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ID 404747

Alexandre Chapoutot

Founder & CFO of Simplib. Studied at Institut Supérieur de Gestion. MBA at European University Institute 2011.

ID 350224

Benjamin George Griffin

Project Manager set on making a Non-Hierarchical Radio Network. Built first FM station at 23. Proven on AUD1.1M projects, exp in AUD500M Company.

ID 397885

Jacob Afriat

@aloha • @merchantry Studied at @wharton-school, @insead-1

ID 623173

Damiano Starr

Co Founder, The Exchange Visionary Laboratories • Studied at UC @berkeley, @berkeley City College, Code Academy. Adviser to several brands.

ID 591499

Alby Navarro

Worked at @united-nations, @berghahn-books • Studied at @yale-university, @hec-paris

ID 372265

Karim Fadlallah, CFA

INSEAD MBA; Independent Study Project on Venture Capital and Silicon Valley; Worked at HSBC, Amadeus. CFA charterholder.

ID 321360

Benjamin Djidi

Co-Founder & Cook at Revstr, Former President of the IESEG International Club | Cooking, Tech & Travelling Addict. Web-based (current: Santiago).

ID 435056

Audrey Seynhaeve

MBA student at INSEAD (Dec 2013); Worked at Park Street Capital, Cambridge Associates, BP Ventures; Avid sailor, having sailed from France to New Zealand from 1996-1998, participated in numerous regattas and offshore sailing competitions (Newport-Bermuda)

ID 420682

Rodolphe Menegaux


VC @XAngeVC - think big, start small, scale fast #venture #technology #surf #steepskiing #rockclimbing #marathonrunner, more:

ID 50480

Paul-Arthur Patarin

Entrepreneur. CFO @meludia. Ex COO @Hypios. Board member/advisor.

ID 57612

Valentin Lautier

I onboard stalled companies to transform them through digital innovation • Ex Founder @skimm • Work at @thefamily

ID 223672

Alexis Houssou


Co-founder @Elephants&Ventures. Avid @kickstarter backer. Tech & Hardware Lover.

ID 563550

Artur Reszka

Cambridge Bachelor; Sciences Po Business Master. Lead and founded student societies. Strong business background including internship at Deutsche Bank.

ID 102207

Federico Samuelly


Financial analyst @ Amazon. Tech passionate with experience in several analytical roles in startups, big tech companies and private equity funds.

ID 340530

Lyndsey Kirwan

Postgraduate of Interdisciplinary Life Sciences, 2yrs+ research experience (on/off bench)

ID 297342

Etienne Le Scaon

Founder @hublo • Worked @work4 @boston-consulting-group • Studied @telecom-paristech @hec-paris

ID 258483

Peter Chapman

Founder & CEO @ediply | MA Grad @ebs-oestrich-winkel, @hku @rmit-university | Lived & Worked in Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Jakarta | Ed-Tech

ID 91475

Matthieu Lattes

Partner @ader-finance,Founder @isograd • Worked @jpmorgan-chase, @bnp-paribas @bertelsmann • Studied at @hec-paris. Lecturer @essec.Food, Running & Photo addict

ID 452098

Baptiste Truchot

Co-Founder @shout-here-now • Financial Mathematics @bnp-paribas, Private Equity @emerging-capital-partners • Studied at @hec-paris, @ecole-polytechnique

ID 430779

Romain PAYET

Worked at @goetzpartners-corporate-finance • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @essec-business-school-paris

ID 397033

Alice Besomi


Investment manager @ A Plus Finance Startup enthusiast Mobile/Web/Media

ID 463749

Elie Sebbag

Worked at @bnp-paribas, @poweo

ID 409191

Florian Graillot

Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @affine • Studied at @hec-paris, @telecom-paristech

ID 334154

Lucas (Jingchen) Li

Business student at HEC Paris; Working at Cornis (French high-tech startup national winner) as the only non-engineering guy; Business developer and analyst

ID 350523

Angelina Ebeling

Multilingual Strategy and HR enthusiast, Bachelor in Economics and Entrepreneurship, looking for 3-5 months internships in Melbourne starting in February 2014

ID 202156

Sidy Toure

Founder Lexeme • Worked at @booz-allen-hamilton, @bristol-myers-squibb-company • Studied at @university-of-virginia

ID 507710

Sakshi Anand

INSEAD MBA, Ex Goldman Sachs Associate and Computer Science Engineer looking for a 3-4 months challenging internship. Will be going back to full time job by Dec

ID 485217

Boris Goncalves

Founder BGC Finance • Board member of ESIEE PLUS • Worked at @bpi-france, @bionest-partners • Studied at @skema, @ esiee-paris, @london-LSE, @universite-paris-6

ID 605069

Nitin Iyer

Student at HEC Paris.

ID 431310

Harshit Raj

Student, Masters in Management, ESCP Europe, Paris Campus Double Degree (Management and Technology)

ID 439755

Alexis de Clermont-Tonnerre

Founder @skywall • Worked at @credit-suisse, @rocket-internet • Studied at @solvay-brussels-school-of-economics-and-management

ID 431319

Nicolas de Feraudy

Worked @natixis, Studied @essec Business School Paris , @INSA Lyon

ID 550259

Mathilde Barthélemy

Business background (Senior Associate at Deloitte, ESSEC Business School - Social Entrepreneurship program); fast learner with strong analytical skills.

ID 556948

Mark Thomas

MBA at HEC Paris (global ranking #8 - The Economist 2013). Private equity, corporate finance and strategy background. Chartered Accountant.

ID 377658

Nilanjan Basu

Founder @smartnotify

ID 478136

Saurabh Kumar

Master Student at ESCP Europe; IIT Kanpur Alumnus; Strong Mathematics Background; Have co-founded and worked for three start-ups in past 2 years

ID 126445

Luc Falempin

Co-founder at @IcebergMP & @modizy Marketplace and e-commerce expert. In a relationship with the internet

ID 438114

Christophe Muyard


ESSEC graduate. 12+ year experience in investment banking, mainly for financial institutions and private equity clients. Father of 2. Paris-based.

ID 533495

Samuel Katz

Student at ESCP EUROPE (Master in Management ranked #2 worldwide by the Financial Times in 2013). Geek and strong business background

ID 165318

Eduardo Mignot

Worked at @nextstars, @bnp-paribas, @royal-bank-of-scotland • Studied at @esade, @sda-bocconi-school-of-management

ID 300527


Paris-Dauphine student

ID 534736

Paul-Louis Lépine

VC @dn-capital

ID 643138

Daniel Westphal

Financial Accountant, Music Producer, Language Trainer

ID 519103

Ivano Cresto

European new graduate with experiences in Italy, France, UK, China and Indonesia. I actually run a distribution company

ID 425178

Fabien Guilbaud

PhD applied maths, worked as quant trader at SocGen, and quant researcher/developer at startup hedge funds. Also did research fellowship at UC Berkeley.

ID 549942

Leslie Maarek

Student at Paris Dauphine University. Programming. Mathematics

ID 505594

Adrien Frize

Best master in finance in the world at HEC Paris. Strong background in strategy consulting and finance. FinTech enthusiast.

ID 398281

Florent Massé

Business Analyst & knowledge management, Graduated from Grenoble Graduate School of business working at Dassault system in CATIA's strategy department

ID 61858

Romain Vidal

Worked at @natixis

ID 539554

Thibault Chatagnon

Recently graduated in Finance & entrepreneurship. I m looking for any opportunities in the tech industry.

ID 592536

Andreas Ernst

Worked at @holcim, @swissport • Studied at @zurich-university-of-applied-sciences-zhaw

ID 486494

Adrien Levinger

Strong background in finance (BNP & Tikehau IM). Sales and Entrepreunarial skills developed @ Wombat. Part-time photographer. Telecom Paristech MS 2011.

ID 541553

Jonathan Userovici

Top academic background. Worked at @Merrill Lynch, @Smart Equity, Studied at @HEC Paris, @Lycée Janson-de-sailly.

ID 688000

Victor Muraille

Student at HEC Paris; Worked in M&A at Nomura for 6 months

ID 579825

Nicolas Preuss

Mathematics skill and strong problems solving skills

ID 668604

Alexandre Kaykac

Startup founder / CFO of fast growing companies / Mergers and Acquisitions in the Tech-Media field

ID 99462

Édouard Mandon

ID 636132

Hélène d'Ozouville

ESSEC Graduate, hard-working, creative, looking for an entrepreneurial position in a dynamic firm, preferably in the health field

ID 194124

Mathieu Peychet

Final year student at HEC Paris (Master in Entrepreneurship); Worked at Clipperton Finance and La Fourchette. Lookinf for job opportunities in the US

ID 611694

Nathaniel Haloua

Prépa HEC. Student at HEC Paris (program Grande Ecole), expecting to graduate in 2017. Passionate about start-ups, entrepreneurship and venture capital.

ID 583758

logine zamzami

ID 499347

Olivier Mairot

ESCP Europe graduate with a background in Finance and Business strategy, Currently Senior Consultant at a tier-1 management and strategy consulting firm

ID 553288

Maxime Gavet-Marqués

ID 557794

Cyril Bertier

looking for an internship in finance related to entrepreneurship. Studying in Grenoble.

ID 488517

Théophile FRIED

Student at ESSCA Paris, looking for internship abroad. Entrepreunership - Marketing - Sales

ID 546542

Thomas Dupont

Financial analyst and cost controller

ID 610503

Marie Vettier

International Experience in Finance (8 years), looking for new challenges in the US in a startup

ID 248606

Ricardo Chavez

Student @IESEG School of Management - Paris. Former COO of the CEE Fund, grass-root investment group, funding student initiatives.

ID 357867

Iris Ollivault

P2P Strategist, Microfinance Consultant; international project management

ID 557085

Pierre Brunelle

Looking for Summer Internship : July - August

ID 303158

Baptiste Jourdan

ID 435138


Mines Paristech, Generalist profile, major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ID 636075

Gatien Letartre

Senior Associate in KPMG, Finance analysis, Public Relations Skills, Developped entrepreneurship projects, Strong knowledge in start-ups.

ID 581068

flore deroo

Etudiante française à l’EMLYON, recherche un stage de six mois. Proactive, flexible et ayant de l’expérience dans l’audit financier (PWC).

ID 633699

Dushyant Agarwal

Co-founder,Xcoders club of ZHCET, first club in college to enhance the programming skills of the students of ZHCET

ID 624834

Arnaud Courtillat

Digital Expert. Strong background Web & Mobile solutions and Marketing Services.

ID 610207

Nicolas Aicardi

Business and Strategy Analyst, working for a Business Accelerator-Venture Capital.

ID 449790

Meryem Ben Mouaz

ESCP Europe, passionate about entrepreneurship in new technologies.

ID 404805

Romain Dauman

Part-time Finance and Controlling Manager

ID 474863

Eric Petitprez

ID 483315

Ariel Sbdar

ID 391273

Didier Chambard

Créateur d'une société innovante dans les années 1980-90 puis direction financière du groupe Francis Lefebvre

ID 215848

Lionel Slusny

Consulting for Innovative finance, MSc in Finance Engineering

ID 540738

Thomas Goguet-Chapuis

ID 504444

Pierre Bruneel

CFO / HR professional looking for a challenging project, business oriented and hard working

ID 331428

Jean-Richard Norzielus

ID 490543

Bruno Giordani

Economics graduate with great communication and team working skills. Deep interest in technology, sales and finance.

ID 245487

Gianfranco Aguirre

Investment Strategist GPI Asset Management Founder Director Chaska Paris Founder DIrector Gosette

ID 376770

nicole armoni


ID 518306

Fred Janin

Student in MS at Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP). BS at Univeristé Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC). Team project for Renault. Worked at Vinci and Reed Expositions.

ID 501555

Guillaume Kempf

Worked at @google, @bnp-paribas

ID 564064

Sandrine Landrix

Business Lawyer - Project Finance - Curious, resilient and deeply optimist - Student at the Family / Koudetat +

ID 668910

Matthieu Eluard

ID 396489


IEP Paris, Finance executive with strong focus on business partnering & development

ID 373323

Joseph Garando

Master 2 Business & Finance, Trilingual, Finance Analysis and Business Developement capacities, Coface North America, Academic Essay on Alternative Funding

ID 498864

Numa Pomirol

Investor Relations

ID 378660


Energetic, resourceful and adaptable MBA and Entrepreneur with varied international experience across several geographies in project direction roles, change management and strategic financial management.

ID 630873

Nicolas Gonin

Postgraduate student seeking an opportunity to apply analytical, communicative and team‐building skills developed over a diverse working and academic past

ID 469570

Enrico Di Natale

Corporate Strategy&Financial consultant. Looking for a full time position in successful and high-growth start-up. Triple Degree in Management, major Corporate Finance. Working experience in India and France. 3 languages spoken.

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