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ID 118773

Piotr Majdan

Seasoned ecommerce professional with international experience in retail and travel space. Great track of record in eBusiness turnarounds and innovation.

ID 51304

Mark Yoshitake


VP Product @ Kifi · Previously: Head of Product & UX @GoogleArt · Head of Platforms @youtube · @microsoft · @jp-morgan M&A, Goldman · @UPenn

ID 497119

Peter Cummings (MIoD)


Founder & Owner @socomo, @Borealis IT Ltd • Co-Owner & CTO @masterbranch

ID 211145

Willy Braun

GM France Digitale - lobby of french startups & investors. Author "Internet Marketing 2013" (best seller in France).

ID 323568

Thibaut Court

Digital business development and international multi-channel activities management

ID 407075

David Michel

Co-Founder, Managing Director of Marathon Media, part of ZODIAK MEDIA GROUP ($600M revenues). A leading global player in the content industry

ID 561213

Christina M. Hawley

Managing Director for the launch and operations of new countries in e-commerce business in Africa

ID 475867

Paul Havlik

Technology manager that participated in 2 successful IPO start-ups in Silicon Valley. Founded my own green tech startup. Worked in telecom and oil & gas.

ID 435056

Audrey Seynhaeve

MBA student at INSEAD (Dec 2013); Worked at Park Street Capital, Cambridge Associates, BP Ventures; Avid sailor, having sailed from France to New Zealand from 1996-1998, participated in numerous regattas and offshore sailing competitions (Newport-Bermuda)

ID 205251

Corentin Kerisit


Investor @ Partech Ventures, Digital chief @ Anjunabeats, #while42 Europe. I love maths, programming and rock climbing.

ID 228259

Stewart Masters

Co-founder & COO @clubkviar. Co-founder & Editor at Barcinno. Mentor @sbootcamp @seedcamp. Strong business background (consultant in global media firm).

ID 633756

Marilyn Waite

Founder Quadruple Sustainable Travel App ⎜Technology, Policy & Business | #Sustainability Author ⎜Multilingual

ID 393948

Karina Dealba

Founder @askping • Studied at @san-francisco-state-university *

ID 70700

Ben (Benoit) Bergeret

Founder, CEO, Board member. CEO mentor & advisor. Founded @qipit, @realeyes3d: mobile imaging, sold on 150+m phones. MSc Computer Science (AI). T'bird.

ID 6344

Tewfiq Ferahi

Creative Technologist in Paris

ID 388132

Yves-Laurent KAYAN


ID 623173

Damiano Starr

Co Founder, The Exchange Visionary Laboratories • Studied at UC @berkeley, @berkeley City College, Code Academy. Adviser to several brands.

ID 158410

Gabriel Radic

Product Guy. Dad. Entrepreneur. 933k.

ID 250741

Mickael Pinto

Experienced International Business Developer and Digital Marketer; Executive MBA; Entrepreneur; Worked in Environment and Digital industries.

ID 4419

Mojdeh Eskandari


Managing Partner at @bayspring-ventures

ID 174225

Jonathan Bourguignon

Founder of API ratings

ID 601754

Alexandre GRUX

MBA, ENS M.S. Tech addicted, Expert in French R&D Partnerships and Public Relations, Operations management. Business&Tech background (previously cofounder)

ID 505469

Margaux Muller

Berkeley, HR specialist, startup experience, technology addict. Worked in the recruitment industry

ID 155176

Kurt Muehmel

Interdisciplinary geek. Bilingual (FR/EN). Launched Simian Reports. Working @ Deloitte on Sustainability. I love complexity. I hate old business models.

ID 202156

Sidy Toure

Founder Lexeme • Worked at @booz-allen-hamilton, @bristol-myers-squibb-company • Studied at @university-of-virginia

ID 564954

Tania Boros

Master 2 candidate : strategic planning in developing countries @ Paris Dauphine. Economic development and entrepreneurhsip background

ID 336425

Lamar Williams, MBA

Worked at @precogs, @antelink • Studied at @university-of-california-davis, @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business MBA 2012

ID 397033

Alice Besomi


Investment manager @ A Plus Finance Startup enthusiast Mobile/Web/Media

ID 119610

Matej Kurent

no thrills Entreprenour

ID 469975

Julie Kerjouan

HEC, former strategy consultant, one startup fail as a CEO and ready to try again!

ID 51529

Omar Nathaniel Ely

President - CTO @cupp-computing.

ID 108083

Jean-Charles Decorte

Co-founder & COO at @pixbooking

ID 563550

Artur Reszka

Cambridge Bachelor; Sciences Po Business Master. Lead and founded student societies. Strong business background including internship at Deutsche Bank.

ID 485217

Boris Goncalves

Founder BGC Finance • Board member of ESIEE PLUS • Worked at @bpi-france, @bionest-partners • Studied at @skema, @ esiee-paris, @london-LSE, @universite-paris-6

ID 507710

Sakshi Anand

INSEAD MBA, Ex Goldman Sachs Associate and Computer Science Engineer looking for a 3-4 months challenging internship. Will be going back to full time job by Dec

ID 114141

Brice Maurin

Growth Hacker • Founded @DEUX.IO & @tooptoop • Worked at @microsoft, @musiwave • Studied at @esc-toulouse

ID 247035

Maxime Vandegeerde

Social Science and Business education (Paris/Shanghai). Interpersonal and intercultural communication expert, UX enthusiast and world traveler.

ID 661015

Flavia Fontana Giusti

HEC Paris & École Polytechnique alumn. / service innovation + business design + entrepreneurship

ID 540573

Josephine Mangenot

Freshly graduated, communication and marketing, Master of Science Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Canal+, Orange, strong analytical and problem solving skills

ID 246829

Sam Perlmutar

Recent HEC Paris MBA grad

ID 490560


ID 534501

Olivier Maître

Former strategy consultant, experienced in Product Development & Supply Chain, back from a round-the-world trekking trip, looking for an exciting opportunity!

ID 591905

Michelle Xueyang Fang

Business Student at HEC, Digital Marketer, Worked at Google

ID 463377

Sina Tabesh

Co-founder and COO at Krowdpad Inc. • Worked at @passban-inc, @roland-berger-strategy-consultants

ID 641604

Samir Idris

Consultant @ McKinsey - Full-stack generalist - Very strong analytical skills - Co-founded a start-up 4 years ago

ID 387139

Julia Szatar

Comms all rounder: Marketing, Biz Dev, PR. International Expansion. Studied @USYD. Worked with SideCar, Uber, Virgin Australia & Australian Government.

ID 611694

Nathaniel Haloua

Prépa HEC. Student at HEC Paris (program Grande Ecole), expecting to graduate in 2017. Passionate about start-ups, entrepreneurship and venture capital.

ID 688000

Victor Muraille

Student at HEC Paris; Worked in M&A at Nomura for 6 months

ID 373114

Philippe Meyralbe

ID 506880

Jan-Mikael Lepistö

Business Development, Entrepreneur, Computer Science & Usability background

ID 481548

Nicholas Vieuxloup

Bring me chaos. I'll make it order.

ID 495109


Worked at @kpmg, @omnes-capital-1

ID 668604

Alexandre Kaykac

Startup founder / CFO of fast growing companies / Mergers and Acquisitions in the Tech-Media field

ID 533530

Ephraim Bismuth

Business Development @bistri, start-up working on the Web-RTC from San Francisco

ID 486494

Adrien Levinger

Strong background in finance (BNP & Tikehau IM). Sales and Entrepreunarial skills developed @ Wombat. Part-time photographer. Telecom Paristech MS 2011.

ID 553784

Antoine Le Borgne

Highly motivated business school graduate, with a solid background in Business Development & Marketing, looking for a very challenging and exciting position !

ID 526496

Yan Yan DU

ID 460870

François Recorbet

Innovation Driven Entrepreneur - CEO at NUTRILOG - International experience in 7 countries and 6 languages - Thrive in collaborative and start-up environments.

ID 550259

Mathilde Barthélemy

Business background (Senior Associate at Deloitte, ESSEC Business School - Social Entrepreneurship program); fast learner with strong analytical skills.

ID 486595

Joaquin Fernandez

PhD Applied Mathematics looking for a Startup Job. (I currently live in France)

ID 445276

Henri Dambreville

Product Owner @ Onprint, works to improve businesses through technology innovations, brings the digital transformation in more classical industries.

ID 511288

Jeanne Florentin

ID 694465


7 years in a Consulting firm, transformation projects Ability to manage challenges out of initial core competencies Push personality and personal commitment

ID 394698

Benjamin Legrand

Research study (mémoire): Human factor in the decision process of exportation : cognitive styles and personality traits of managers who décide to export.

ID 248606

Ricardo Chavez

Student @IESEG School of Management - Paris. Former COO of the CEE Fund, grass-root investment group, funding student initiatives.

ID 437254

Vincent Colombet

Telecom Bretagne, Master in Business & Management of the IT, junior consultant for cereza (launched succesfully the new information system for the routing of cars for the french train company), Proeject Managemer at Dalet Digital media system (managed suc

ID 697683

Basile Scache

Expert in French Public Affairs with a Proven Entrepreneur Ability

ID 534736

Paul-Louis Lépine

VC @dn-capital

ID 455066

Ron van der Zanden

Business Hero Award at General Electric for Excellent performance.

ID 467332

Peter Day


Built Petronor Group Ltd from start-up to 30+million | Bootstrap financed Iraq Energy City property development | 20 Years with Schlumberger | Intrapreneur

ID 425178

Fabien Guilbaud

PhD applied maths, worked as quant trader at SocGen, and quant researcher/developer at startup hedge funds. Also did research fellowship at UC Berkeley.

ID 361299

Ashwajit WAHANE

Worked as Corporate Entrepreneur - Solar dehydration of horticulture crops. Designed the dehydrators and managed the company for 3 years. Project worth - USD 500,000

ID 480586

Clement Storck

Founder of RedLab, Internet of Things addict

ID 550437

Daniel Reid

Innovation management student with financial experience searching for international internship opportunity.

ID 447587

Alexandre Combessie

Consultant at Capgemini. Former Xtreme Labs (acquired by Pivotal). Engineer from Ecole des Ponts. Master of Management of Innovation at University of Toronto.

ID 546467

Mathieu Baudouin

Ingénieur IT + MBA, actuellement au sein de l'inspection générale d'une banque française

ID 506101

Kylie Lee

Bachelor of Arts at HKU; blogger, fashionista and foodie. Worked for HK Magazine, Lane Crawford, Van Gogh International and more.

ID 432238

David Ryan

Content, open source and startups at @red-hat, former business analyst at @peabody-energy. Founded Tech Tidal, Brisbane's startup media voice. Founded @metaset.

ID 505594

Adrien Frize

Best master in finance in the world at HEC Paris. Strong background in strategy consulting and finance. FinTech enthusiast.

ID 579825

Nicolas Preuss

Mathematics skill and strong problems solving skills

ID 629888

Franck Kakal

ID 488517

Théophile FRIED

Student at ESSCA Paris, looking for internship abroad. Entrepreunership - Marketing - Sales

ID 545522

Alexandre Pariente

Digital business student, music lover.

ID 527191

Rémi Chabanas

#Strategic consultant at #IBM - #Innovation #Startup #Tech #Car #Sport and #Travel addict

ID 558372

Stephane Le Dorze

VP of Engineering @lekiosk •Worked at @beamly, @ubisoft, @behaviour, @mimesis-republic and more..

ID 499347

Olivier Mairot

ESCP Europe graduate with a background in Finance and Business strategy, Currently Senior Consultant at a tier-1 management and strategy consulting firm

ID 538433

Thomas Spieker

ID 537984

Baptiste Cesarini

Master Student in Paris looking for a 6 to 12 months internship- Can bring a bicultural Europe / USA experience to your business - Excellent market researcher -

ID 303158

Baptiste Jourdan

ID 690275

Francesco Bria

ID 480683

Jean-Louis Andorin

Business & sales executive with more than 30 years of experience in the electronic components industry. BTS degree from LTE Méca-Electronics.

ID 568795

Thierry Teisseire

VP Sales/operations B2B / software, launched 4 successful organizations with rapid growth (6 to 18 months - from 0 to $50M/0 to 100 people on pure new biz)

ID 449790

Meryem Ben Mouaz

ESCP Europe, passionate about entrepreneurship in new technologies.

ID 592576

Laura Garde

Master degree in BA from @european-business-school-paris , worked 2yrs @glossybox-global as OPS manager and now for @bonaverde Lived in Paris, NY and now Berlin

ID 420423

Wen Song

ID 533243

Djibril KONE

Software Developer with project Management and Customer Support experiences

ID 542330

Sophie Gallet

Msc student at @emlyon-business-school-1 School. Organized Introduction WE | Startup Challenge Finalist • Worked at Candriam, Franck Provost Australia, and @technip •

ID 557085

Pierre Brunelle

Looking for Summer Internship : July - August

ID 568664

Andrea Machin

Master in Management Student in France with first-hand experience in Marketing, Supply chain and Operations following placements in Venezuela and France.

ID 610207

Nicolas Aicardi

Business and Strategy Analyst, working for a Business Accelerator-Venture Capital.

ID 110220

Alexandre Pourchoux

present : founder & CEO @linkki past : cofounder & CEO @neovira (social media agency), marketing maneger @regioneo (frencch food marketplace), biz dev. @wikio

ID 488623

Patrick Coltel

Managing Director, IT Company

ID 626411

Pia d'Iribarne

McKinsey Associate

ID 581350

François Perret du Cray

CEO of Invex,

ID 459170

Anna Stervinou

Co-Founder of Kore Kamino - The Travelling Fashion Company, London Institute graduate, worked at Pentagram NYC, venturethree London, Base Barcelona

ID 600239

Alex Pereira

Founder Exode • Worked at @decathlon, @pixmania, Head of Front-end & Mobile at L'Occitane en Provence, Professor of Mobile Development at IESA Multimedia Paris.

ID 641605

Benjamin Lemaire

Social Media Manager, 7yrs experience

ID 480539

Mathilde Jais

Consultant at Bain & Company looking for new and exciting challenges

ID 579832

Karine Cruz

ID 490543

Bruno Giordani

Economics graduate with great communication and team working skills. Deep interest in technology, sales and finance.

ID 570835

Olivier GERARD

Founder evoQL • Mathematician and computer scientist.

ID 688219

Alex Pacurar

Just testing

ID 487679

Alexandre Arnault

Telecom ParisTech student, very motivated to work with startups, wherever I'm needed.

ID 501555

Guillaume Kempf

Worked at @google, @bnp-paribas

ID 635976

Antoine Yahia-Cherif

Accenture Analyst - I've led Four missions in Operations, Sourcing & Procurement areas, in the Luxury and Telecoms industries, for 2 years.

ID 327410

Arnaud Decarsin


Active Investor and Business Developper in Software Start-Ups

ID 683943

Paul-Marie Delasnerie

ID 427483

Eric Faugere

Digital & Mobile marketer. Worked @PublicisGroup and @veolia. Master Communication background.

ID 624834

Arnaud Courtillat

Digital Expert. Strong background Web & Mobile solutions and Marketing Services.

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