consultant, 8 years experience, strong international background & experience, Honors BA from the University of Toronto (2005)

ID 445297

Weber Arthur

Full stack Javascript Developper; Love NodeJS and Backbone.

ID 74957

ILHE Alain


Angel - Président of Investessor and Seine Ouest Angels (Angels Networks Paris)

ID 366902

Nicola Bonetta

International Profile, graduated in Italy and specialized in Paris. Worked in Sales at Hard Rock Intenrational

ID 55117

Isabelle Kali

Bilingual Office Manager with 15 years experience, worked at DenyAll, Cellhire, Progressive, and Henderson Global Investors

ID 509497

Grégory Renard

Founder @xbrainsoft @smartuse @wygwam • Work at @oscaro-com Group

ID 200717

Michaël Boccara


Student of life Startup lover

ID 481576

Nathalie Torloting

ID 325744

Ida Swarczewskaja

ID 53930

Florian Cafiero

Co-founder of @hypios; Graduate from Ecole Normale Supérieure; Specialist in economics, statistics, and linguistics. Teaching at Ecole Centrale Paris.

ID 519103

Ivano Cresto

European new graduate with experiences in Italy, France, UK, China and Indonesia. I actually run a distribution company

ID 550472

Thomas Altenburger

Third year student at EPITA, IT school in Paris, learn fast, a love for startups...

ID 416965

Thierry Gandilhon

Enthusiast technologist entrepreneur

ID 267284

Arijeet Chatterjee

MBA graduate from HEC Paris with significant experience in product management, marketing and business development in an international environment.

ID 558972

Laurie Lhoyer

Founder Appscho • Worked at @paypal • Studied at @hong-kong-university-of-science-and-technology-1, @escp-europe-1

ID 660829

Mathieu Fargette

I'm an experienced and motivated sales and business developer with a strong background in developing new business in the HR software industry.

ID 537038

Marie Schneegans

ID 533530

Ephraim Bismuth

Business Development @bistri, start-up working on the Web-RTC from San Francisco

ID 550105

Guillaume GILLET

Work on BNP CRM bank. I love new technology and programming like Rails, C/C++, Android and more. Always eager to learn something new.

ID 320589

Manfred Micaux

Founder @runtroll

ID 287627

David Lambert

Working at @wimi. Startup enthusiast. Looking for challenges.

ID 413869

Edouard Rosenblum

Head of biz dev @mention, founder @breazio

ID 180943

Adil Mhira

ID 566051

Soline Drouet

ESSEC student. Worked at fifty-five. Looking for an internship.

ID 49887

Jean-Daniel Guyot

Capitaine Train cofounder. I sell train tickets. Really fast.

ID 317063

Olivier Corradi

Working at @snips. Worked at @google, @ibm Zürich Research • Studied at @technical University of Denmark and @ecole-centrale-paris

ID 402846

Eric Doughty-Papassideris

Epitech Software Engineer, worked and published stacks at levels from native to web, very versatile because truly passionate about technology

ID 159344

Ugo Philippart

Worked at @kddi, @edf-energy • Studied at @shanghai-jiao-tong-university, @telecom-paristech

ID 258281

Romain Simon

Creative entrepreneur, web lover and self-learner

ID 462340

Romain Menetrier

Founder @soshare, worked as CTO of @connecthings, CTO, expert in mobile, backend and contactless technologies (NFC, BLE)

ID 223541

Julien Paquet

Founder and CEO @famest - Professional optimist

ID 217337

Chien Cong NGUYEN

Founder @parlayz • Studied at @ecole-centrale-paris, @escp-europe-1

ID 412239

Xavier Lacot

French guy with a bunch of good ideas. I build nifty things at @JoliCode

ID 505594

Adrien Frize

Best master in finance in the world at HEC Paris. Strong background in strategy consulting and finance. FinTech enthusiast.

ID 360929

Marc Verwaerde

MD in Marketing at HEC Paris; Launched 1 online B2B platform in Brazil. Successful online marketing track record in the food industry with L'atelier des Chefs.

ID 173038

Tancrède Fourmaintraux

Associate Director at Work Bandits HEC Paris MBA 2012

ID 375168

Neisha M Fernandes

Luxury brand management professional with over ten years of cross-functional experience in leading retail operations and providing management consulting services in emerging markets. Expertise in building and mentoring high performance teams, collaboratin

ID 468339


ID 282462

Xiaobin LIANG

Web project manager; E-reputation; Philanthropy; Language learning; Globetrotter; Martial arts

ID 489733

Antoine Menet

E-commerce & digital marketing executive. Experience in launching new concepts, transforming & growing consumer brands online in the USA & Europe.

ID 443320

Vincent Schachter

Founder biotechnology @total-new-energies , @hybrigenics • Worked at @french-national-genome-center CS PhD at ENS Paris, biotech research, solar PV management.

ID 511972

David Flak

HEC Paris (#1 Business School in Europe), Founded an educational company, Already worked in New York (Peerform), Strong financial background (HSBC, DB)

ID 520493

Estelle Maruzzo

M1 student at HEC Paris

ID 194124

Mathieu Peychet

Final year student at HEC Paris (Master in Entrepreneurship); Worked at Clipperton Finance and La Fourchette. Lookinf for job opportunities in the US

ID 397702

Capucine SURREL

Mba hec, business launcher In France and Europe, launched and resold one company, expanded UK Company in Fr. Ecommerce, mcommerce and mobile instore addict.

ID 167724

Mauricio Calcagnotto Garcia

Marketing, strategy, new product and business development, customer development. Experience in several industries and companies in different stages. HecParisMBA

ID 611694

Nathaniel Haloua

Prépa HEC. Student at HEC Paris (program Grande Ecole), expecting to graduate in 2017. Passionate about start-ups, entrepreneurship and venture capital.

ID 373114

Philippe Meyralbe

ID 641277

Leonard Combier

Graduated from HEC Paris, worked at Deezer and DDB° Paris.

ID 209330

Oscar von Meck

ID 688000

Victor Muraille

Student at HEC Paris; Worked in M&A at Nomura for 6 months

ID 702112

David Vambré

ID 111487

Remi Philippe

ID 526542

Jean-Michel Texier

Intrapreneur, passionate by building web products that matters, I have a significant experience in managing teams and a compelling hunger for technology.

ID 464966

Adrien Havelka

Business Developer for a French Startup developing a groundbreaking strong authentication device, MSc from Essec Business School

ID 560691

Kenza Berrada

ID 334367

Thibault Corby

Pricing Analyst at Renault. I'm looking to develop my skills before launching my company (Social Media, Food, B2B)

ID 568122

Hassan DAYEM

Sales Management Professional with 14 years experience. Intrapreneur. BABA,MBA. Trilingual (French, Arabic). B2B, Direct Sales, Telesales, Inside Sales

ID 76270

Martin Stoev

Owner, @streamed-in

ID 110438

Jean-Marie Vallet

Experienced Life Sciences Executive

ID 194096

Mebs F.

Founder JKPM

ID 161502

Amina Taha

Studied at @parsons-school-of-design-1

ID 694465


7 years in a Consulting firm, transformation projects Ability to manage challenges out of initial core competencies Push personality and personal commitment

ID 338780

Ankur Bansal

ID 550531

Claudio Viola

Software Engineer and Programmer Worked at @amadeus • Studied at @politecnico-milano and @tongji-university speaking IT,EN,FR some ZH and ES.

ID 606049

Salome Hemmo

Worked at @procter-gamble-2, @texas-instruments • Studied at @telecom-bretagne, @exeter-university

ID 529025

Celia Mebroukine

ID 256908

Bruno Kovacs

Project manager, consulting in IT and information security.

ID 500055

Walid Ellec

Working as a Product Manager at @qobuz. Previously intern at @lecamping, @orange • Studied CS Eng. at @ECEParis, @stockholm-university University , @concordia-university University

ID 331856

Florian Eysseric

Graduate student from IIT (Chicago, IL) and ENAC (France). Software Engineering and Civil Aviation background. Looking for a full time position within USA.

ID 511288

Jeanne Florentin

ID 672860

Alexandre MATHIEU

ID 546467

Mathieu Baudouin

Ingénieur IT + MBA, actuellement au sein de l'inspection générale d'une banque française

ID 282731

Edo Red

ESCP MIM, projects creator as a hobby, willing to build a company, looking to learn start-up world, ready to start.

ID 432238

David Ryan

Content, open source and startups at @red-hat, former business analyst at @peabody-energy. Founded Tech Tidal, Brisbane's startup media voice. Founded @metaset.

ID 636132

Hélène d'Ozouville

ESSEC Graduate, hard-working, creative, looking for an entrepreneurial position in a dynamic firm, preferably in the health field

ID 284771


Digital agency with premium services in brand campaign digital strategy, creative web design and development, branding, social media, seo, and online marketing.

ID 394119

Guillaume Thibault

Sciences Po Student.

ID 580039

Francis Yapobi

Entrepreneurship grad. @EMLyon, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Focus: Digital & Social Media: Politics | Technology | Africa |

ID 470217

Guillaume Leheuzey

ESSEC/Telecom Paris Tech - Digital Marketing Team Leader & Entrepreneur

ID 420540

Chometon Adrien

Co-founder & CTO of Weeleo Studied at @esiea

ID 607071

Vincent Nguyen-Huu

Founder @realytics • Worked at @kobojo • Studied at @epita

ID 183832


Worked at @rocket-internet, @eurorscg • Studied at @escp-eap

ID 99462

Édouard Mandon

ID 697683

Basile Scache

Expert in French Public Affairs with a Proven Entrepreneur Ability

ID 634525

Gilles Boyer

Founder/CEO @Global Investment Services

ID 532120

Anthony Brebion

Marketing Manager at AB Tasty, worked as SEO consultant at iProspect, Worked at AOL, Orange.

ID 447587

Alexandre Combessie

Consultant at Capgemini. Former Xtreme Labs (acquired by Pivotal). Engineer from Ecole des Ponts. Master of Management of Innovation at University of Toronto.

ID 643138

Daniel Westphal

Financial Accountant, Music Producer, Language Trainer

ID 690838

Jérémie Fourbil

ID 280562

David Grilli

Web Developer, geek, drummer, nerd · I enjoy pushing code, watching movies and listening to rock & roll · I believe in technology bringing people together.

ID 359097

Varun Mittal

Multinational experience, Analitical, Both technology and management background

ID 364319

Mike Milord

ID 333200

Antonio El Khoury

ID 197335

Eric Poindessault

Founder and CEO @biggerpan

ID 534736

Paul-Louis Lépine

VC @dn-capital

ID 649064

François Grante

Founder Firmapi, @jobclip • Worked at @cdiscount-com

ID 151515

Gregoire Boillet

MSc computational finance student at Universite Paris-Dauphine

ID 299709

Christophe Tavernier

- french national assoCIATION of CFOs & control managers - PhD student Paris in financial cyberstrategy - European Institute of Technology & Innovation/ICT labs

ID 311369


Founder Coincamp • Worked at @leetchi • Studied Finance at @inseec-paris-bordeaux

ID 491907

Sébastien CLERC

170% outstanding over achievement for the last 3 years

ID 419515

Adrien Thibodaux

Co-founder & COO of Weeleo • Co-founder of ARA Technology • Studied at @esiea • Skills in mobile applications, quantitative management, embedded systems.

ID 307620

Georgios Efstratiadis

CEO of CopyrightsWorld. Co-Founder for many online startups. Digital Nomad.

ID 164407

Vincenzo Macrì

Ecommerce Expert, Startupper. Country Manager Italy, France and Sweden @ Tirendo Holding. Global Venture Development Manager @ Rocket Internet. ESCP and Bocconi Alumni

ID 108263


Co-Founder @carjump. Studied at ESCP Europe.

ID 535499

José Carlos Joaquim

Portuguese iOS & Ruby engineer working in Paris.

ID 390604

Benjamin du Peloux

ID 106180

Nicolas Grilly

Founder of Garden (a consultancy developing web and datamart applications), Python programmer

ID 592536

Andreas Ernst

Worked at @holcim, @swissport • Studied at @zurich-university-of-applied-sciences-zhaw

ID 128846

Emmanuel Darmon

Founder & CEO @uniyu

ID 486462

Abhishek J Patil

Head of Technology Nuvenote • Worked at @thinklabs-in, @vcreate-logic • Studied at @university-of-mumbai, @universit-paris-8

ID 557076

Olivier Tassinari

I really love discovering new technologies. I am a curious and persevering person.

ID 579825

Nicolas Preuss

Mathematics skill and strong problems solving skills

ID 100797

Josef Richter

ux/ui designer, mobile & web, worked in @y-combinator with @orankl-3, @hitfox Berlin, @ernst-young Prague, etc. less is more and devil is in detail.

ID 362367

Carole Attoungbre

Founder @eldonreader • Last year student at @EM Lyon• Strong background in Business Strategy & Team Management.

ID 399620

Quentin Lhomme

Worked at @tf1 • Studied at @em-lyon

ID 439337

Alexis Bienvenu

Ponts et Chausses, Specialized in computer vision and machine-learning, Looking for new and challenging opportunities

ID 400900

Emmanuelle Scemama


Looking for Big Data startups for Keyrus Ventures (accelerator and funding program)

ID 688803

Aude d'Amarzit

Master of Internatinal Business at Dauphine. 1 year at Microsoft as Marketing Junior Manager. 6 month as Junior Web Project Manager in sustainable developpment

ID 549942

Leslie Maarek

Student at Paris Dauphine University. Programming. Mathematics

ID 300527


Paris-Dauphine student

ID 44887

Guillaume Hurbault

Founder @ Winesee • Worked at @metaboli, @gametap

ID 209405

Ulysse Sabbag

Founder Columize • Studied at @university-of-warwick

ID 675595

Nicolas Perpetuite

ID 540693

Aline Maingard

Marketing and Communications. International Account Management, Client Relations and Business Development experience.

ID 396017

Karelle Danielou

Worked at @gemalto, @unic-technology-co-ltd • Studied at @supelec

ID 374511

Damien Pacaud

Full time geek, entrepreneur spirited, currently loving #grails.

ID 528063

Cyril Cassaigne

ID 241619

Antony Cohen

CTO/Developer/Co-founder @ Whoozer, Pricebuzz and Trends up

ID 627002

Arthur Swiniarski

Excited by mobile. Looking for a job in a dynamic team. Learned Objective-C and web dev. Also French MSc in Maths & Finance

ID 432289

Philippe Bazard

Lead Developper, almot full stack. Great fan dynamic languages. Strong general culture in economics and data analysis.

ID 634571

Matthieu ML

Supélec French 'Grande École' student - majored in cybersecurity. French MBA. Research in artificial intelligence at TokyoTech. Startup enthusiast.

ID 665734

Benchimol Cyril


Founded, sold to Glossybox (Rocket internet)

ID 32327

Olivier Ricou

45, PhD in Mathematics, director of a research lab in computer science (, found of strategic games.

ID 467332

Peter Day


Built Petronor Group Ltd from start-up to 30+million | Bootstrap financed Iraq Energy City property development | 20 Years with Schlumberger | Intrapreneur

ID 550437

Daniel Reid

Innovation management student with financial experience searching for international internship opportunity.

ID 253103

David Rodriguez

General Manager @hailo . Founder Viajillo • Worked at @jp-morgan, @eurosport • Studied at @esc-reims

ID 434266

Mathieu Proust

Founder @vivapics • Worked at @microsoft, @l-oreal • Studied at @edhec

ID 612386

Felix Raimundo

Student in Embedded Systems and Artificial Intelligence at Telecom ParisTech. Fond of new technologies and robotics.

ID 120498


Chief Driver & co-founder at taxishare. Walk the talk.

ID 3562


Investor in @playlistnow-fm.

ID 459118

Raphael Layani

Founder Shop In Street • Studied at @em-lyon

ID 458622

Guillaume Odriosolo

Founder @soshare • Worked at @orange • Studied at @university-of-bordeaux-1-science-technology

ID 566733

Fabrice Pradal

Cross-Border Financial Advisor

ID 441018

Aurel von Breitenstein


Information System and Finance 2.0

ID 632199


worked at Thales, specialist in aerospace

ID 61858

Romain Vidal

Worked at @natixis

ID 346389

Nicolas FATOUT

Worked in start-ups, major groups in advertising, websites, mobile companies, affiliate platform. Experience as Entrepreneur and Website creator.

ID 545788

Adrien Fenech

Worked at @la-charrette, @aitec • Studied at @epita, Studied at @university-of-stellenbosch

ID 615298

Pierre Fenoll

French MS CS, Erlang developer willing to relocate

ID 520622

maryse liburdi

Founder Pokeware • Studied at @university-of-south-carolina

ID 585043

Benjamin Canac

Epitech 2015 student. Love development and new technologies.

ID 304411

Ismaïl Dabladji

Acquisition manager in the field of medias/entertainment/social gaming. BEM/Kedge graduate in 2010, worked at and

ID 468607

Alice Samson

Studied at @city-college-of-new-york, @celsa

ID 116718

Pratiksha Dake

Senior Software Engineer at ibibo Web Private Limited

ID 450468


Telecom Paristech, just graduated in data science, 6 months internship as data scientist at Amadeus

ID 358695

Céline Monthéard

Senior Web & Ecommerce Product Executive, Cross-functional and international background in IT, Marketing and Business operations. 9y in China.

ID 406847

Emeric de Bernis

Msc Secured Information Systems at Supelec, France. Worked at FactSet.

ID 356890

Jonathan Fusellier

Web passionate

ID 360047

Arnaud Rouyer

Node.js expert // Creator of TechShaker // Developer for HangPic

ID 559516

Paul Jouguet

PhD in applied physics, software engineer, CEO of a start-up company

ID 319404

Daniel Régis Sarmento Caon

Co-Founder @songwich, MSc Informatics @federal-university-of-espirito-santo, 1y MSc internship and 1y PhDc @institut-telecom-telecom-paristech

ID 401214


Partner at Seneque-Territoires

ID 222143

Grégoire Clermont

Co-founder & CTO of @hellomentor • Studied at @epitech-1

ID 408727


Entrepreneur in education & technology. Strong international business background. CEO of Philosophy & international management MBA

ID 589873

Anne-Christelle Pérochon


French entrepreneur with provisous background in private equity.

ID 558889

Patrick Bouillaud

Leader Cloud Business Executive for France The opinions or view are my own

ID 150551

de Lussac Hector

Worked at @ligatus

ID 361171

Edgard Ghislain Mbayen Mbayen

Entrepreneur in mind, loves creating projects such as Imagine Cup 2011 1st rank in France, 4th rank world wide in New York Master of computer Science @efrei

ID 181065

Bastien Marduel

Founder @bocconi-students-wine-society • Worked at @louis-vuitton, @izettle • Studied at @bocconi-university

ID 366616

Mathieu Kempe

CTO at Selz, Master in computer science

ID 146209

Joao Pinheiro


Co-Founder of @academia-de-voo-hangar-5 • Angel Investor. Work at @banco-bic and worked at @bbva, @portugal-telecom • Studied at @ie-business-school-1

ID 185055

Rhai Goburdhun

CEO and co-founder of @vimies , ex @nike @converse @HypeQuest @LeVisionnairefr. I'm a digital hustler who loves the #web #streetculture #sneakers & #catvideos

ID 577064

Samia Alaoui

I had a 3 month internship in Manhattan, NY working for a real estate company specialized in short term rentals for tourists and businessmen. I also worked for the company Subway as a business developer for its franchisees in Paris.

ID 97252

Paul Yange

Editor in chief, Business background (graduated from Reims Management School in France), Alumni from the Us International Visitor Leadership Program

ID 688892

Loik Le Devehat

Robotics enthusiast specialized in embedded systems and software developpment, Worked at Alcatel Lucent.

ID 700028

Pierre Guceski

ID 29218

Djamel Gasbakid

ID 414987

Pierrick Sommier

ID 590479

Arnaud Garnier

ID 507261

Mohamed-Hassen Mami

2 academic Android applications, 1 information visualisation group project (Processing), XML/XSLT/XQUERY, SQL, JQuery, Mapreduce, Hadoop, Java EE, Symfony

ID 448677

Stephane Lambert

Founder Wishtrend Thailand, PROMOSPA • Worked at @bagatelle-enterprises

ID 527933


Marketing & product manager

ID 435513

Pascal Latouche

Professional interests : Marketing, Strategic Management, Business Ecosystems, Innovation, Developers, Startups and SME.

ID 82613

Emile Parte

VC & PE Investor - Business Plans peeler - Avid reader

ID 142266

Nicolas Davoust

Founder and CEO of @245friends,,, Happy entreprenor :p

ID 493911

Thomas Degelcke

Graduate with a Dual Degree in Business in Ma y 2013 (2:1) and with an exper ience as Digital Project Manager

ID 232096

Adrien Montfort

Multi platform hacker, loves clean code and tests

ID 361299

Ashwajit WAHANE

Worked as Corporate Entrepreneur - Solar dehydration of horticulture crops. Designed the dehydrators and managed the company for 3 years. Project worth - USD 500,000

ID 205769

Petru Teodorescu

Founder @eservices, @renobru • Worked at @young-rubicam, @mccann-erickson

ID 328116

carlos sanches ruivo

Founder and Operational Director @lx21-sa previously Corporate Key Account Manager and IT Department Manager at TDF (France, Europe) Reims Management School MBA

ID 243033

Damien Soulard

Worked at @ology-media, @pricebuzz • Studied at @epita Passionate and skilled web developer graduated from the engineering school EPITA, Graduate school of computer science and advanced technologies, in Paris, France.

ID 478093

Morgan Z

ID 509219

Erika Morice

Studied at @epita

ID 544241

Lucille Tachet

Computer Engineering student at EPITA (Ecole Pour l’Informatique et les Techniques Avancées) in Paris. Looking for an developer internship.

ID 201821

Nicolas de Pomereu

Founder KawanSoft • Studied at @institut-superieur-de-gestion

ID 337968

Thomas Berrod

EPITECH, .Net expert, work in startup, wine specialist

ID 538548

Rebecca Collins

Communications strategist at Make It With Code. Also building communications for @myerp and @copass. Fan of bouldering, spreadsheets and learning to code.

ID 209340

James Medd

Customer Success Owl at @hootsuite. SaaS startup experience with strong B2B customer relations. Living in London.

ID 211854

Edward Stapleton

ID 267143

Alexandre Mogharaei

Investment at Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), worked @ BNP Paribas & @pwc.

ID 221421

Fabrice Cheng

M.D. in CS. Passionate about Ruby on Rails and have a strong aptitude for absorbing new technologies. Two years of work experience working for major accounts.

ID 173122

Benoit Molenda

Wanted freelance, Polyglote developer (lov'in Rails and JS), Self-educated designer, Subculture addict.

ID 212415

Fabien Lafontaine

Founder Picmile

ID 218393

Rudth-Mael Galite

EPITA alumni ; Rails and iOS fan ; Worked at HP as infrastructure consultant ; Designed and implemented ; Working on

ID 102221

Frédéric Simons

Founder WorldCraze & Startup-review

ID 436934

Raphaël Prat

Founder Tokywoky • Worked at @transatel, @web-alliance • Studied at @supinfo-international-school

ID 255258

Diane Limouzineau

Worked at @lvmh (Dior) and currently @ Club Med. 7 years experience in Marketing and as a Buyer. Based in Paris. Graduated from Edhec Business school.

ID 525338

Chris Lerus

EPITA France MS, Web developement, Android Application, looking for an 6 month internship

ID 637390

Hamza Kourimate

Innovation driven.Worked at @dailymotion, @over-graph, @canal+ • Studied at @Esiee Paris, @hetic

ID 92589

Eliott Cohen-Skalli

Director of Marketing in a cool startup

ID 190536

Harry Hagege

ID 701655

Sylvain Paley

I come from internet and work in advertising. Celsa2012. Member of @Studio404 and part of the @getkimd adventure.

ID 558542

Mahfooz Ahmad

Founder Keep UP • Worked at @nbc-universal • Studied at @new-york-institute-of-technology

ID 447258

Amaury Martiny

Engineering Student at Ecole Centrale Paris. Cloud Computing Intern at IBM. Worked as Technical Manager and Web Manager at VIA Centrale Réseaux.

ID 360006

Hugo Campanella

Recruitment consultant - Digital & Web specialist

ID 398281

Florent Massé

Business Analyst & knowledge management, Graduated from Grenoble Graduate School of business working at Dassault system in CATIA's strategy department

ID 492844

Ionut-Cosmin Lang

Founder @imtoo • Worked at @bnp-paribas • Studied at @inseec-paris-bordeaux

ID 465616

Desmaison Alban

Student at one of the best French Engineering school, currently pursuing first part of a gap year at Thales aerospace.

ID 652786

Gregory Durelle

French engineer passioned by new technologies, learning and rock'n roll...

ID 34681

Emmanuel Castaing

Investor in @cityzencar-1.

ID 425178

Fabien Guilbaud

PhD applied maths, worked as quant trader at SocGen, and quant researcher/developer at startup hedge funds. Also did research fellowship at UC Berkeley.

ID 458197

Hugo Le Squeren

Sales enthousiast & web entrepreneur @RESAE_fr

ID 445276

Henri Dambreville

Product Owner @ Onprint, works to improve businesses through technology innovations, brings the digital transformation in more classical industries.

ID 485365

Richard Keo

ID 621431

Steven Tulman

Steven built and scaled sales operations at,, Info-Tech Research Group, and currently serves as VP at ICM Consulting and Media Corp.

ID 282004

Jules de Blegiers


ID 226508

Gilles Le Cocguen


[email protected], [email protected], business angel@qualystemtechnologies

ID 663116

Amin Khribi

ID 436746

Pascal Malengrez

Worked at @hp, @boston-scientific • Studied at @institut-superieur-de-gestion, @mba-marketing

ID 550915

Clément Monjou

ID 539554

Thibault Chatagnon

Recently graduated in Finance & entrepreneurship. I m looking for any opportunities in the tech industry.

ID 575407

Helene Lavoix

Director The Red (Team) Analysis Society. PhD, MSc @school-of-oriental-and-african-studies MFin Paris, spec. strategic foresight & warning for nat. and int Sec

ID 291054

Paul-Henri Brunet

Starter Digital strategy for @moodmedia. Marketing technologist whatever. I'll love your startups.

ID 347672

Romain Lavagna

#Cofounder @Hunear_com #Marketing Student @INSEEC Business School #blogger @Rpgsphere #Socialnetwork #Web #Writer #startup #leanstartup #tech

ID 248606

Ricardo Chavez

Student @IESEG School of Management - Paris. Former COO of the CEE Fund, grass-root investment group, funding student initiatives.

ID 382348


Strong ability to learn quickly new technologies and programming languages

ID 228902

Julien Guepin

Completing a Master's Degree in CS at TELECOM Nancy, Java and Python lover, mobile and web developer. Looking for an internship in Software Engineering or Big data.

ID 442332

Christopher Cailleaux

Worked at @capgemini, @veolia • Studied at @concordia-university, @ece-paris

ID 536529

Anthony Chiche

French student seeking a 6-month internship in the area of business development/sales in a startup, starting June or July 2014

ID 535622

Aurélien Lemesle

iOS Software engineer

ID 394698

Benjamin Legrand

Research study (mémoire): Human factor in the decision process of exportation : cognitive styles and personality traits of managers who décide to export.

ID 430016

Cyril Sellam

Web Developer - strong experience in agencies in France, Ireland & UK - worked on projects for Société Générale, BP, Aviva, Ministry of Education, Hachette

ID 464595

Carole Fourcade

Responsable Marketing at LivingSocial. Worked at Love start-ups and web marketing.

ID 475353

Damien Cavaillès

Former @ Founder @kojoa & @krack • Worked at @altran-europe and @ikomobi

ID 201477

Bernard Pratz

Worked at CKAB, Bearstech & IRCAM • Studied at University Pierre et Marie Curie and Paris-Sud, graduated in distributed systems

ID 602993

Arnaud Devigne

ID 455066

Ron van der Zanden

Business Hero Award at General Electric for Excellent performance.

ID 663276

Fanny Damiette

10 years of experience building strong differentiating brands in various industries with international companies in retail, food, beauty, real estate...

ID 164307

Saad Zniber

co-founder & VP of products and communication @ Yatedo

ID 357748

Moktar Larbi

Co-Founder at UBQT : The easiest way to follow the best events from anywhere. Former Head of mktg/business @tf1 (#MYTF1CONNECT) / @Wat_tv / SFR Music

ID 458465


Founder Polllet • Worked at @talend, @sap • Studied at @escp-europe-1

ID 552860

Stéphane Vromman

Co-founder of Bulb in Town in charge of Business Development. Former strategy consultant (OC&C). Expert in problem solving and due diligence. ESCP Europe grad.

ID 387948

Hugo Barennes


ID 506101

Kylie Lee

Bachelor of Arts at HKU; blogger, fashionista and foodie. Worked for HK Magazine, Lane Crawford, Van Gogh International and more.

ID 226533

Marie Rousseau

CRM & Marketing Automation specialised in online communication channels

ID 263568

Fannie B

Social Media & Web Marketing Strategy

ID 198196

Romain Lauwerier

Entrepreneur @wizville Retailer Feedback Solution & @artbeating French Design Marketplace

ID 228910


A rédiger.

ID 457153

Stan Chollet

Master Of Science at SUPINFO, Teacher during one year at SUPINFO and now Software Engineer at Worldline. Passionate about travel, software development and sport

ID 497851

Idriss Amrani

Founder @matelife • Studied at @epitech-1

ID 398559

Nicolas Devillard

Former EY and Groupon trainee, Chinese MBA in the core industrial region of Guangzhou with a thesis on the influence of chinese e-consumer cultural values on their purchasing actions.

ID 38103

Thierry Goigoux


Owner, @gs2i

ID 446310

Alexandre Delamaire

Brand Content Strategist. Need to showcase your product's core feature in a new way? Increase its reach towards new audiences? Build partnerships? I am your man

ID 151475

Philippe Dubois

Founder @mo5-com • Worked at @rmn-1, @grand-palais • Studied at @college-of-engineering

ID 437254

Vincent Colombet

Telecom Bretagne, Master in Business & Management of the IT, junior consultant for cereza (launched succesfully the new information system for the routing of cars for the french train company), Proeject Managemer at Dalet Digital media system (managed suc

ID 209323

Baptiste Bataille

Responsable de communication digitale FEIYUE • #ECOMMERCE #EMARKETING #CM #CRM #VEILLE #SNEAKERS

ID 480586

Clement Storck

Founder of RedLab, Internet of Things addict

ID 106213

Arnaud Rossi

Founder @work-bandits, creator of a gamification technology.

ID 370038

Eric Khun

Hacker. I make life easier. #3DPrinting #Startup #Growth. Software engineer @THRE3Dco

ID 322900

Feng Li

ID 569466


ID 488633

Pierre Adrien Simonin

Founder MiunyGAMES

ID 420806

Florent Darrault

Strategic planner, chocolate addict, mashup curator & retweet master - Publicis | MSLGROUP | France | MSL PARIS - all views expressed are my own

ID 533194

Jérémy Steinberg

Motivated business student ready to help a startup grow its business and sustainability.

ID 373163

Benjamin Lorenzi

Completing an MSc in Computer Science at TELECOM Nancy engineering school, Software Engineering specialization (graduating in September) ;Front end developer at Dassault Systemes (internship);

ID 559440

Quentin Devauchelle

Former IT Support Technician turned Developer. Made and publish an Android application, joined Dev Bootcamp in SF, won the SpaceApp 2014 Challenge in SF

ID 25223

Florence Clot

Web and mobile entrepreneur. User Research/User Acquisition France/USA

ID 466575

Louise Chatillon

Corporate and crisis communications Intern at ApcoWordwide, Paris. Strong communications and press relations backgroung. Essec Business School. Paris

ID 633699

Dushyant Agarwal

Co-founder,Xcoders club of ZHCET, first club in college to enhance the programming skills of the students of ZHCET

ID 371427

Cristina De la Peña

Founder @neurocrowd • Innovation-driven Entrepreneur • Experience on digital tech applied on creative industries.

ID 420423

Wen Song

ID 353586

Roy Marmelstein

iOS Developer.

ID 643175

Raphaëlle Tricoche

ID 473889

Ivan Grifi

Creative visual designer open to collaborate on challenging revolutionary project

ID 552090

Sibi- Saseendran

International MBA Graduate specialised in marketing,interested in disrupting.

ID 148215

Aurelien Lequertier

Wireless Applications Engineer passionate about disruptive technologies in particular M2M/Internet of Things. Graduated from @telecom-bretagne

ID 160639

Francois Chauvin

Founder eTerritoire • Worked at @twenga • Studied at @iseg

ID 549583

Yann Mahé

Backend Software Engineer, currently in my final year of studies at TELECOM Bretagne in France, looking for new challenges for April 2014.

ID 167639


Founder Logs Diffusion International • Studied at @utc

ID 444119

Max Paolone

Front End Developer, currently working as a freelance. I am continually learning and expanding my skillset through self-study and application.

ID 404805

Romain Dauman

Part-time Finance and Controlling Manager

ID 390711

Hakim Mazouz

ID 644565

Maxence Charriere

Studied at @epitech-1

ID 695569

Jeffrey Zheng

ID 352545

Thibaut Branger

Digital Strategist and luxury expert. Write articles about brands and their issues. Worked for Cartier, Boucheron, Louis XIII, L'Oréal, Caisse d'Epargne, Vimeo.

ID 463475


Business Development

ID 310331

Joffrey Bocquet

Lead Developer iOS at @tag-see - Specialized in iOS - Design & Development - Obsessed with pixel perfect

ID 678365

Max Moock

Country Manager @weeleo • Worked @5m-ventures • Student @audencia-nantes

ID 427450

Ludovic Le Vaillant

ID 524467

Bertrand Jacquin

Network and System Engineer. Strong technical background on open source products. Work for Exosec as a consultant.

ID 128716

Florent Chauveau

CTO of @thecallr-2. Technology hot shot. Half human, half machine.

ID 618331

Alexandre Barbey

CEO @wepickto • Studied at @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business

ID 640791

Raphaël Estrach

ID 632945

Roger TAN

Master student at @epitech-1; Looking for an internship in US; iOS Developper; Had an iOS Application was 1st place in French AppStore.

ID 603190

Adrien Guffens

full stack with iOS as major

ID 382424

Enzo Motioncooker

Inbound Marketing @k-wet-production , Business Development andvideo production & analysis @humour-consulting-group

ID 463797

Philippe Sultan

Founder @apidaze-io • Worked at @inria • Studied at @telecom-sudparis

ID 631418

Renaud Cohard-Beaumont

Founder Direct Homecare • Worked at @sap • Studied at @cfa-institute-1, @ipag

ID 573892

James Heng

iOS developer - Tech lover

ID 459160

Benjamin Pozzi

CFO of Parkadom

ID 508128

Robin Jeannel de Thiersant

Worked at @la-petite-etoile, @5m-ventures • Studied at @audencia-nantes, @universidad-del-desarrollo

ID 396471

Xavier Perez

Lead developer at @kisskissbankbank

ID 538433

Thomas Spieker

ID 525657

Neil Tamzali

ID 184634

Tanguy Beurdeley

ID 454030

Alizée Varloud

ESCP Europe student (2nd best Master in Management according to the Financial Times)

ID 433466

Arthur Massonneau

Geek Poet | Master 2 Student at Celsa - Paris Sorbonne & Kedge Business School | Worked @ TBWA\Corporate & LinkhumansFR | Challenge & People lover

ID 597975

Adriano Frigoli

ESCP student, entrepreneurial mind, offering problem solving and creativity skills to explore new business opportunities.

ID 495393

Claire Bacquart

Co-founder Innhotep; Ex Yahoo! EU SMB Marketing Director; Strategy and marketing expert

ID 459882

Guillaume Faure

Alumni Ecole de Design, currently working at FABERNOVEL as UX/UI Designer & Project Manager

ID 430718

Vincent Moncenis

Founder @digitalebox Community Organizing System for NGO, political organization, enterprise, gov

ID 33117

Simona Casolari

Creative marketing strategist who embraces the indie capitalism and believes in the free economy. I make (wonderful) things happen.

ID 234974

Christopher Moreau

ID 354057

Alexandre Corbasson

Consultant with two years of experience in M&A strategy and due diligence , Graduated from ESCP Europe, French and Canadian citizen

ID 330381


Hack your network by attending #startup events and competitions near you ! Great way to meet #cofounders, #Investors , #partners and #customers

ID 499347

Olivier Mairot

ESCP Europe graduate with a background in Finance and Business strategy, Currently Senior Consultant at a tier-1 management and strategy consulting firm

ID 222461

Davide Fugazza

Founder fleisure • Worked at @total-immersion, @fiat

ID 656519

Jan de Lobkowicz

Master in Management Degree, business developer for a global audit and consulting firm with public and private sector

ID 34734

Emmanuelle Le Jemtel

expert in creating and launching services especially in new mobility solutions

ID 478709

Charles de la Motte Rouge

Founder My Travel Mate • Worked at @air-liquide • Studied at @audencia-nantes

ID 158871

Alexandre Ali

COO @rad-co |

ID 603246

Adrian Franklin

ID 353132

Perrine Elkh

Director of Business Development @work4

ID 458669

Yann Daninos

Full Stack Generalist, Owned my webagency since 2007, Stratup experience, Entrepreneur !

ID 533243

Djibril KONE

Software Developer with project Management and Customer Support experiences

ID 592576

Laura Garde

Master degree in BA from @european-business-school-paris , worked 2yrs @glossybox-global as OPS manager and now for @bonaverde Lived in Paris, NY and now Berlin

ID 487333

Guillaume Guérin

Image and signal R&D engineer, DxO Labs, Tech-addict, Data lover.

ID 545522

Alexandre Pariente

Digital business student, music lover.

ID 236963

Jean-Baptiste Rieu

Passionate Developer. In love with Agility, UX, Continuous Integration and Unit Testing.

ID 155364

Romain Laffitau

CEO of @vectoriel, the first vector stock.

ID 553288

Maxime Gavet-Marqués

ID 402496

Antoine Touzot

IT Student @hetic (Montreuil) BizDev Startup & Marketing lover

ID 544576

Nicolas Seynaeve

Co-founder & CMO @teemeo, your digital heart. Organize your life with your contacts and your web tools easily. @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business alumni.

ID 217824

Matthieu Finiasz

Founder and R&D CybelAngel • PhD in Mathematics & Computer Science • Studied at @ens-paris

ID 584292


Founder of OMG - Oser Maîtriser Grandir

ID 252815

Tejaswi S

ID 119329

Dejan Miletic

Senior Creative Professional & Chief Visionary @trumply , @cr3ativelab .

ID 389834

Benjamin Soukiassian

ID 510546

Paul Guillotel

Tech Entrepreneur

ID 559021

Thomas Senkman

French web and iOS developer, student at Hetic. Worked at Weezevent.

ID 249388

Tachun Lin

Worked at @tigerlily, @captain-dash • Co-founder of Comfort creative lab

ID 648250

Robinson Roller

Founder @yelo-1, @plazzart

ID 61714

Frederic De Todaro

Co-Founder at @dweendle, World Product Search Engine

ID 61781

Denis Leonard

Co-Founder at @dweendle

ID 265878


Adjanohoun Hermann French electrical and softwar engineer. Worked at Sagem, Dassault Aviation and EADS Cassidian.

ID 457216

Mathias Gimeno

UX designer and story architect. I founded Prospexity in 2010 to offer to companies digital innovation consulting services.

ID 15728

Alexander Dmitrenko Marchenkoff


Founder @the7studios-spain • Investor @the7studios-spain • Studied at @russian-state-university-of-people-s-friendship

ID 648217

Alexandre Warnia de Zarzecki

Founder YELO

ID 432146

Grégory Bittan

Founder Realytics

ID 458310

Aymeric Bouriez

Co-Founder @ahead, Ahead

ID 340194

Jordan Bouaziz

Founder of Trendshr • Worked at @moon-partners-moon-invest, @tequila-solo • Studied at @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business, @lycee-janson-de-sailly

ID 451130

Jean-Michel Gobet


Ezakus CMO (11) Cloud Product Director Steek then F-Secure (09), retail cloud Marketing Director for SFR wholesale (06) Marketing Manager SFR DSL, portal (98)

ID 636075

Gatien Letartre

Senior Associate in KPMG, Finance analysis, Public Relations Skills, Developped entrepreneurship projects, Strong knowledge in start-ups.

ID 219979

Jonathan Levy

MSc @hetic, currently Product Designer @moodstocks

ID 642779

vincent dromer

Design d'application et de site responsive #Paris #startup

ID 533344

Jonathan Schmidt

Startup Lead developer

ID 238760

Dana Kianfar

Worked at @rhinno, @brigham-women-s-hospital • Studied at @american-university-of-paris

ID 105985

Benjamin Tincq

Co-Founder of OuiShare, a Creative Community for the Collaborative Economy. Strategist, Author, Speaker, #P2P #CollCons #CollProd specialist.

ID 677196

Emmanuel Amara

ID 313199



ID 411262

Alexandre Bernard

Development addict. Perfection lover.

ID 294575

Loic Lefebvre

Loic Lefebvre - Acteur - Directeur artistique - Chef de projet Réseau Exponentiel Page Facebook du réseau

ID 126753


A lifelong learner with multiple skills, I founded MyFrenchStartup to give the French startups ecosystem more visibility by providing deep and qualified data.

ID 442040

Sébastien Poudat

ID 617777

Bertrand Bruandet

Founder @nouveau-numero, @hypershoot • Worked at @tbwa, @colorz-fr • Studied at @hetic-college

ID 564749

Pierre Josseaux

Online Marketing Manager at & SKEMA Business School Alumni

ID 652053

Parth Joshi

Experienced Technology, Marketing & International Business Professional

ID 161189

David Desrousseaux

Web entrepreneur & developer in 3DPrinting, eCommerce consultant, Magento & SEO expert, Part-time teacher

ID 616877

Karim Mortabit

@hetic-college student, worked on a student project for @dailymotion . Interessted in startuping and improving Ruby on Rails skills.

ID 607021


Growth Hacker, Conversion rate optimization, Web Analytics and Web Acquisition expert | 8 years experience optimizing and promoting Online Products

ID 130819

Victor Nicollet

ID 33939

Tatsuo Sato

Co-Founder, CEO of @shiroube - The marketplace linking travelers with local residents to enable users to freely seek micro local guides. -

ID 610207

Nicolas Aicardi

Business and Strategy Analyst, working for a Business Accelerator-Venture Capital.

ID 159308

Sebastien Pastor

Founder @meeticket

ID 253666


CEO and Founder @gigz-com . Worked in money markets as a junior trader for 3 years. Gamer, entrepreneur, tech and science nerd

ID 102545

Cédric Nicolas

ID 610870

Théau Mesnard

Digital Project Assistant @betc Digital, half French / half Irish

ID 308497

Clément Grellier

Web developer at Maecia - Student at Gobelins - Music enthusiast

ID 123179

Ahmed Boussadia

CTO & Co-Founder @master-courses

ID 325496

Ronald Jean-Toussaint

Diverse Hats, musician, coach and marketer, i drop out to go full tim in Network Marketing, where i learn the principle of leadership, team building and success principles. I have the chance to meet several mentor and coach in business and in life at earl

ID 484400

thibaut gensollen

ID 701948

remy fernandes--dandré

Junior Europe Planner at Y&R on Colgate-Palmolive accounts - elaborating briefs on global campaigns during the week / shooting & mountain biking on weekends

ID 375585


ID 519075

Anne-Sophie Girault/

ID 598298

antonin nehring

student in Paris - graphic designer (web & motion) | curious quick learner resourceful crafty versatile designer (also humble)

ID 685171

Antoine Grebert

Grenoble Ecole de Management Graduate, looking for an internship in a dynamic startup, really excited about moving to Berlin

ID 517338


CEO of Allship. 1st ecommerce website built at 16, sold 50k€. Strong business background (Worked with Pernod Ricard and SAB Miller groups)

ID 311234

de joussineau

Founder SEIZE • Worked at @areva • Studied at @skema-business-school-france

ID 238077

Frederic GEORJON

CEO of InfoTrie. Venture dedicated to unstructured data in finance. 15 years of international experience in Financial Systems. Universite Lyon 2.

ID 458462

Tamara Emeriau

Fondatrice de @Idawards & @Bulbstore + organisation des events @15ninjas (coming soon) | Chargée de #Com Web | #Collaborative #Lean #Startup #SEO

ID 273578


Vacant is the pioneer of pop-up retailing, providing real estate and turnkey solutions for short term retail since 1999.

ID 675495

Hugo Simon


ID 232664

Eric Sangerma

Agile Marketer, Digital Stategist, Web Entrepreneur, Co-founder of

ID 282007

Martin de la Taille

Full stack generalist.

ID 246775

Sylvain Boyer

Founder icons times • Worked at @publicis-groupe

ID 557794

Cyril Bertier

looking for an internship in finance related to entrepreneurship. Studying in Grenoble.

ID 690959

Audrey Bongat

8 years-experience French marketing manager seeking for a new challenge in a musical or cultural start-up. (french)

ID 317366

Ruslan Vorobyev

Founder of Worked in Advertising and Business Consulting across several countries. Eng. Diploma with Excellence (Bauman TU), Humboldt Uni Berlin

ID 183576

Alexandre Faure

Web & UI Designer x Founder @aleksfaure-com • Work @textmaster x @epiclist. Worked at @tonton (Montreal) & @colorz-fr (France)

ID 459273

Paul-Antoine Campos

Founder @take-it • Worked at @marcel-publicis @RadioNova @PaperGardenRecords • Studied at @celsa

ID 517352

Jennifer P.Watson

#Journalisme #Médias #SubCulture #Mode #Séries #Travel #Music #Africanism #Web [@Le_Figaro / @troispointz]

ID 558846

Bastien Penalba

Worked at @freelancer, @krobe • Studied at @hetic-college

ID 103028

Ben Dixon

Rails Developer, author of 'Reliably Deploying Rails Applications'. Avid Indoor climber. Studied Law, previously a Consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers

ID 547657

Antoine Thievenaz

Student at ESSCA, Worked at Frenchweb, Nicolas.

ID 326691


CEO/Co-founder of Blockbase. working on BulldozAIR, a mobile solution that makes construction projects less painful and less time consuming

ID 532169

Romain Falcon

COO & Founder of Plugmeon. Entrepreneur. Labor & Employment Attorney.

ID 466153


Junior Business developer Seeking for a challenging business development position where my sales and management skills can contribute to grow your business

ID 478499

Thomas Loizeau

ID 527191

Rémi Chabanas

#Strategic consultant at #IBM - #Innovation #Startup #Tech #Car #Sport and #Travel addict

ID 532489

Mickaël Marquez

CPO & Founder of Plugmeon. Open Source Entrepreneur. UI/UX designer.

ID 571965

Adam Ismael

HETIC Alumni,

ID 30395

Cédric Delfosse

Interested in software architecture, software quality, SaaS, Python, data visualization, oil painting, drumming, organic food, environmentalism, semantic web :)

ID 571426

Fabrizio Asole

Co-Founder @tribearound - CEO @farmavalue-costa-rica-s-a

ID 563541

Florian Pygmalion

Studied at @hetic-college

ID 535638

Antoine Rapy

Student at HETIC (webschool based in Paris), multidisciplinary Master degree (Design / Webdesign / Communication / Programming / Online Marketing) UX / UI Designer and Motion Designer Product Designer and Webdesigner at Uniiti (Paris)

ID 363304

Anna Livia Cardin Gomart

Experienced PM. Worked on highly innovative Mobile and multi-platform products. Master’s Degree in International Project Management.

ID 662628

Thomas SALES

Entrepreneur. Worked as Head of Product at BlaBlaCar

ID 303158

Baptiste Jourdan

ID 161229

Valentin MAILLOT

Etudiant en 4ème année @ESSCA - MS Marketing prochainement Webmarketing. Actu WEB/Social Media/Musique Allemande/Fun & Sharing

ID 101533

Balthazar de Menthon


Étudiant à Audencia Nantes Ecole de Management

ID 488517

Théophile FRIED

Student at ESSCA Paris, looking for internship abroad. Entrepreunership - Marketing - Sales

ID 608845

Clotilde Provost

Worked at @renault, @alstom • Studied at @celsa

ID 438089

Shane Herbert


Real Estate

ID 568664

Andrea Machin

Master in Management Student in France with first-hand experience in Marketing, Supply chain and Operations following placements in Venezuela and France.

ID 324354

Julien Hamilius

Co-Founder • Worked at @accenture • Studied at @arts-et-metiers-paristech

ID 505826

Henri de Kergorlay

About to graduate a Master II degree (Architecture and Information System) in an Engineering School, looking for an internship.

ID 570198

Vincent Beneche

Art Director going Ui/Ux

ID 651833

Claude de Loupy

ID 356501

Paul Lefkopoulos

DataScientist, Crunching weblogs and optimizing conversion rates

ID 531124

Romain Stievenard

Digital Innovation Manager at France Médias Monde for FRANCE 24, RFI & Monte Carlo Doualiya. Media Enthusiast, web addict & serial backer.

ID 291879


Business student @Emlyon, #freelance #PHP developer. Working @EMLYONJrConseil. I love #WordPress, discussing business ideas with friends & trying new things.

ID 581068

flore deroo

Etudiante française à l’EMLYON, recherche un stage de six mois. Proactive, flexible et ayant de l’expérience dans l’audit financier (PWC).

ID 101660

Mathieu Jean

Consultant chez BP2S pour TeamTrade

ID 456277


ID 459895

Aurore Hondarrague

Created a Social Media business unit

ID 276875

Bruno Paccini

Front end engineer with a strong interest in UI design, as well as customer behaviour, UX and product design. I love to design and build products people love

ID 658816

Ambre Maillet

ESC ROUEN postgraduate, currently looking for a sales & marketing position.

ID 450045

Julien Groues


Business manager

ID 449790

Meryem Ben Mouaz

ESCP Europe, passionate about entrepreneurship in new technologies.

ID 542330

Sophie Gallet

Msc student at @emlyon-business-school-1 School. Organized Introduction WE | Startup Challenge Finalist • Worked at Candriam, Franck Provost Australia, and @technip •

ID 606155

Christophe Martin

University of Paris 1 - LA SORBONNE, l would be interested in an internship, preferably in a sales environment wihtin a start-up company

ID 502968

Clément Rossigneux

Founder epicurio

ID 573553

Johan Girod

Junior Ensimag Engineer , full stack JavaScript developeur.

ID 533364

Marine Grandjean

Master in Management, project of company creation in Colombia, very dynamic, proactive and curious person.

ID 553343

Nicolas Terpolilli

RawDataHunter, data driven innovation ! OpenData for companies // OKFN // Startup Weekend Lille // RoR, d3.js & Clojure!

ID 513192

Louis Hénault

ID 334198

Jefferson Bonnaire

Co-founder & CMO @my-outfit, currently incubating at Telecom and Management SudParis incubator #4 incubator in France

ID 536076

Mansour THIAM

Founder @woozup • DEUG @universite-paris-descartes • Work at @apple as a Business Creative, who bring my strong team spirit and my vision of the innovation.

ID 317018

Arthur Himmel

French MSc Student. Front-end and Javascript lover. Working at Work4.

ID 568795

Thierry Teisseire

VP Sales/operations B2B / software, launched 4 successful organizations with rapid growth (6 to 18 months - from 0 to $50M/0 to 100 people on pure new biz)

ID 104582

Mark W. Cutten

Digital TV expert anticipated global growth of digitally transmitted content.Corporate strategy-recently with launch of HBO Nordic-1st in the world Premium to any device, no STB required and 1st in the world Multi-Platform Premium with France Telecom.

ID 607173

Arnaud Raulet

ID 692539

Adrien Mollet

ID 672299

Romain Lofaso

Software engineer focused on mobile apps with a good CS background.

ID 690275

Francesco Bria

ID 68022

John Maglio

Performing artist, artist, producer, engineer, inventor, manufacturing expert, quality control

ID 312935

Florent Pietot

#LeanStartup evangelist. Advisor Lean Startup Workshop @goleanfr. Former #Mobile #Marketer.

ID 616537


International MBA student at IESEG School of Management: Professional experience of 3 years with Business, Marketing and Engineering background in studies.

ID 670151

Axel Ouvrard

Sports / Competitive Intelligence / Project Manager Co-founder of Spinder

ID 629888

Franck Kakal

ID 34864

Folliet Bertrand

Entrepreneur venture

ID 356540

David Guzman

R&D Engineer at CISCO. Interested in Mediated Reality. Managed projects in the Middle East, France and Colombia.

ID 231033


looking foward to learn more about business

ID 620975

Alexandre Rvtt

EDHEC Business School, I helped 1300+ french agencies grow their business among SMBs and I work at Google

ID 694603

Amélie Medem

Chief Research Officer at Stample. PhD in Computer Sciences at Pierre et Marie Curie. Passionate about Data analysis and Data visualization.

ID 185661



Paris: Co-founder @nouvelopticien @after_set @lemanegeparis / Berlin: Head of Marketing @misterspexfr Co-founder @kiipost

ID 458204

Sofiane Baltaci

Founder @partybay

ID 441031

Florian Ganzin

Student in the last year of the engineer school ECE Paris looking for an internship in the field of computer science, more specifically in software engineering.

ID 257024

Fashion Business Angels


Fashion Business Angels

ID 653713

Joanne Watanabe

Marketing manager at Procter & Gamble.

ID 187418

Charles Guillot

Co-Founder Pica Pica

ID 505763

arnaud van robais


MBA Paris. Entrepreneur since 1989. 27 companies.

ID 553003

Lucie Montel

freelance marketing & events | music addict | around at @rainmakingloft @moonbarHQ @launch48 & @WeAreBattalion | tweets about all things #startup #tech & #music

ID 694601

Sébastien Lorber

CTO at Stample. Full-stack web developer, functional programmer. Worked on high volume websites: @voyages-sncf-com @Digiposte @renault ...

ID 457281

Julien Fabre

Student in 4th year of Master of Science in Computer Science looking for a four-month internship as a Web/Software developer, starting in May 2014.

ID 294656

Bellot Zoé

Developer at Cozy Cloud

ID 537984

Baptiste Cesarini

Master Student in Paris looking for a 6 to 12 months internship- Can bring a bicultural Europe / USA experience to your business - Excellent market researcher -

ID 286637

Loris Guignard

Software/Web Engineer. Aspiring Entrepreneur. Internet Hacker. UI/UX Fanatic. Apple Addict.

ID 397174


Business developer in intelligent building systems, good understanding of the market

ID 694604

Ghita Benotmane

Normalienne (ENS de Lyon). UX Designer, Information architect. Studied design, philosophy, cognitive science. Human Computer Interaction PhD candidate.

ID 532128

Cédric Lombardot

CTO & Founder of Plugmeon. Open Source Entrepreneur. Symfony expert.

ID 561084

Andrew Titarenko

CPO of KOTI and Budgy App, marketing background (Peppermint Interactive) and culture background (MSU).

ID 261434

Olivier Vonet


Olivier as bathed in technology startups and high tech investment banking over the past 20 years.

ID 341004

Joseph Silvestre

Webdev and candies

ID 507666

Romain FARRA

Business developer @ myBlee - a leading start-up in educational apps. Worked at EY. Business background. ESSEC Business School Paris

ID 270016

Emmanuelle THOMAS

ID 689096

Christophe MELANE

CEO of Bagatyne. Developing the TROTIBAG, an innovative Scooter Backpack for kids and adults. Work @ibm-global-business-services @juniper-networks

ID 236951

Benjamin Ballet

ID 581245

Clément Trapon

Mad of stories, I worked in publishing, advertising, scriptwriting, and now I'm helping people to create amazing content thanks to @drop-n

ID 457632


Founder, @cps-international • Worked at @unibail-rodamco-se, @vinci-group

ID 539936

Audrey Vèce

Work at @apple • Studied at @efap Ex event project manager

ID 141003

Richard Branco

CEO @ Participative and collaborative society enthousiast. Headed charity projects. Former Gendarmerie Officer and Business Manager.

ID 129698

Caroline TOMAS

Web / Mobile / Intranet Project Management

ID 553491

Jean-Patrick Labouyrie

Worked at @publicis-groupe

ID 199204

Irina Raileanu

Founder of AvenueStory. Luxury apartments for holiday and business travel in Paris, London and beyond. Visit us on

ID 130861


CEO of Anaxago, the crowdfunding platform dedicated to startup companies • Worked at @lazard, @axa • Studied corporate finance at Dauphine university

ID 358435

el mernissi saad

ID 444489

Laurent Louf

Final year student at ENSTA ParisTech, M.Sc in robotics & embedded systems. Freelance web developer.

ID 85610

Baptiste Lacroix

CMO at Wimi. Business school graduate. Currently living in Paris.

ID 611683

Eymeric Pierre-Louis

UX Designer, Photographer, Founder @unltd-fm, ex @wengo

ID 97525

Luca Bilotta

Experienced Consultant on iPhone/Android/desktop/web App, Flash, Actionscript, Games, Interactive installations, Technical consultant for Adobe Italia

ID 459346

Jean-Loup Jamet

Software Engineer - web passionate - work @parrot

ID 357867

Iris Ollivault

P2P Strategist, Microfinance Consultant; international project management

ID 492707

Clément Pinon

Worked at @fifty-five

ID 486570

Gérald Dudouit

ID 554786

Herve de Laforcade


Invested into several start-up. 20+ experience in Asset Management Software Business. EMBA HEC.

ID 491717


ID 482911

Duong Nguyen Khanh Vy

A potential and enthusiastic employee with 3 year experience in sale and marketing would like to find a challenging job.

ID 361335


ID 433723

Julien Broca

Co-Founder at "Go On Entertainment" | Community Manager | Webmarketing Project Manager

ID 200455

Adrian Latorre Crespo

Android and Front-end developer. Telecomunications engeneer. Always learning (AngularJS, MongoDB,Python...) and making projects. Co-Founder @el-androide-libre .

ID 474863

Eric Petitprez

ID 684954

Maxime Deveaux

ID 557085

Pierre Brunelle

Looking for Summer Internship : July - August

ID 543589

Cyril Agosta

Software developer. JavaScript, Python, Ruby. Test-driven object-oriented development. Specialized in single-page applications.

ID 311484

charlotte balatre

ID 470115

Antoine Dusséaux

Student at @ecole-polytechnique . @cabinetstartup

ID 546722

Pierrick Joliveau

Worked at @criteo

ID 148923

Aurelien Beltrame

Worked at @sap, @getvega

ID 419516

Benjamin Moulin

JavaScript mad scientist. JS MVC Framework development ; third party JS software ; UI/UX development/architecture.

ID 546542

Thomas Dupont

Financial analyst and cost controller

ID 295282

Nicolas Leger

Web Engineer

ID 100813

Pierre Manière

| Co-Founder @bootschaft-net. | Help people do great things + have fun. | Bring in the thoughts, analyze the storm, shorten the time table + do it.

ID 693142

Maxime Veber

PHP/Symfony web developer

ID 556564

Julien Seren-Rosso

Hacker, Maker, Fixer. I like to do stuff.

ID 480683

Jean-Louis Andorin

Business & sales executive with more than 30 years of experience in the electronic components industry. BTS degree from LTE Méca-Electronics.

ID 536809

Teddy Bessa

Founder Woozup, @orka-inc • Worked at @apple

ID 221278

Martin Lüttgersheiden

Sr. Data Scientist; Data mining and data warehousing specialist; builder of information and reporting systems; holding university degree of civil and environmental engineering; Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop

ID 497645

Sabri Haddouche

Founder, Lead Design & Software Engineering at @matelife

ID 514939

Sebastien Lucas

CEO of, the collaborative platform that help architects be more productive by reusing bricks of project and organize their visual inspirations

ID 687524

Ife Onikoyi

ID 577290

Jean-Christophe Denier

French Interaction Designer. Worked at Dassault Systemes, Orange.

ID 259651

Didier Dubau Drievoet

Management student at Burgundy School of Business; Multitask-oriented and self-learner. Worked at EDF, IBM, and an NGO.

ID 587724

kamel malek

Worked at @seloger-com, @hyperassur-com-metlife

ID 219733

Sophie Cottrell

23 y-o French girl, world traveller & curious about everything. Past work experiences with start-up and business creation expectations in the near future

ID 435138


Mines Paristech, Generalist profile, major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ID 671630

Marco Pardo

ID 497853

Antoine Basset

Epitech Student, Several experiences with Startup as Intern, motivated, serious, autonomous, English Fluent. I'm looking for a 6month internship in Saint Petersburg Russia.

ID 464537

Jean-Charles Mangon

Founder @le-grand-garage

ID 28586


Working on making the world much simpler. Worked at @unops

ID 586683

Jérémy-Charles AMAR

Founder SportinTown • Worked at @societe-generale, @louis-capital-markets-london • Studied at @ecole-centrale-de-nantes - #FrenchTech #Thirsty

ID 582598

Baptiste Fontaine

Studied at @universite-paris-7-diderot

ID 49109

David Lubowa

Seasoned technologist

ID 634563

Bastien Brion

Informaticien et poète romantique.

ID 510038

Djordje Lukic

Just a developer with a funny haircut.

ID 609977

Jacques CERON


eBook Hi president (Digital medias...), General manager of INEO GDF SUEZ (15 000 pers, Energy, transportation...). Paris - France

ID 537860

Flavien Olry

• Assistant art director in a communication agency. • Worked at SNCF as graphic technician

ID 13474

Christopher Courtney

Streaming video pioneer since 1994. Live webcast producer for clients such as NIKE, Elite Model Agency, @microsoft, Triple Crown of Surfing, ESPN X-Games.

ID 646714

Laurène Brenaget

ID 453913

Maria Flaqué

Graphic designer - Art director

ID 624834

Arnaud Courtillat

Digital Expert. Strong background Web & Mobile solutions and Marketing Services.

ID 507058

Stéphane Allouche

Web & marketing addict . Follow #startup #sharingeconomy #CollCons #consocollab Head of marketing @Cosmopolit_Home

ID 362407

Nabil Adouani

Java/JEE Software Engineer, Groovy & Grails fan and ExtJS Developer.

ID 127904

Joachim Dupont


The crowdfunding platform dedicated to innovative companies

ID 301257

Simon Renoult

French IT student. Code maker. I love building things with serious people. I worked at Frontware International (Bangkok) and recently won a Startup Weekend.

ID 558372

Stephane Le Dorze

VP of Engineering @lekiosk •Worked at @beamly, @ubisoft, @behaviour, @mimesis-republic and more..

ID 420690

Pierre Margueritte

ID 169522


INSA Rennes Engineer, webdev @la-netscouade, worked at @ubikod, dev & musician.

ID 589251

Nicolas Robert

Team Leader. Designed medical device software for GE Healthcare; led team at 4D in transition to agile development cycle.

ID 593754

Jonathan Jayet

Full stack software engineer, passionate about technology, want to contribute making the world a better place

ID 542277

André Rodrigues

iOS/Android engineer

ID 596818

Quentin Leffray

ID 589720

Thibault Seurin

Math addict and data science enthusiast

ID 592461

Maxime Ng



ID 604179

Andrew L

Born and raised in the art market

ID 602452

Thomas Bazire

Student in Software engineering at 42 born2code.

ID 506600

Gregory SIMOES

Growthhacking and socialmedia consultant interested in human sciences and how they can be integrated in business. Former sociology and communication student.

ID 591491

Robin Schmit

ID 640175

Thomas ANDRE

Founder Viciplace 2014 Worked at Nexity and GrDF as lead developer and scrum master via @openbridge Master of Computer Science at 3IL

ID 583758

logine zamzami

ID 592828

Your Film Business

Website dedicated to the cinematographic, television and animation production #YFB

ID 324967

Florian Peninon

UI/UX Designer

ID 600239

Alex Pereira

Founder Exode • Worked at @decathlon, @pixmania, Head of Front-end & Mobile at L'Occitane en Provence, Professor of Mobile Development at IESA Multimedia Paris.

ID 603678

Cindy Marunda

Captivating & Cosmopolitan.Refined Lifestyle Designer with an enthralling desire to explore.

ID 604968

Lucas Bonomi

Webdesigner Front-End developer | CSS Ninja | co founder @rocket_design | | | Work at

ID 700106

Mathias Davesne

Consultant & Engineer in town planning & smart City, Entrepreneur, Branch Manager, looking forward in collaborative economy

ID 596884


Founder @your-film-business, Producer at Les films de la Strada, Winner of « Lion d’or » and a Special Audience’s Prize at Sundance .13 Tzameti and L’Héritage.

ID 609367

Sylvia Guirand

Rédactrice print & web

ID 588757

Lucas Ennouchi

ID 693177

solange boccovi

MBA graduate, Graduate Gemologist, Certified Gemstone Dealer

ID 610503

Marie Vettier

International Experience in Finance (8 years), looking for new challenges in the US in a startup

ID 561429

Bertrand Pinchon

ID 564064

Sandrine Landrix

Business Lawyer - Project Finance - Curious, resilient and deeply optimist - Student at the Family / Koudetat +

ID 586485

Melody Casarez

Founder Tendron

ID 570835

Olivier GERARD

Founder evoQL • Mathematician and computer scientist.

ID 569999

Mike YEN

JEEZBE the StartUp of the Year #marketing #socialmedia#startup #innovation #tendance #gift ,RAP in street i'm addicted . Money Maker vs Diamond&Gold owner

ID 567835

Kevin Tunc

ID 612814

Morten Dahl

Recent PhD graduate in computer science

ID 579832

Karine Cruz

ID 562767

Morgane Soulier

Graduated from EM Lyon, a top-tier French business School, I have developed strong skills in developping innovative products

ID 611317

Yohan Antoine-Edouard

Founder ICU, @the-ys-inc

ID 582081

Ivan Lellouch

Telecom engineer

ID 611585

Olivier David


Founded Miwim (sold to RetailMeNot Inc.), Founded Modules Web (now Soledis), Founded StartingPlex (Startup App Development)

ID 572505

Mickael Cassy

Epitech, Full stack web developer. Preference for backend architecture and data management.

ID 613085

Faye Mbéne

ID 581641

Thomas Chaumeny

ID 581164

Vogelsang Wymer

Founder Forevent

ID 581350

François Perret du Cray

CEO of Invex,

ID 571918

Jean-Sébastien Ney

full stack engineer and developper building web and mobile projects. project manager for telecommunication and media companies, managing staff.

ID 573524


ID 568883

Paul Vigneau

Student, I'm looking for an internship where I can use awesome technology

ID 542017

Victor Soussan

Experienced designer who transforms ideas into great design solutions

ID 558875

Caroline Matte

ID 560194

Thomas Pilicer

Founder @miklr

ID 565157

Thomas Montana

Engineering student (CS). Looking for a two-month internship for July/August 2014.

ID 614214

Joel Valendoff

freelalnce disign anatomy

ID 544255

Maxime Sourdin

French student at EEMI, Paris. Dev

ID 556117

Yuanni Yang


ID 550807

Caroline Fagnet

ID 561132


ID 546587

Malik Fassi

ID 547647

Sebastian F

Digital Marketing & Project Management - SCRUM PSPO®

ID 557668

Alexandre Assal

Highly motivated, driven, Master of Science in Management (specialized in Marketing) student seeking a 6-month Marketing Internship starting June 2014.

ID 563647

morvan calmel

ID 555308

Khan Reaz

ID 546795

Valentin Lehuger

ID 564364

Baptiste Deleplace

typical DevOps : dedicated to the success of the product in any possible ways. Work really hard, many hours but need its autonomy and freedom.

ID 558348

Laurent Millet

MBA in communications graduate in 2013. Worked at 2 major media in TV & Radio ( M6 & RMC).

ID 553328



ID 539686

Nabil Zouabi

ID 562075

Gaël Mallet

Founder @itineraire-b, @imci

ID 538920

julien desbois

ID 541486

Vincent Sattler

Software product manager pioneering innovative technical projects, with strong agile method skills, and cross-region & multiple background team management.

ID 538063

Michael Ippolito

New Yorker/Parisian. Loves fine wine and the NY Rangers. Enjoys controled chaos and distrupting the status-quo. A modern day (legal) Robin Hood, no apologies.

ID 523181

Abdul Halim Loutfi

ID 537691


ID 696355

Oliver Davis

ID 527881

Nicolas Maisonneuve

Reseacher / Intra- & entrepreneur - Digital Innovation / Data Science / Collective Intelligence / City

ID 525023

Steve Rebillet

ID 535755

Pascal Lee

ID 538463

Tristan Chapelle

A young UIDesigner with strong front end development skills and willing to learn back end dev!

ID 540548

Sacha Bellaiche

HEC student, Create 2 unsuccessful startups during my studies, Business Analyst at Medicanimal

ID 534961

Conrad Kleinespel

I love unexpected features. French-German student at school 42 - - and ex Computer Science & Mathematics student at Paris Descartes University.

ID 530866

Merwen BA

Founder of @lovinpix-com. Starting a carreer in private banking after studying a MSc of Wealth Management and a Master in Management.

ID 529050

Dr. W

ID 540738

Thomas Goguet-Chapuis

ID 521991

Timothée Girardon

ID 528728

Alain Soltani

M.Sc. at ENSAE ParisTech, specialization in Data Science, Pattern Recognition, Image & Signal Processing.

ID 530867

Erik FErrand

COO R&D SGCIB Global Markets, Strong IT and financial knowledge, management of big projects in NY, Asia and Paris

ID 526746

Félix Degruson

ID 536791

Alexandre Abrantes

Co-Founder @na-design and former Art Director.

ID 519079

Gauthier Plancquaert

ID 514276

olivier boigey

eTourism project management support - implementation of hotel & resort booking engine for Pages Jaunes - Mobile applications management for Citroen Multicity -Webcasts support management for Merck

ID 514265

Thomas Bazire

ID 520543

Edouard Lemaire

Founder @my-social-event-3 • Worked at @christian-dior

ID 505619

Clarissa Guengant Del Pup

Charismatic business leader, 15+ years’ experience in business development & strategic commercial and market insight analysis within health, Executive MBA

ID 504444

Pierre Bruneel

CFO / HR professional looking for a challenging project, business oriented and hard working

ID 509295

Antoine Anicotte

ID 504226

Vincent Richard

ID 514991


I'm Benoit, I live in Brussels. I consider myself as a creative rookie. Passionated by photo, video, graphism and music, I'm always experimenting new stuff.

ID 505982

Roxana Alina Bota

ID 515471

Anastasia Kay

Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 518306

Fred Janin

Student in MS at Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP). BS at Univeristé Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC). Team project for Renault. Worked at Vinci and Reed Expositions.

ID 506920

Antoine Martin-Regniault

ID 504194

luc monteil

EMLYON, 3 ans d'entrepreneuriat et 2 start-ups - 2 levées de fonds

ID 519241

Romain de Bascher

co-founder My Sociel Event. Event coordinator, Production Agent.

ID 618101

Eliane Chaumette

Founder @your-film-business, Sales Representative at Chicco (over 30 years’ experience), Sale and purchase transactions.

ID 501555

Guillaume Kempf

Worked at @google, @bnp-paribas

ID 520335

Gaëtan Gueraud

ID 516819



ID 504884

Juliano Gimenez

ID 496026

Jacek Trojanski

Tibco consultant, Java, Web, open to international projects

ID 495088


International Multi-lingual Executive Trained economist in Oxford

ID 491530

Jérôme Noyelle

Dynamic, curious and ambitious 360° marketing looking for new challenges

ID 498530

Ugo Vollmer

ID 490642

Jonathan Anguelov

Launched 2 companies during my studies: Real Estate brokerage for student in Paris and that is a mobile recycling website

ID 492954

Nadheer Chatharoo

iOS developer, autodidact, hardworker, fluent in French and English ! I love to play with the great possibilities given by iOS Hope to see you soon !

ID 498864

Numa Pomirol

Investor Relations

ID 496405

Enguerran DECTOR

ID 492793

michael nedjam

Back end développer, working for on a crowdfounding saas oriented product.

ID 490389

Gabriel De Aguiar

ID 496047

Frédéric Bouquet

What you need is....

ID 493224

Martin Floch

ID 498498

Benjamin Clifford

ID 499018



ID 495448

Sylvain Castel

Celsa + Dauphine, Brand strategy with financial skills, 8 years in advertising

ID 493951

Charlotte Garin

All for the People, HR & Well-being Manager. Startup specialist.

ID 486411

Mamadou SYLLA

Senior Java / JavaEE consultant - UML designer - Web Technologies & SOA Architecture

ID 494007

jacques perche

founder and strategist of Vrtvstudios

ID 490543

Bruno Giordani

Economics graduate with great communication and team working skills. Deep interest in technology, sales and finance.

ID 497989


Community Manager

ID 480539

Mathilde Jais

Consultant at Bain & Company looking for new and exciting challenges

ID 484802

Maxime Verger-Del Bove

Polytechnique CS, full-stack generalist, Python / Javascript / Node ninja, fast-moving and self-learner

ID 483315

Ariel Sbdar

ID 485435

Nicolas Beauvais

French studient, I have a particular affection for the front-end development, reinforced by strong knowledge in Javascript and PHP

ID 485275

Luna Rey

ID 479431

Patrick Payet

Software development engineer. Worked at Microsoft (last 3 years) & Expertime (Microsoft partner). Looking for a new challenge !

ID 484271

Thomas Bouder

ID 481567


I m Web Developer Front-End and Back-End (#Codeignter #Wordpress theme builde #Responvise #angularJS #nodeJS #ExpressJS #Rails) Chez Neopost France

ID 479456

Slim Ewies

IT engineering student, Fit model, Amateur Boxer. Hard worker and dedicated.

ID 488389

Joel S

Graphic Designer / UI Designer and Photographer working between New York, Paris, Strasbourg and Tel Aviv

ID 621142

Thomas Opsomer

ID 481392

Abder Rochdi


Founder and Owner of ACL Middle East, Investor in Football Center, TenSo Digital marketing, Aikku, AssetLease, ELLA school

ID 487679

Alexandre Arnault

Telecom ParisTech student, very motivated to work with startups, wherever I'm needed.

ID 488230

Jean-Baptiste Dézard

Marketing Director @DeloitteFrance

ID 489140

Emmanuel Mounier


Arrow+Co invest and advise companies between USA and Europe Former CEO in high growth security business Former Head of Strategy Top Tier Aerospace and Security Fortune 500 company Safran

ID 475066

Mohamed Oukhaï

ID 480719

Adrien Ménard

ID 488623

Patrick Coltel

Managing Director, IT Company

ID 485254

Jean-Marc Levy

ID 482323

Fabio Lancellotti


Bain&Co consultant for a few years, now at a VC firm based in SFra and Europe. MBA at IESE Business School and LBS

ID 468873

Estelle Chevallier

Webdesign Student at EEMI, Paris. Front-end Dev, Love UX and UI

ID 623452

Stéphanie Morel

ID 471657

Yacine Brini

ID 472320

Alice Chasseriaud

Communication Manager at BlaBlaCar, the European car-sharing leader

ID 455699

Antoine Gaulupeau

UX UI Designer, Worked at Dailymotion, CBSi and Melty.

ID 460890


Founder Forty Four - F4 • Worked at @tf1, @tps

ID 623747

mathieu De jesus

ID 465619

Nathanaël Lamellière

project lead @zengularity - cofounder @worketer

ID 471081

Emmanuel Tabard

ID 464520

François-Xavier Bonnet

Experienced Java developper

ID 623392


ID 461888

Pierre Dietrich

CEO @caissin-1 Wine lover and entrepreneur

ID 469570

Enrico Di Natale

Corporate Strategy&Financial consultant. Looking for a full time position in successful and high-growth start-up. Triple Degree in Management, major Corporate Finance. Working experience in India and France. 3 languages spoken.

ID 470236

Bertrand Dubaut

ID 622010

Naveen Kumar Aranganathan

Bioinformatic research engineer at CNRS ; former intern developer at Dassault systemes , HQ and CEA Grenoble ; former software engineer at Ernst &Young ;

ID 466327

Alexandre Oberti

Vos Collaborateurs sont vos meilleurs Ambassadeurs sur les réseaux sociaux.

ID 470623


Carnot Digital, « Un monde de solutions internet et informatiques », vous propose 4 univers de compétences intégrées.

ID 460854

Isabelle Schwab (Loman)

360 degree hybrid marketing specialist

ID 470647

Olivier Thomas

Social media manager

ID 457250

Guney Degerli

ID 442771


Web Developer & Consultant. Laravel, CodeIgniter & PyroCMS extatic user. Founder of Dixens.

ID 452869

Romain Félix

Consultant & Project Manager at @orange

ID 453953


CEO @No Limit Development CTO @crush-avenue

ID 459170

Anna Stervinou

Co-Founder of Kore Kamino - The Travelling Fashion Company, London Institute graduate, worked at Pentagram NYC, venturethree London, Base Barcelona

ID 452867

Alexandra Merceron

ID 447589

stephane giraud

UI & UX Designer

ID 458109


Web Developer At bookiblog

ID 459195

The Delivery Locker

Founder The Delivery Locker

ID 458161

[email protected]

ID 459251

Jean-Christophe Perrin

Founder @jimmy-p-investment, @lowpolar, @viens-l • Worked at @take-it

ID 443628

Christine Tong

LAsticotine, Freelance UI Designer / Art Director

ID 444624

Chloe Lebrun

On a mission to help Startup to grow and create value through their Startup Culture. Currently @ubqt. Previous: @figaro, @tf1, @downtown-magazine-nyc

ID 459123

Benjamin Martin

Ceo & co-founder @tixin

ID 457781


Founder Bookiblog

ID 459967

Etienne Royole

Investment Banking Consulting (Structured Finance). Studied at University Paris-Dauphine (Paris - France).

ID 452766

Maxim Kharlamoff

Student @imac_ingenieur Paris Dataviz

ID 445345

Sylvain Goiran

Head of Patent Mapping at CNRS Tech Transfer Office, Raised turnover of my department from 0 to 1M€ with brand new services.

ID 691902

Raphael Tourenq

ID 625707


ID 442001


ID 431789

Baptiste Boittiaux

ID 415295

Yannis LG

My leitmotiv : make life better

ID 422696

Kim Lee Baker

Past-luxury hotelier/recruiter and Trainer. Current-Recruiter ... Blogger ... Sweet Eater ... Explorer.

ID 422516

Sandra Petit

Directrice artistique - Webdesigner - je recherche activement un emploi à Montréal

ID 420499

Olivier Desbiey

Innovation { privacy, quantified self, trust & surf } // You're smart enough to understand who is involved in the opinions expressed here.

ID 421590

Nicolas Cortot

Software engineer always looking to try out new technologies in the real world to build great products. Python / Django and lately Scala on Hadoop.

ID 429716

Thierry Thevenet


Founder and CEO of Fi System, IT services, public company

ID 435319

Jean-Michel Voge

ID 690217

Agathe Delacour

Consultant in strategy and organization at Sia Partners in Paris for more than 2 years; Paris Dauphine University graduated, ability to find potential.

ID 627611


ID 437163

Sovanna Hing

Full-stack Developer

ID 424325

Solofo Rafeno...

A jazzaholic dude, Digital Business Strategist who shares on #DigitalStrategy #BusinessDevelopment #SocialBusiness #EmergingWorld. Motto: Go Digital or Die!

ID 628275

Pierre-Alexandre Richit

ID 626411

Pia d'Iribarne

McKinsey Associate

ID 421471

Alexia de Suarez d'Aulan

Polyglot and multicultural (Fr En Es Pt) Engineer, strong industrial background, enthousiastic and motivated by customer satisfaction.

ID 690219

kevin tonon

French student. Design UI/UX, art director. Worked at Monsieur Loyal

ID 418565

Michel El Nemnom

Working at Nerim, Node.JS and Python developer. Open to anything interesting

ID 434499


Founder @pixcube-it

ID 425970


ID 427483

Eric Faugere

Digital & Mobile marketer. Worked @PublicisGroup and @veolia. Master Communication background.

ID 405539

Axel Amar

Highly analytical, willing to learn fast, hybrid profile between business and tech.

ID 392483

Sarah Angèle

Entrepreneur in Fashion and Innovative Technology, worked at Anna Sui corp, Balenciaga & E.LECLERC first on the hypermarket distribution in France.

ID 391273

Didier Chambard

Créateur d'une société innovante dans les années 1980-90 puis direction financière du groupe Francis Lefebvre

ID 3